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What is Fame without Friendship? - Rabuiods

A stallion goes to Ponyville to try and find himself and save his career.

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Chapter 6: A Concert in Ponyville

Laughing Stock slowly woke up the next morning; he was up late with Twilight. The two just looked at the stars and spent time with each other. After a few moments of lying in bed and relished the events from the night before, the stallion climbed out of bed, eager to make new memories. Upon entering the living room, Laughing Stock heard Twilight talking to Spike.

Dear Princess Celestia,
I have learned friends can come from anywhere. Just because you are not in a place you are familiar with, doesn’t mean there aren’t friends to be made. I met a stallion on the way back from the visit before last, and we became friends instantly. This stallion is different though, in the few days we have known each other, he has already taught me so much. Not only has this new stallion helped me understand the magic of friendship, but he has introduced me to the magic of love. I can’t wait to introduce him to you!

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

Laughing Stock leaned close to Twilight’s ear and whispered “anypony I know?”

Twilight jumped when she heard the voice behind her. After discovering it was her handsome stallion, she answered the question.

“You might” the mare replied as she kissed him good morning. Spike gagged as he made his way to the window so he could send the letter

“What’s on the agenda for today?” Laughing Stock didn’t care what Twilight had planned, he just wanted to be around her.
“We have been invited to Sugarcube Corner so we can test out the Cakes new sweet roll recipe, if that interests you.”

“That sounds awesome” Laughing Stock confessed. “There’s nothing I love more than sweet rolls!”

Twilight teased the stallion by pretending to take offense to his comment. “Surely there is at least one other thing you love more than sweet rolls.”

Remembering their first full day together, Laughing Stock smiled. “Well, now that you mention it, there may be one other thing I love more…and my name is Laughing Stock, not Shirley.”

The young couple made their way into the bakery, only to be greeted with a round of applause from all their friends.

“Well I’ll be looks like he finally told her after all.” Applejack was relieved that she didn’t have to tell Twilight.

Laughing Stock walked over to his fellow earth pony and gave her a hug. “Thank you for all you encouragement and threats, I have no idea where I would be if it wasn’t for you.”

“Think nothing of it sugar cube.”

As the Cakes came out of the kitchen with their newest creations ready to be devoured, Laughing Stock asked them how business was going.

Mr. Cake let out a small sigh. “Its fine I suppose, it’s just been very slow. The Mrs. and I have been trying to think of a way to drum up business, but we can’t think of anything.”

“Can you guys help us think of some super de duper ways we can bring more ponies into the store?” Pinkie asked in between bites of sweet roll.

Laughing Stock was mesmerized by Pinkies eating ability. She alone was a one pony sweet roll eating apocalypse.

“Couldn’t ya’ll just give out free samples or sumthin?” Applejack suggested, but the Cakes shook their heads in unison.

“We have tried that many times, but nopony wants them. When we ask them why, they always say something about baked bads.”

Applejack pulled the brim of her hat over her eyes.

“What about a fashion show?” Rarity was always looking for an excuse to show off her latest designs; a fashion show would be the perfect place to do it.

“Nopony cares about your dresses, Rarity.” Rainbow Dash was quick to point out. “If they did, don’t you think that somepony would actually buy them?”

Rarity shot Rainbow Dash a glare, but the cyan pegasus didn’t notice because she was getting her suggestion ready.

“Maybe you guys could have the-“

Everypony else in the bakery, including the Cakes interrupted her before she could finish. “The Wonderbolts wouldn’t perform for a bakery, Rainbow Dash.”

Laughing Stock took his eyes of Pinkie for the first time in minutes to give his suggestion.

“In Canterlot, I know many restaurants have live performances during business hours to draw people in, have you guys considered something like that?”

The Cakes admitted that they had thought of that, but they didn’t know any live performers.

Twilight cleared her throat, which drew everyponies attention.

“Laughing Stock happens to be-“

“FRIENDS WITH A MUSICIAN!” Laughing Stock knew exactly what she was going to say, so the stallion cut her off before she
could finish. He wasn’t ready to perform in front of people again, he would get back out in front of an audience soon enough, but not in the immediate future.

All eyes were on the stallion, including his marefriends, which weren’t looking very happy.

