The Superific Spider-Mare

by Rabuiods

Chapter 4

“…and that’s how Equestria was made!”

Pinkie Pie turned to her date, waiting for him to respond.

“Wow…that’s not the way I’ve heard it. I must say though, I like your version better.”

After their last night out was cut short, Gray Shade offered to take the pink pony out for a makeup dinner. It was a complete success, soon he found himself walking her home.

“I had a really great time tonight Pinkie. It was good to go through a whole date without interruption.”

“I know! I had a super duper-“

Pinkie’s thought was cut short by a screaming mare.


A stallion ran between Gray Shade and Pinkie, holding a purse in his mouth. Moments later, a distraught ran up.

“What am I going to do? He stole my purse!”

Pinkie knew what she had to, but was reluctant to do so because it would mean abandoning her date once again.

“Gray Shade…I’m sorry, but I have to go!”

“What?! Why, did I do something?”

“No! You’re great, but I can’t tell you.” She apologized as she ran into a nearby alley.

I can’t believe it’s happening again! This superhero thing is a lot harder than I thought!

The purse snatcher turned a corner, placing his back against the wall. He watched the purse owner and a few police officers run right by him, unaware of his location. He took a moment to inspect his prize.

“She got anything good?”

Tilting his head upwards, the thief discovered he was looking into the eyes of Spider-Mare. Without hesitation, she delivered a punch, knocking him out.

“That’s for ruining my date with…that stallion I like. You thieves are so inconsiderate.”

Spider-Mare picked up the crook, and carried him to a nearby streetlight. With the assistance of her webbing, she was able to attach him to the light, so all he could to was dangle.

“Well, I’d love to hang around, but I have a relationship to save.”

“TWICE?! They rejected my offer, TWICE?!”

Filthy Rich paced back and forth in his study, trying to comprehend the reason for his failure.

“I have been nice and offered them twice as much as their property is worth. I have been mean and offered them triple…what do I have to do to get that property!?”

The infuriated business pony threw himself into his easy chair in front of the fire. Looking to his left, he notices the newspaper from earlier today, sitting next to the chair. The front page story about Spider-Mare intrigued him a thief breaks into to the Ponyville bank, steals the money and this pony in a costume beats him up? Huh, maybe I can find a way to make some sort of Spider-Mare merchandise, sell it in the store.

Just as he was about to throw the paper away, the last paragraph of the article caught his attention.

So, ponies don’t trust the bank’s security anymore, huh? Well no surprise there, that’s why I hide my money in my…

Filthy Rich had an idea. If a bank robbery worried ponies to the point of withdrawing their savings, then I wonder if a family could be scared into moving…

Thinking the scenario over in his head, the obsessive business pony thought about giving the Cakes a reason to sell their bakery.

If they think the neighborhood is too dangerous to raise their foals, being the good parents they are, the Cakes will definitely sell!

The satisfied stallion grinned as he pieced the rest of his idea together.

Now that I think about it, those bakers will be so desperate to leave; I can buy it for next to nothing.
After another condensed date, Pinkie slowly walked home. She didn’t want to give up on Spider-Mare, but at the same time, she really cared about Gray Shade. Nothing was worth putting his life in danger.

Well…I suppose I can always…what’s with this crowd?

Unbeknownst to the mare with the predicament, Mayor Mare called a press conference. Joining the mass group of ponies in the center of town, Pinkie asked the pony closest to her what was going on.

“Apparently, the mayor wants to say something about Spider-Mare.”

This interested the pink pony immensely. Her head began spinning with possible reasons for the public address.

I bet she wants to give Spider-Mare a reward! Like cake…or the key to the city…or the key to the city baked inside a cake!

“Greetings citizens of Ponyville!”Standing behind her podium, Mayor Mare’s usual cheery demeanor was noticeably absent. “Tonight, I’m here to address the issue of Spider-Mare.”

Pinkie anxiously awaited the praise she thought she deserved.

“I, like many of you, consider Spider-Mare to be a blemish on the face of this perfect town.”

This news came as a shock the super powered pony. She felt completely gutted.

“If Spider-Mare is listening, I want her to know she isn’t welcome in this town! If she is caught, she will be arrested. And that goes for anypony else who wants to play dress up!”

The mayor’s words were met with a mixed reaction. Some cheered, but many others booed.

“I will start taking questions.” The city official pointed to a pony in the front row. “Go ahead sir, you have the floor.”

