• Published 18th Jul 2012
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Her Big Brother, His Big Problem - Rabuiods

Laughing Stock must convince Shining Armor that he is good enough to marry Twilight Sparkle.

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Chapter 1: A Proposal Denied

“Spike, you think Twilight would like a frying pan for Hearth’s Warming day?”

Laughing Stock was sitting in an easy chair in front of a roaring fireplace on a cold winter day in Ponyville. A JC Pony Hearth Warming catalog lay open in his lap.

“What would she do with a frying pan? She doesn’t cook.” Spike was placing assorted books on their proper shelves, per Twilight’s request, he always had a long to do list when she was away in Canterlot.

“Ok, I will it in the maybe category.” the comedian circled the picture of the frying pan in the catalog, wondering what she would do with it if he bought it for her. He wasn’t too concerned about finding an amazing gift however, because the item would only be a secondary gift. The main present she would receive would be a lot more personal.

Laughing Stock thought about the past year with Twilight, smiling while he flipped though the catalog. It was the best year of his life! His career as a standup comedian was at an all time high, he won Equestria’s prestigious entertainer of the year award and recieved the key to the city of Ponyville. The best thing to happen to him all year was finding a mare he was absolutely crazy about. He wanted the remaining years of his life to be this good. Laughing Stock knew the only way to make sure that happened was to make Twilight his bride.

Wondering how Twilight would look in a tracksuit, Laughing Stock heard the door to the Ponyville Library open and slam shut. He looked up and saw a dejected lavender unicorn plop herself in the easy chair next to him.

“How did the meeting go?” Laughing Stock slipped the catalog under the chair cushion; he didn’t want Twilight to know he was looking for a gift. “Did this publisher have anything different to say?

After spending her entire life reading books, she decided to write her own based on the magic of friendship. Since she finished writing the book a few months ago, Twilight has been shopping her work around to every publisher in Equestria. Despite the praise she received, none of the distributors would pick it up. Their reasons were all the same.

“They said the same thing all the others said, it lacks a personal feel.” Twilight had no idea what anypony meant by a personal feel. The book walked ponies through the steps of finding the magic of friendship using the methods she used.

“What could make it more personal than that?” Twilight asked, becoming very frustrated at the lack of answers she was receiving from anypony that was in a position to help her.

The earthpony left his chair and wrapped his front legs around his lovely lavender mare.

“We will find a way to get your book out there. I know we will.”

Twilight felt better already. He boyfriend always knew what to say.

“I know.” Twilight changed the topic of conversation from her day to her boyfriend's. “What did you do today?”

“Uh…”the comedian looked at the bulgy chair cushion he was just sitting on. He couldn’t say he spent all day looking a small gift that would enhance the marriage proposal he hoped to make, but saying he did nothing would only lead Twilight to ask more questions. “I...uh…read a book.

Twilight nearly fell out of her easy chair. “You read a book? I find that hard to believe.”

“Oh come on, is it that hard to believe that I read a book?”

Twilight started laughing. “Yes, it is very hard to believe. You can barely get through the Sunday comics without my help, let alone a novel.”

“Well, Ms. Snippy, I have the book right here.” Laughing Stock reached over to the table next to him and grabbed the first book he could find. He handed the book to Twilight and awaited her response.

“The Adventures of Buckleberry Finn” Twilight read as a smile crept upon her face. “This is one of my favorite books! I expect a full report as soon as possible.”

“Yeah right, like I would ever do a report.” Laughing Stock rolled his eyes.

Twilight gave the book back to Laughing Stock and told him to write something.

Write something huh…I know just the thing.

The stallion called Spike back into the living room. He proceeded to tell the purple dragon to take a letter. To Spike’s amusement and Twilight’s disdain, Laughing Stock began to mimic his girlfriend’s voice.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned a very important lesson about doubting my boyfriend. I sometimes get so overwhelmed with love when I think about him, I often forget that the magnificent creature I live with is a mere mortal and-

A pillow flew across the room and smacked the comedian in the face. Twilight had heard enough, but the stallion continued the letter.

…and I simply cannot live without him.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

“Send it Spike” Laughing Stock shouted! Twilight raced across the room to intercept the letter. The stallion playfully tackled his mare and peppered her face with small kisses while the dragon made the phony friendship report disappear in a puff of smoke.