“I am good friends with DJ PON-3, I could ask her to do me a favor and come down tomorrow and play a show if that interests you.”

Everypony was excited, but nopony was more excited than Pinkie.

“DJ PON-3 HERE? THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAMZING!” The pink pony leapt to her hooves and pretended the empty plates were turntables.

“There are a few things we are going to need.” Laughing Stock stood on his hind legs and put his front legs on the table. “We are going to need a venue, an opening act, and a way to get the word out.”

The Cakes immediately suggested they use their bakery as the venue for the show. Looking around, Laughing Stock thought it was a tad small, but it could work if the proper adjustments could be made in time.

“I could fly around and get the word out” Rainbow Dash suggested. Laughing Stock agreed, he told Dash that she should take off as soon as breakfast was finished.

Twilight cleared her throat again.

“And you could be the-“

“PONY WHO JUDGES THE OPEN AUDITIONS FOR THE OPENING ACT? Great idea Twilight!” Once again, Laughing Stock interrupted his marefriend because he knew exactly what she was going to say.

“I’m going to need everyponies help with this if we are going to pull this off” Laughing Stock announced as the room started to buzz with excitement. He started to rattle off jobs for everypony to complete.”

“Rainbow Dash, you make sure everypony knows that we will be holding auditions later this afternoon for an opening act, and that the show will take place tomorrow night.”

“Got it!” Rainbow Dash flew out the closest window, saluted the stallion that gave her orders and flew away.

“Rarity, I am going to need somepony that can make this place look concert appropriate. Think you are up for the job?”

The white unicorn nodded. If she couldn’t show her spring fashion line to the world, her interior design skills would be the next best thing.

“Pinkie Pie, all I want you to do is help the Cakes prepare all the food for the show.”

“Oki Doki Loki!” Pinkie made her way to the kitchen, but Laughing Stock called her back.

“DO NOT eat anything you make until the show starts.”

Pinkie looked crestfallen at Laughing Stocks request as she dragged herself through the swinging kitchen doors.

“Applejack and Fluttershy, I am going to need your help with the open auditions.”

“Um…Laughing Stock…I don’t know anything about open auditions.” Fluttershy wasn’t sure what he meant by help with the auditions, but she was sure she didn’t want to be a part of it.

“All you girls have to do is watch the performers and let me know what you think” Laughing Stock promised. “It’s very easy.”

After Applejack and Fluttershy agreed to help; Laughing Stock told Twilight he needed to speak with her outside.

“Look sweetheart” the stallion said as the purple unicorn sat next to him. “I really appreciate your attempt to get me on stage again, but I don’t think I’m up to it yet.”

“If you wait for the perfect moment, it will never come around. You just have to jump in with all four hooves.”

Laughing Stock agreed with his mare, and promised her that the next time an opportunity to perform presented itself, he would jump on it. He then asked Twilight if she would be interested in organizing the rest of the event.

“Of course.” Twilight couldn’t wait to get started. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Yes there is, could you find a way to get a letter to a pony named Vinyl Scratch in Canterlot? Tell her to get on the next train to Ponyville and to bring all her equipment that she would need for a show.”


“Alright everypony, can I have your attention please!”

A few hours after Rainbow Dash spread word about the auditions for the opportunity to open the show for DJ Pon-3, ponies arrived in droves. Laughing Stock was trying his best to get their attention.

“My name is Laughing Stock. I will be one of the judges who will determine whether you have what it takes to be the opening act. I will be assisted by Applejack and Fluttershy, who is currently hiding under our table. Good luck everypony.”

“Alright ya’ll, listen up.” Applejack was reading the names of the contestants off a clipboard. “First up is Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, who will be doin' a duet.”

The two fillies went in front of the three judges and sang their hearts out. As the two girls finished, they awaited their fate.

“I thought they were lovely.” Fluttershy was trying her best to avoid hurting the fillies’ feelings.

“You have got to be kidding.” Laughing Stock, on the other hand, didn’t give a rat’s flank. “They were horrible. I don’t think they were on key ONCE during the song.”

“Listen here girls.” Applejack was somewhere in between her friends. “You’re talented, but you’re not right for this competition.”