“What is your problem mayor? Spider-Mare is a hero! Do you want our town to be victimized?”

“Heavens no! If Spider-Mare wasn’t busy antagonizing that thug who robbed the bank alone, there wouldn’t have been a brawl that is going to cost you tax payers heavily.”

The pony demanded to know who would have stopped the bank robber if Spider-Mare was out of the Equation.

“Our police force is more than capable of such a task, young man.”

“Yeah…I’m sure.” The crowd began to part as the stallion made his way through. When Pinkie saw the pony who was defending her, she couldn’t believe it.

Gray Shade likes Spider-Mare?! That’s great! If only he still liked Pinkie Pie…

Having enough of Mayor Mare’s anti-Spider-Mare propaganda, she decided to head home for the evening. Happy to be home with ponies that love and support her no matter what, Pinkie announced her arrival.

“Pinkie, could you come into the kitchen please?”

Recognizing Mr. Cakes tone, the confused mare followed instructions. Both Mr. and Mrs. Cake were waiting for her, looking very upset.

“Pinkie, take a seat.” The young pony did as she was told. “Mrs. Cake and I are concerned about you. You’ve been staying out all night, sleeping most of the day, and neglecting your duties here.”

“You’re right Mr. Cake, I will try-“
“No, you WILL clean up your act, Pinkie.” The yellow earth pony approached Pinkie and placed a hoof on her shoulder. “Look, you’re a good girl, which is why I think you should stop seeing that stallion.”

“Is that what this is about?” Pinkie began to giggle. “It’s ok Mr. Cake, Gray Shade is nice to me! There is no reason to worry!”

“If he is keeping you out all night, then there is.” Taking a deep breath, Pinkie’s guardian did the hardest thing he had ever done. “I forbid you from see that stallion.”

Pinkie’s trademark curly mane straightened. She couldn’t believe what she just heard.

“But Mr. Cake, I really like him!”

“Remember the talk we had a few weeks ago? You think you are old enough to own a bakery, but you can’t even get up in the morning to help us get ready for the day.” Mr. Cake removed his hoof and turned his back to the young mare. “If you really want to become a baker, you are going to need to make a choice.”

“You can’t do that!” The distraught mare stood up, trotting toward the stairs that led to her room. “You know what Mr. Cake…I wish you two never brought me in!”

Pinkie was out the front door before either of the Cakes could say a word. With another failed date under her belt, a vindictive mayor on her back, and other ponies trying to tell her how to live her life, the frustrated mare walked the streets of Ponyville alone. Trying to make sense out of everything that happened earlier in the evening, she failed to notice a stallion trying to get her attention.”

“Excuse me miss, I’m not from here, but I need to use the restroom. Would you be so kind, and point me in the direction of one?”

Under normal circumstances, she would have never suggested Sugarcube corner. She knew Mr. Cake hated ponies that just came in to use the bathroom, but this time, Pinkie didn’t see this as a normal circumstance.

“Sure, just a short walk that way is a place called the Sugarcube Corner! They would love to help you out!” the pinkie pony answered, pointing a hoof toward the establishment.

Thanking her profusely, the stranger ran towards the bakery. Pinkie laughed at the thought of Mr. Cake dealing with the pony whose only intention was using the restroom.

That’s the first prank I’ve pulled in weeks! I can’t wait to see how mad Mr. Cake gets!”

Relishing the satisfaction of pulling such a great prank, Pinkie continued to walk through the village. One thing still bothered her though, her relationship with Gray Shade. She really liked him, but after leaving halfway through a date two nights in a row, she figured he wouldn’t want to see her again. Realizing he was probably at work, she hightailed it to Rich’s Barnyard Bargains, hoping to explain her situation.

She found him loading sacks of flour onto shelves. Despite being well above the ground, the guilt ridden mare could see he was angry, sad, and confused.

“Hiya Gray Shade! What’s up?”

Looking to see who addressed him, the stallion continued to work, ignoring the mare below. Pinkie took a seat on the floor, refusing to move until he came down and talked with her. Reluctantly, Gray Shade dropped the bag he was holding and climbed down to see her.

“What Pinkie? Are we going to get into a deep conversation about us, before you leave right in the middle of it?”

“I deserved that.” The embarrassed mare chuckled, attempting to lighten the mood. “But you have to believe me, I had a reason to leave!”

“Sure, you had an emergency cake to make, right?”