Twilight shook her head as Laughing Stock climbed off her. “I can’t believe you did that.”

“Well, I saved you a few minutes so we could spend it together.” Laughing Stock hugged Twilight. “Besides, most of it was true anyway, right?”

Before the mare could answer, Spike belched out a letter bearing the royal seal of Princess Celestia. Twilight broke the seal and read the letter. She began laughing uncontrollably.

“What is so funny?” Laughing Stock asked as she handed him the letter. She was actually wiping tears from her eyes.

Dear Laughing Stock,

Nice try.

Princess Celestia.

Twilight continued her extreme case of the giggles on the floor. Laughing Stock grabbed his scarf and told Twilight he had to run to Sugarcube Corner to speak to the Cakes about his next few shows.

“Farewell, you magnificent creature” Twilight chuckled as Laughing Stock shut the library door on his way out. During the walk into town, he only had one thing on his mind.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a mare like her.

After a few minutes, Laughing Stock arrived at his destination. The destination wasn’t the bakery however; Laughing Stock went to the Carousel Boutique to speak to Rarity. He needed her help, and she owed him a favor.

“Rarity, it’s Laughing Stock! You have a minute?”

Rarity came out of the back of her shop, wearing her drawing glasses around her neck. She looked exhausted.

“Whatever it is Laughing Stock, make it quick.” Rarity said, eyeing the clock on the wall behind her. “I have a massive order I need to finish.”

“I need you to tell Twilight you really need my assistance on your trip to Canterlot tomorrow.”

Rarity looked puzzled; the unicorn used her magic to summon her daily planner and skipped ahead to the next day.

“I do not have a trip to Canterlot planned for tomorrow.”

Laughing Stock pulled out a train ticket. “You do now” the stallion said as he presented the voucher to the white unicorn.

“I simply have too much to do. I’m sorry Laughing Stock, but you’ll have to find somepony else” Rarity turned away from the stallion. She attempted to walk back to her inspiration room, but Laughing Stock stood in her way.

“I need to speak to Shining Armor.” Laughing Stock informed Rarity while she used her magic to push the stallion aside.

“Well, take Twilight with you. It will be like a mini vacation!” Rarity put her glasses back on while she took her place behind her sewing machine.

Laughing Stock walked to the opposite side of the sewing machine and took the article of clothing she was working on. Rarity appeared irate.

“It’s not that simple.”

“Then I am sure you’re going to explain it to me, aren’t you?” Rarity angrily took her garment back.

“I don’t want Twilight anywhere near Canterlot when I ask Shining Armor for her hoof in marriage.”

Rarity looked up from her project.

“You’re…you’re…” Rarity struggled to find the right words, but Laughing Stock somehow knew what she was trying to say. He slowly nodded, which led Rarity to throw her front legs around him.

“I am so happy for the two of you” Rarity screeched, squeezing the life out of the earth pony. “My best friend is getting married to an absolutely amazing stallion!”

Rarity’s tone changed from sheer excitement to somber as she informed Laughing Stock she still wouldn’t be able to accompany him to Canterlot.

Laughing Stock had one last trick up his sleeve.

“It’s ok Rarity, I understand.” The stallion sighed, hanging his head while he walked toward the exit. “Hopefully Rainbow Dash can help me pick out Twilight’s wedding ring from the most exquisite shops in Canterlot.”


The next day, Laughing Stock and Rarity sat in their own first class compartment on the train to Canterlot. She was reading the current issue of Cosmoponyton, while Laughing Stock was skimming over Twilight’s book. She asked him to give it another look over, in hopes that he could find a way to make it a more personal story.

While the stallion made a note that the story needed more mentions of her handsome comedian boyfriend, Rarity interrupted him with a question.

“Laughing Stock, I thought it was custom to ask the father of the mare for his daughter’s hoof in marriage. Why are you asking Shining Armor?”

Laughing Stock secured Twilight’s book safely in his saddlebag before answering Rarity’s question.

“Last time Twilight and I were in Canterlot, we had dinner with her parents. I asked her dad while the mares were in the powder room. He said yes, under one condition.”

Rarity asked what the one condition was, so Laughing Stock obliged her.

“Apparently, he wasn’t around his children as much as he wanted to be. He loved them more than life itself, but work always kept him away. Shining Armor was always there for Twilight when he wasn’t, so if I want Twilight, I need Shining Armor’s approval.”