“How dare all of you!” Diamond Tierra screamed as Silver Spoon did her best to remove the angry filly from stage. “Wait till my father hears about this!”

“I can’t wait!” Laughing Stock heckled the small pony. “Next we have Snips and Snails performing feats of magic.”


After two hours of horrible magic, lousy singing, and comedy so bad it made Laughing Stock considered a career change, the three judges finished auditioning everypony in line.

“I hate to say it, but I think my sister and her little friends were the best act we saw.” Applejack didn’t want to vote for her sister, but in all honesty, the Cutie Mark Crusaders Jugglers were the best thing they saw all day.

Laughing Stock and Fluttershy agreed as Vinyl Scratch walked into the bakery. The stallion leaped from his chair, so he could inform her of everything he had planned.

“Laughing Stock, do you have a minute?” Twilight asked the stallion while he was finishing up his spiel.

“For you, of course! But first, Twilight meet Vinyl Scratch, my best friend! Vinyl Scratch meet Twilight, the best marefriend in all of Equestria!” Laughing Stock hoped that the two ponies would get along.

Unbeknownst to the stallion, the two ponies had met already. Laughing Stock heard one of them say something about a wedding; he stopped paying attention once the filly talk started.

“You wanted to talk to me about something, Twilight?”

“Is there any way you could audition one more pony, for me?” The purple unicorn had a small smile on her face, she really wanted him to try-out this pony for some reason.

“Sure, one more won’t hurt I suppose. Bring her in.”

Laughing Stock took his seat as a gray pegasus walked in front of him, and the pony just stared at Laughing Stock, or at least she tried. One eye was on Laughing Stock, but the other seemed to be focused on Rarity who was busy hanging black curtains on the windows.

“So, what’s your name?”

“My name is Ditzy Doo, but everypony calls me Derpy.” The gray pegasus looked upset. “But I prefer Ditzy if you don’t mind.”

“Ditzy it is then!” Laughing Stock started to understand the situation at hand. From what the stallion could see, this pony was self conscious about her eyes, and other ponies probably made fun of her. Laughing Stock, who was no stranger to bullying, wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible. “If you were to open for DJ PON-3, what would you be doing?”

“I like bubbles” Ditzy said as she pulled out a container of bubbles.

Laughing Stock was between a rock and a hard place as he watched Ditzy blow bubble after bubble. Obviously, nopony was going to like watching another pony blow bubbles. But on the other hand, Ditzy was showing a lot of courage auditioning in the first place, and he though it should be rewarded.

When the bubbles stopped, a hopeful Ditzy waited for Laughing Stocks response. Before he said a word to the pegasus, he walked over to Vinyl Scratch and Twilight, and the three ponies talked for a few moments. Ditzy noticed that both the earth pony and the unicorns were looking at her quite a bit, but she couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Finally after a few minutes, Laughing returned with Vinyl Scratch and Twilight in tow.

“Well Ditzy, the bad news is that we already have an opening act, I’m sorry” Laughing Stock sounded remorseful.

The gray pony hung her head and made her way to the door.

“Wait Ditzy, there is good news!” Laughing Stock was smiling now, so they pegasus decided to hear him out.

“DJ Pon-3 happens to love bubbles, but doesn’t have a way to use them as part of her show. So she was wondering if you would like to blow bubbles for her while she is onstage.”

Twilight couldn’t recall seeing Ditzy’s face light up like that before, to say she was excited would be an understatement. She agreed to provide the bubbles for the musical pony and proceeded to race home and tell her daughter.

“That may have been the sweetest thing I have ever seen.” Twilight said to Laughing Stock as he watched Ditzy run down
the street.

“Well, I have been getting so much help from strangers recently; I figured that I should return the favor.”

“How did I ever meet such a sweet stallion?” Twilight asked as she kissed him on the cheek.

“You lowered your standards.” Laughing Stock said with a grin, which earned him a playful slap in the face from Twilight.

After staying up late preparing the bakery for the concert, the group of friends decided to call it a day. As everypony went their separate ways, Vinyl Scratch asked where she could find a hotel.

“Oh no, I must insist that you stay with us” Twilight insisted.

Laughing Stock was pleased when he heard the musical unicorn would be staying with them, but he was also confused. There was not room for another bed in Twilight’s house, so where was Scratch going to sleep?