Pinkie reached for his hoof, but he quickly pulled it away. “Look, if you don’t like me, just say so.” Turning away from the pink pony, he explained he hates mares that play games. “I’m a big colt, if a girl wants nothing to do with me, I understand.”

“No Gray Shade, wait! You don’t understand-”

“Sorry Pinks, if you aren’t willing to give “us” a serious chance then…”

Feeling the familiar tingling sensation known as her “Pinkie Sense”, the concerned mare began to look for trouble. One of the bags of flour Gray Shade stacked was slipping! She tried warning him, but the stubborn stallion ignored her. As the bag fell, Pinkie quickly shot webbing at the distracted pony, and pulled him to safety in the nick of time.

“What…what just happened?” The perplexed pony looked at Pinkie, then at the taffy webbing, then at the spot where the flour once sat. It took him a moment, but he was able to put two and two together.

“It all makes sense…the only time you left during the dates was when somepony was in trouble.” He pulled the webbing and saw it was attached to the pink pony’s hoofs. “And this looks like the stuff Spider-Mare uses...”

She decided to come clean. “I’m sorry…I wanted to tell you, but I thought it would be better to keep it a secret, in case one of the bad guys I
caught came back for revenge.” The guilty mare admitted endangering somepony she loved was the only fear she had when she accepted the responsibilities of Spider-Mare.

“I suppose I’ll leave you to your work now, sorry for everything.” As she turned to walk away, a tug on the webbing caught her attention. Gray Shade began pulling her back.”

“I should be the one apologizing. I…I had no idea you were trying to protect me”

The stallion wrapped his hooves around the mare stallion in front of him. “I wouldn’t have been mean earlier if I had known this. I think Spider-Mare is important to this town, whether these ponies know it or not.”

Gray Shade placed his hoof under the giddy mare’s chin, gently tilting her head back. “If anythings happens to Spider-Mare, I want to there as well.”

Making sure Pinkie understood what he was trying to say, he gently kissed her. For a few moments, the couple simply stared at each other, not sure what to say.

“GRAY SHADE! I’m not paying you to make googily eyes with the girls.” An angry stallion screamed from the back of the store.

Apologizing for his boss’s temperament, the happy stallion promised to meet later. Felling effervescent once again, the pink pony bounced out of the store, and toward the bakery with an apology for Mr. Cake.
Bouncing closer to the bakery, Pinkie could see something was not right. There were ponies hovering about, trying to get a look inside. Police were constantly going back and forth, while yellow tape was the only barrier that prevented nosey onlookers from poking their heads inside.

The most disturbing thing however, was the noise. The closer the confused pink pony came to the store, the louder the mysterious sound became. Upon entering the building, she discovered the source of the sound; it was Mrs. Cake crying. The moment she saw the young mare enter, she ran across the room, and threw her hooves around her. Pinkie asked her female guardian what was wrong.

“Oh Pinkie, he’s gone! Mr. Cake has been killed!”

For the second time that evening, her curly mane became straight. The smile Gray Shade placed on her face disappeared, being replaced with a blank stare.

“What do you mean murdered, Mrs. Cake? I…I don’t understand.”

A police officer approached the two mares, and explained the incident that occurred earlier. The young, distraught mare wasn’t really paying attention, all she heard was a stallion walked into the bakery and attempted to rob the place.

“Mr. Cake put up one heck of a struggle.” Observing the bakery, which was usually in pristine condition, was now caked in flour and other assorted ingredients. “From eyewitness’s reports, he was a stranger in town.”

Pinkies ears perked at the word stranger.

“What do you mean by that?”

According to the officer, the pony at large was a drifter, a stallion that frequently moving from town to town. “The bystander that saw the whole scene occur said he asked Mr. Cake if he could use the bathroom.”

Those last three words began to haunt Pinkie immediately. The same nice stallion she helped earlier was the same one who killed the most important pony in her life. Shaken to her core, she had to sit down.

“I’m deeply sorry for your loss, ma’am.” The officer continued to talk to the mares, but the pink one wasn’t listening. She couldn’t help but feel responsible for the events that took place here tonight. Another cop approached the newly widowed Mrs. Cake with some comforting news.

“We have the suspect cornered in the abandoned warehouse down town! He’s not going anywhere.”
As soon as those words left the officers mouth, the frustrated pink mare ran upstairs to her room. She donned the mask of her super powered alter ego, climbed to the roof above, and quickly made her way to the old warehouse.

Somepony is going to pay…