Rarity gave Laughing Stock a nervous smile. She knew something he didn’t, and Laughing Stock was determined to find out what it was.

“Spill it Rarity. What do you know about Shining Armor?”

“Well, I just know that Twilight and her brother are VERY close.” Rarity explained while Laughing Stock listened intently.

“I have met him a few times before and we hit it off pretty well.” Laughing Stock informed Rarity. Right after they started dating, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance invited them out to dinner, and the two stallions seemed to hit it off. “I don’t see why our relationship would change now.”

Rarity nodded. She told Laughing Stock that since they have already met, it should be fine. She also gave him a word of warning.

“The last time you spent time with him, you weren’t asking if you could marry his sister. Don’t be surprised if he acts differently.”

“That’s true I suppose” Laughing Stock shrugged. “I am not going to worry about it. Think positive Rarity!”

The white unicorn returned the smile her friend was giving her. She had one more question, but this one had nothing to do with their journey. It was a personal question.

“How do you know Twilight is the one?”

Laughing Stock was caught off guard at first; he didn’t see that question coming. Rarity kept staring, awaiting an answer.

“Well…It’s the way I feel around her.” Laughing Stock told Rarity that he felt differently around everypony he knew. “When I am with her, I feel very happy. It's almost like she completes me in a strange way.”

Rarity was lost for words. She could tell that Laughing Stock was telling her the truth about his feelings for Twilight. Even though this was going to increase her workload, she was happy she could be a part of this major event in her friend’s lives.

“There is one more thing I was wondering” Rarity asked as the train pulled into the station. “What do you feel when you’re around me?”

Laughing Stock rose to his feet and attached his saddlebags before looking at Rarity.

“Right now, I have the felling I am about to spend a lot of money.”


“Well, here we are!” Rarity announced, stopping in front of a very expensive jewelry store. “We would have been here sooner if those ruffians left us alone!”

Laughing Stock shook his head as he opened the door for Rarity. “Those weren’t ruffians; they were fans who wanted a picture.”

Rarity snorted as she began to look at the assortment of rings that were on display.

“I bet you’re just jealous they were my fans and not yours.” Laughing Stock teased his friend as he joined her at the display case.

“Please Laughing Stock; you think I would enjoy dozens of strangers clamoring around me, adoring my every movement, begging me to take pictures with them?”

Laughing Stock didn’t say a word; he simply brought his hoof to his mouth and coughed. It was an action that caused Rarity to roll her eyes.

After spending half an hour watching Rarity examine what seemed like every diamond in Equestria, she found one that was worthy of sitting on Twilight’s horn. Laughing Stock looked at the price and nearly had a heart attack.

“Rarity…I know I told you I wanted to get her a nice ring, but this?!”

“There is no price on a mare’s heart, Laughing Stock” Rarity reminded him.

“It’s so big; Twilight could put a leash on it, walk it around Ponyville, and name it if she wanted.”

Rarity looked uneasy after all this talk about naming a diamond, so Laughing Stock changed the subject. He picked out one he liked and showed it to her.

“It’s very reasonably priced; it’s practical, and really pretty.”

“Of course it’s pretty” Rarity admitted. “But we aren’t going for pretty; we must make sure this ring is absolutely stunning.”

The two friends began to argue about which ring was better, until the jeweler had enough. He motioned for both Rarity and Laughing Stock to follow him to the back, where he kept his private collection.

“I have just the ring for you. I usually don’t sell these to anypony, but in your case I will make an exception…as long as you do me one favor.”

The jeweler pulled a ring and placed it in Laughing Stocks’ hoof. The stallion was amazed; the ring was exactly like Twilight, perfect in every way. Rarity agreed that the ring was magnificent, and the two ponies told the jeweler they would do whatever he wanted, as long as they could by that ring.

“You buy the ring and leave…and never come back.”

After purchasing Twilight's engagement ring, the ponies exited the store.

“Well Laughing Stock, I guess this is where we go our separate ways” Rarity said, giving her good friend a hug. “I wish you the best of luck!”

“Thank you Rarity. I really appreciate your help with the ring” Laughing Stock broke the hug, but his hoof remained on the mare’s shoulder. “I just hope Twilight loves it.”

“Of course she will” Rarity insisted. “Diamonds are a mare’s best friend, after all.”