“Well, here is where you will be sleeping Vinyl Scratch.” Twilight showed the back bedroom to the DJ, as the comedian watched his bed become occupied by another pony.

Laughing Stock walked to the hall closet and took out an extra blanket; he proceeded to lie down in the middle of the living room and covered himself. This would have to do until tomorrow.

“Why are you lying on the floor?” Twilight asked, standing over the stallion.

“Scratch is in my bed, and I don’t want you to give me yours. I’ll be fine here tonight.”

“We could always…sleep in the same bed…” Twilight sounded nervous making this suggestion. She had never done anything like this, but she felt comfortable with Laughing Stock. She trusted him to not do anything she wasn’t ready to do.

Laughing Stock silently lay on his side, eyes wide open as he heard Twilight’s suggestion. He didn’t have the faintest idea on what he should say.

“We…we could do that…only if you want to.”

Twilight smiled sweetly at the stallion as she nodded and beckoned him up stairs.

Upon climbing into bed and snuggling with Twilight, Laughing Stock began to realize how peaceful he felt. The young couple fell asleep holding each other almost immediately.


The next morning arrived much too soon for Laughing Stock. He woke up to find Twilight’s face buried in his neck, still sound asleep. Not waiting to disrupt her, he remained in bed while she slept. A few minutes later, the mare began to stir and slowly opened her eyes.

“What time is it?” She asked with her features still concealed in Laughing Stock’s shoulder.

“It’s almost ten.” Twilight suddenly jumped out of bed, which startled the stallion. “Is there somewhere you need to be?”

“I’m running late! I was supposed to meet Rarity at the boutique right now.” Twilight was out the door before she could explain what the big hurry was about.

Laughing Stock wanted to go after her, but he didn’t want to leave a sleeping Vinyl Scratch alone in a strange house. Then he remembered that it was Vinyl Scratch, she probably went to bed within the last hour. Even though this was Ponyville, if there was a party somewhere nearby, that unicorn would find it.

He arrived at the Carousel Boutique a few minutes later and peeked in the window. Rarity was working on some sort of dress, Twilight sat close to her friend. The two seemed to be having a great time, but Laughing Stock still felt like something she was hiding something from him. If she just wanted to have time alone with Rarity, why didn’t she just say so?

Laughing Stock was too busy looking through the boutique window to notice the creature creep up behind him.

“So Laughing Stock?” Spike stood behind the stallion, arms crossed and tapping his foot. “I see somepony has become a stalker.”

“I’m not stalking Spike. I’m…doing surveillance.” Laughing Stock tried fighting it, but it was no use. The stallion had been caught red hoofed. “Twilight left in a hurry and I am trying to see what the fuss was about.”

“Follow me.” Spike motioned to the pony so he could follow him. They silently made their way to the back of the store where there was an open window.

“You can hear what they are saying if your quiet” Spike informed Laughing Stock as they leaned their heads close.

“I don’t know how to tell him Rarity.” Laughing Stock recognized Twilight's voice, so the stallion took a wild guess at who the mysterious pony was. “He will be upset and all alone.”

Laughing Stock had heard enough. He turned away from the window and sat with his back to the wall. If she wanted to end their relationship after a few hours, why did she bother telling him she loved him in the first place? He felt sick to his stomach.

“You can simply tell him right now darling. Laughing Stock and Spike are outside eavesdropping on us through the back window.” Rarity said, pointing toward the exact location where the two males were hiding.

The mares called them inside, and they reluctantly obeyed instructions.

“So Twilight, what is it you can’t tell me?” Laughing Stock was trying to stay calm.

“Well, I have to leave in a week to go to Canterlot for a couple days.” Twilight looked upset as she began explaining the situation to her stallion. “All of us girls have been invited to Princess Celestia’s birthday party. When we were invited, I didn’t know you, and I don’t want to ask if I can bring a guest on such short notice. I hope you understand.”

Laughing Stock thought this was hilarious for some reason. “Is that all your worried about? Me feeling left out?”

“Yes…don’t you feel left out?” Twilight wasn’t upset anymore, but she was just as confused.

“I don’t care about it.” The stallion kissed Twilight’s forehead and stroked her mane. “I will stay here and look after the library. You need to have some time alone with your friends.”

“Well, isn’t that precious.” Rarity said as she pushed Laughing Stock out the door. “But we mares need our privacy if we are going to be trying on dresses.”

“Yeah, Laughing Stock. Leave us alone.” Spike said as he closed the door, only to be thrown out the same one a few moments later.

“Well wasn’t that smooth.” Laughing Stock joked as Spike dust himself off.

“The concert doesn’t start for a few hours, want to go dig up some more gems?”

“I’d love too, but I need to make sure everything at the bakery is coming along.” Laughing Stock said as he made his way to Sugarcube Corner.


Laughing Stock and his friends made all the last minute arrangements as ponies started showing up to see the concert. The Cutie Mark Crusaders had arrived and were getting ready to perform their juggling act. Pinkie Pie, who volunteered to be the Master of Ceremonies this evening stood at center stage and addressed the crowd.

“GOOD EVENING EVERYPONY! ARE WE READY TO HAVE SOME FUN?” The pink mare screamed. Her question was met with applause from everypony in the building; they couldn’t wait for the show to begin.

“Before we start with our opening act, let’s have a round of applause for the stallion that made all this possible.” Pinkie turned to her left where Laughing Stock was standing, and before he knew what was going on, he was thrust into the spotlight.

“Laughing Stock here is a comedian from Canterlot who has been staying in town for a few days. Go ahead Laughing Stock, say something funny!” Pinkie Pie demanded as the crowd began to cheer for the stallion.

Laughing Stock thought about Pinkies request for a moment and the stallion couldn’t resist.

“Something funny.”

Not expecting that answer, everypony in the room laughed at the comedian, who bowed and exited stage left. As he took his place behind the curtain, Twilight joined him.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No, but I still am not interested in getting back out there full time as of this moment.” Laughing Stock watched the Crusaders walk out on stage. When they auditioned the day before, the fillies used balls to perform their juggling act, but tonight the girls were using what looked like…

“Torches” Laughing Stock said as he placed his hoof on his face.

Without saying a word, the stallion grabbed his mare and stood next to the back door of the bakery. Once he heard screams and what sounded like a fire carriage in the distance, he opened their escape route.

“After you, my lady.”


“Let’s have a round of applause for the Ponyville Fire Department, who was able to put out the fire before no real damage could be done!” Pinkie was attempting to cheer everypony up after juggling incident, but all she received in return was a sarcastic round of applause.

“Now let’s hear it for our main attraction, DJ PON-3!”

As the curtain opened, the best DJ in all of Equestria began her show to a massive round of applause. Laughing Stock forgot how good she was, almost instantly everypony in the bakery were on their hooves. He took note that Ditzy was having the time of her life as she sat next to Vinyl Scratch, blowing bubbles with a smile on her face.

Looking up from her turn tables, Vinyl noticed Laughing Stock off to the side of the stage and Twilight standing right next to him.

“Hey Laughing Stock, I think Vinyl is trying to get your attention…” Twilight noticed the musician was waving her arms furiously, trying to get the stallions attention.

Laughing Stock shrugged towards his friend. He had no idea what she was trying to say, the music was too loud.

The DJ tilted her head to the left and began to jerk it in the same direction. The stallion looked to his left but didn’t see anything besides Twilight.

Once again, the stallion shrugged, he had no idea what the musician was trying to tell him. Once again she tilted her head and repeated the motion.

This time, Laughing Stock understood. He raised a hoof over Twilights head. Vinyl began to nod furiously.

“I think she wants us to dance.” The stallion took Twilight’s hooves and the two began to dance. The two ponies remained by each other’s side for the remainder of the show.

“That was a fantastic show Vinyl Scratch! Are you sure you have to leave right now?” The show ended earlier that Vinyl Scratch thought, so she decided it would be best if she caught the last train back to Cantrerlot, Laughing Stock and Twilight walked the musical unicorn to the station.

“I have a show the day after tomorrow I need to get ready for, I should probably head home.” Scratch turned to Laughing Stock and gave him a hug and whispered into Laughing Stock’s ear. “You have a great thing going with Twilight, don’t blow it.”

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