“You would know.” Before leaving Rarity, Laughing Stock asked what she was planning on doing while he was at the castle.

“Do you really have to ask?” Rarity began to laugh at the comedian for asking such an obvious question. “I’ll be shopping of course!”

The two friends made plans to meet at the castle gates after a couple hours. “Don’t spend all your bits in one place!” Laughing Stock called out, while the white unicorn trotted into the first store she came across.


Once he entered the castle, Laughing Stock inquired where he could see Shining Armor. Eventually, he found a guard who was helpful.

“Shining Armor is making his rounds; he should be back in the briefing room in a few moments. I’m sure it will be fine if you waited there for him.” The guard led Laughing Stock to the briefing room.

Minutes dragged by as Laughing Stock waited for Shining Armor. He was done sitting, so he decided to snoop around. After examining every nook and cranny in the briefing room, the stallion uncovered Royal Pony Guard armor and a helmet that was not being used, so he decided to try it on.

After managing to get the uniform on the best he could, he decided to check himself out in the mirror. Once Laughing Stock saw how ridiculous he looked, the stallion began to make faces and flex his front legs.

“Twilight never cared for stallions in armor.”

Laughing Stock turned around to see a grinning Shining Armor standing in the doorway, laughing at him.

Why does this always to happen to me?

The stallion removed the uniform and shook hooves with his brother-in-law to be. After a few moments of small talk, Shining Armor wanted to get down to brass tacks.

“I heard you needed to see me, what’s on your mind?”

“I know you’re a very busy pony” Laughing Stock said, suddenly becoming very nervous. “But I need to talk to you about Twilight.”

“Is something wrong?” Shining Armor suddenly became very concerned.

“No no, she is fine, but it’s about our relationship” Laughing Stock knew it was now or never. “I would like permission to marry your sister.”

A stunned Shining Armor stared at the earth pony that anxiously awaited his decision.


“Thank you Shining Armor! You have no idea…WAIT, WHAT?!” Laughing Stock furiously rubbed his ear; he wanted to make sure that his was hearing everything properly. “Did you say NO?!”


“Wait, yes?” Is that yes, I can marry Twilight? Or yes, you said no?”

Shining Armor was now confused. He repeated what he said earlier, telling Laughing Stock he didn’t want him to marry his sister.

“Look, you are a great pony, but I don’t think you are what my sister is looking for in a long term relationship.”

“How would you know what she wants?”

“I practically raised that filly. I spent every waking moment of my colthood with her, I know what she likes.” Shining Armor placed a hoof on Laughing Stocks shoulder. “I have no problem with you dating her right now, though.”

Laughing Stock was not a violent stallion. But at that moment, he wanted to do nothing more than buck Shining Armor into next week. After taking a few deep breaths, he calmed down enough to continue his civilized conversation.

“What Twilight and I have is very real. We are very much in love, and I will not stand around and let you tell me who I can fall in love with.”

Shining Armor went from felling sorry for the poor pony, to being very annoyed with him.

“Do you know who I am? I’m a captain of the Royal Guard!”

“Do you know who I am? I’m a stallion who doesn’t give a damn about who you are!” Laughing Stock asked why he couldn’t see the two of them together for the rest of their lives.

“Your career choice is rather unorthodox, but I am not sure you could support a family.” Shining Armor walked to a nearby window, he began staring at the castle grounds below. “You are certainly having your moment in the sun Icarus, but you will fall sooner or later.”

Laughing Stock was quiet; he had no idea what Shining Armor was trying to say.

“Who is Icarus? What does he have to do with me? Is he your ideal match for Twilight?!”

Looking away from the thick earth pony, Shining Armor rolled his eyes.

Seriously…what does Twilight see in this jester?

“What I was trying to say, is that your fame won’t last forever.” Shining Armor explained as he walked back to Laughing Stock. “Once it’s gone, what are you going to do? Twilight makes good money as a librarian, but not enough to support herself, a foal or two, and a dead beat husband.”

Laughing Stock suddenly remembered what Rarity said on the train:

The last time you spent time with him, you weren’t asking if you could marry his sister. Don’t be surprised if he acts differently.

The stallion finally understood what was going on here.

“You know what the real problem is Shining Armor, you are afraid of being replaced. You are afraid that I won’t be able to care, love and support Twilight the way you have all these years.” Laughing Stock sat down next to Shining Armor and put a hoof around him. “I think it’s adorable, but it’s time to move on. You have a lovely wife of your own, you tend to her. I promise you, Twilight will be in great hooves.”

Shining Armor took a deep breath as he prepared to go back to his rounds.

“The answer is still no, Laughing Stock. Thank you for coming to me first, I really appreciate it.” As he placed his helmet over his head and walked out of the room, Laughing Stock remained inside. With his head in his hooves, he had no idea what to do. He could just take Twilight to Las Pegasus and get married there, but that would ruin her relationship with her brother, but he feared Twilight would be devastated their relationship ended because her brother said so.

Laughing Stock sighed heavily as he picked himself up. One of the relationships Twilight had with these two stallions would become a casualty in their war of words.


Laughing Stock sat outside the castle at a small fountain, just looking at the pathetic pony that stared back. Suddenly, his vision disappeared and he heard a voice behind him.

“Guess who?!”

Laughing Stock had no idea who the voice belonged too, and he really didn’t care to be honest.

“I don’t know…Daring Do?”

The hooves disappeared from his eyes. Laughing Stock turned around to see a smiling Princess Cadance.

“You’re really bad at this game, aren’t you?” Cadance said as she gave her friend a hug. “It’s so good to see you Laughing Stock. Is Twiley here?”

“No, she isn’t. I came here to speak with Shining Armor alone.” Laughing Stock was surprised Shining Armor didn’t tell Cadance anything.

“Uh oh” Cadance suddenly looked alarmed. “Is everypony ok?”

Laughing Stock wasn’t planning on telling Cadance anything, but since it wasn’t going to happen, he didn’t see the harm.

“I came here to ask Shining Armor for Twilight’s hoof in marriage.”

Cadance’s eyes were as big as saucer plates hearing this. A massive smile grew upon her face while her hooves curled inward and began shaking at the thought of her little Twiley getting married. She then screamed and grabbed Laughing Stock’s front hooves and started dancing.

“I can’t believe my little Twily is getting married! I am so happy for the both of you!”

Laughing Stock was caught off guard by two things as Cadance started dragging him around while she danced.

Why is Cadance so happy at the thought of Twilight and I getting married? It makes no sense, especially since Shining Armor is against the idea. And how the hay is Cadance so strong? Seriously, I’m a couple hundred pounds of dead weight, and she’s throwing me around like a rag doll.

“Don’t buy us a present yet” Laughing Stock said while a giddy Cadance proceeded to bust a move, still holding on to the stallion. “Shining Armor said no.”

Hearing the news, Cadance dropped Laughing Stock.

“He said WHAT?”

Laughing Stock sat up and explained everything that had transpired between the two stallions. She looked hurt, but not too surprised.

“I’m sorry Laughing Stock, I had a feeling this would happen eventually.”

“I’m starting to think Shining Armor may be right.” Laughing Stock turned back to the fountain. “Maybe he is right. Twilight probably do a whole lot better than this train wreck.”

Cadance spun the gloomy pony around. She grabbed both shoulder and stuck her face close to his.

“If you believe that, then you are crazy.” The nice, friendly Cadance disappeared only to be replaced with a stern princess. “Look, Shining Armor is afraid of losing his little sister to a stallion who will not give her the love and respect she deserves. And from what I have seen from the two of you, love and respect will never be in short supply.”

“I just wish there was a way to prove to him that I am good enough to marry Twilight.” Laughing Stock said wistfully.

Cadance placed a hoof on her chin. “If there was a way for you to prove you were marriage material, would you do it?”

“Yeah” Laughing Stock looked at Cadance. “Did you not hear me say I wish there was a way I could?”

“No, I missed it. Sorry.” The princess climbed to her hooves and told Laughing Stock to follow her. After a few minutes, Laughing Stock and Princess Cadance stopped in front of a familiar pair of double doors. Behind these doors, Princess Celestia sat on her throne.

Princess Celestia greeted the stallion with a very warm smile as he entered her chambers. “Why hello, you magnificent creature!”

Apparently, she remembered “Twilight’s” letter from yesterday.

“Uh, sorry about that Princess” Laughing Stock said, rubbing the back of his head. “Twilight and I were goofing around.”

“Think nothing of it” the princess said. “Is there something I can do for you?”

Laughing Stock explained the situation to the princess, who listened intently.

“…and then Cadance said she wasn’t listening to me and told me to follow her up here.” The stallion didn’t leave anything out.” Then we entered your throne room, where you made fun of me and asked if I n-“

Celestia held her hoof up.

“I am sorry to hear about your spat with Shining Armor. For what it’s worth, you and Twilight are perfect together.”

Laughing Stock was surprised to hear this from the ruler of Equestria.

“You really think so?”

“I do” the princess said with another smile. “Your personality’s sync perfectly with each other, she is smart and serious, and you are funny and…“

The princess suddenly stopped herself, as if she was trying to pick her worlds carefully.

Laughing Stock knew exactly where she was coming from.

“And I’m an idiot?”

“Your words, not mine” the princess added as she turned to Cadance. “Is there a reason you brought him here?”

“He is looking for a way to spend time with Shining Armor, so he could prove he is marriage material.” Cadance explained as Celestia slowly began to nod.

“You want to bring them with us, don’t you?”

Cadance nodded, obviously agreeing with Celestia’s statement.

“Consider it done, I will send word to Twilight. They can stay here at the castle tonight and leave with us in the morning. I will send a carriage along shortly.”

“Can somepony tell me what is going on?” Laughing Stock wasn’t sure what he just signed himself up for, but it didn’t sound good.

“Every year, the week before Hearth’s Warming day, my sister and I spend a week at our cabin in the mountains. It’s just a simple vacation” Princess Celestia explained. “Since Shining Armor and Cadance were married, we have been inviting them, and this year the invitation has been extended to you and Twilight.”

“If you want time with Shining Armor, this is your best chance” Cadance said beaming. “I know you can do it.”

“Thank you both so much.” Laughing Stock gave Princess Cadance a hug, as a way to say thank you for listening. He turned to Celestia and opened his arms, beckoning her down to his level.

Princess Celestia smiled at his request, but did not budge.

“You’re getting a hug Princess, whether you like it or not!” Laughing Stock stood on his hind legs, wrapping his hooves around Celestia. She began to laugh as she hugged him back, when Twilight’s book fell out of his saddlebag.

“Laughing Stock, Twilight didn’t tell me you read books!”

“I don’t.” Laughing Stock explained that this was Twilight’s book, and told her of all the trouble they were having with the publishers.

Using her magic, Princess Celestia brought the book close to her. She began reading a few pages and was flabbergasted.

“This must have taken her ages! No wonder why my friendship reports have been in short supply.”

It didn’t happen very often, but Laughing Stock had an idea. He knew exactly what to get Twilight for Hearth’s Warming day.

Princess! You’re a genius!

“Obviously” She said with a laugh. “Can you explain what I did that made you realize my intellect?”

Laughing Stock whispered to the princess his plan of action, Cadance looked on. She had no idea what the two ponies were discussing.

“Laughing Stock, that is brilliant!” Princess Celestia exclaimed, she knew Twilight would love it. “You better get that taken care of now, so you can give it her at the cabin.”

“Wait, I came with Rarity today. Can your transportation take her home when they pick up Twilight?”

The princess nodded as Laughing Stock left the room and headed to the biggest book publisher in all of Equestria. With his idea for a more personal feel, he knew that they would distribute his girlfriend’s book in a heartbeat.


Laughing Stock didn’t realize how long he had been gone, by the time he entered the grounds, everypony was asleep. With the help of a few house cleaners, he found the room Twilight was staying in. He quietly made his way into the room and looked at the lavender unicorn snuggled in the bed in front of him. As he crawled in to bed, he was sure that this was the pony he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Nopony was going to deny him of that pleasure, not even her brother.

The next morning came too soon. Laughing Stock wiped the sleep out of his eyes while he waited for the carriage that would be taking them to the cabin. By the time it rolled around, four of the six seats were taken. One of the empty seats was between Shining Armor and Celestia while the other seat would sandwich the occupant between Cadance and a mare Laughing Stock didn’t know.

“Twilight where do y-“Before Laughing Stock could get the words out, Twilight claimed the seat next to her brother and mentor. Laughing Stock took the only remaining seat next to the unknown pony, who seemed rather grumpy.

“Laughing Stock” Princess Celestia said as the stallion took his seat. “I don’t think you have met my sister, Princess Luna.”

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