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What is Fame without Friendship? - Rabuiods

A stallion goes to Ponyville to try and find himself and save his career.

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Chapter 5: The Element of Mediocre Comedy

“Boy, when you said it was a long story, you really meant it.” Vinyl Scratch couldn’t believe everything her friend had been through in the past few days.

“I know.” Laughing Stock was staring at his daisy salad. He was distraught over the thought of losing Twilight; he couldn’t bring himself to eat anything.

“Personally, I wouldn’t be too hard on myself if I were you. Self loathing never helped anypony.” Vinyl Scratch said taking a sip of her tea. “Besides, with your record of first impressions, are you surprised you blew it wide open?”

“What are you talking about?” Laughing Stocks gaze shifted from his food to the unicorn across the table.

“Oh come on, every time I have been around you when you have met somepony new, you embarrass yourself.”

“That’s a lie!” Laughing Stock had no idea what she was talking about.

“Do you remember what happened at your first show in front of thousands of people?” Vinyl Scratch started laughing hysterically as she put her head on the table. “You somehow managed to get yourself caught in the microphone cord and fall into the orchestra pit!”

Laughing Stock couldn’t help but think of the incident the night before, when he thought Twilight’s cutie mark was a firework. He slumped over the table and covered his head with his hooves in embarrassment.

“Or how about the time you asked that club owner when the foals were due?” Vinyl Scratch gasped as she finally stopped laughing.

“In my defense, I was trying to be nice.” Laughing Stock mumbled with his hooves hiding his head from Scratches gaze.

“Yeah, and it would have been nice if she was pregnant… or a mare to begin with!” Vinyl Scratch began laughing uncontrollably again.

“You know Scratch, I hoped our first meeting after all these years would be…less humiliating.”

Vinyl Scratch placed one of her hooves over one of his, which caused Laughing Stock to pick up his head.

“What about the first day we met?”

“That I remember!” Laughing Stock said as a smile slowly spread across the stallion’s face. “It was after a show, you told me you liked my comedy and I told you I liked your music. We went back to my place and spent the night together.”

Vinyl Scratch pulled her hoof away from the stallion. The unicorn that was happy to see him a few moments ago suddenly became very annoyed with her friend.

“Is that honestly what you think happened?” Vinyl Scratch’s eyebrow slowly started to rise.

“Ok, so I don’t remember our first meeting.” Laughing Stock smiled as his friend started to relax. “Would you remind me how we met?

“Well, you had the first part half right. You just left the stage and I told you I enjoyed your set.” Vinyl Scratch took off her glasses, so Laughing Stock could look into her eyes. “And you told me that I was a step away from being replaced with a drum machine.”

Laughing Stock was mortified. “Did I really say that? Why on earth would you ever be friends with me?”

“Because almost immediately after you insulted me, you came back and apologized.” Vinyl Scratched grabbed her friends hoof again, leaning closer to him. “You may make mistakes and say the wrong thing every now and then, but your heart is in the right place. You are a really good pony where it really counts”

“So you’re saying I should apologize to Twilight?” It was an obvious solution, something Laughing Stock never considered.

“Well, yes. Eventually you should apologize to Twilight, but it’s in my opinion that you should try to apologize to her friends first. “That was the reason for her anger in the first place.”

“You know what Scratch, you’re right.” It was getting late and Laughing Stock remembered Twilight said to be home by six. According to the Ponyville clock tower, it was five thirty. The stallion knew that if he wanted to apologize to Twilight’s friends and be at the library on time, he would have to leave now.

“I loved spending time with you, but I have to leave now if I want to make amends with Twilight and her friends.“

“Hey, I understand completely.” Vinyl Scratch left her seat and pulled her friend in for one last hug. “Let’s make sure it isn’t another couple years before we see each other again.”

“We definitely need to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

As the two ponies went their separate ways, Laughing Stock heard Vinyl Scratch call his name.

“If you ever come across a small event that needs music, can you let me know?”

“Yes, of course!” Laughing Stock began to worry about his friend. “Is something wrong?

“No, nothing is wrong; I just get bored doing the same highbrow social events over and over. It would be a nice change of pace to do a small club again.”

Laughing Stock promised to let his friend know if he heard anything. After seeing her train off, the stallion made his way to Carousel Boutique. When he arrived, the shop was locked up tight, Rarity obviously wasn’t home.

The stallions’ next stop was Sugarcube Corner to check on Pinkie. The pink earth pony seemed upset that she missed the fact he was choking, Laughing Stock wanted to let her know that no harm was done. Upon arriving at the bakery, he learned that because she wasn’t home either. Laughing Stock assumed that Rainbow Dash literally had her head in the clouds, so the only stop that remained was Fluttershy’s.

“Fluttershy is gone too…this is very weird” Laughing Stock didn’t understand how three of the ponies he was tracking down could be missing. Thinking about what the three ponies could be up to, he made his way to Sweet Apple Acres. After his search turned out to be fruitless, he gave up looking for her, but he found a familiar group of fillies instead.

“Hey girls, are you feeling better after our conversation earlier?”

“Yes, I think so.” Sweetie Belle answered for the other two fillies, who nodded in agreement.

“I’m so glad to hear it.” Laughing Stock smiled as he pat each of the girls on the head. “What brings you girls to Sweet Apple Acres?”

“We were coming up with new ways we could get our cutie marks,” Applebloom’s started fixing her bow, which was knocked lose after Laughing Stocks’ pat on the head. “Then my sister said she needed our help with the harvest.”

“Your sister works here on the farm with Applejack?” Laughing Stock couldn’t recall seeing any other mares when he was at the farm earlier that day.

“My sister is Applejack”

Laughing Stock began to think after listening to Applebloom.

Huh, Applejack…Applebloom. I never made the connection. Twilight was right, I really am stupid.

“So Scootaloo, if Applebloom is Applejack’s sister and Sweetie Belle is Rarity’s sister, are you Rainbow Dash’s sister? Laughing Stock asked, hoping to avoid any future awkward situations.

As the three fillies fell silent, Laughing Stock realized he inadvertently created the awkward situation he was trying to avoid.

“I wish” Scootaloo answered with a sense of longing in her voice. “If she was, she would be the most superultraextremeawesomeamazing sister in Equestria.

“Uh huh.” Laughing Stock had no real response to Scootaloo. He didn’t want to make the situation worse. “Applebloom have you seen your sister recently?”

“Sure have, she left for Twilight’s a few minutes ago.”

Laughing Stock took off without saying good bye to the fillies; he had to make it back to the library before Applejack. He may have been sorry for treating Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy horrible, but he had no sympathy for Applejack. She was going to break their agreement and ruin everything.

As he skidded to a halt in front of the library, he heard the clock tower signal it was six o’clock. He burst through the door and looked around inside. He couldn’t recall everything being so dark the night before.

“TWILIGHT” Laughing Stock began calling for his friend. “DON’T LISTEN TO APPLEJACK; SHE’S MAKING…MOST OF IT UP.”

All of a sudden, the lights turned on, revealing Twilight and all her friends standing on the staircase.

“SURPRISE” All six ponies screamed in unison! Laughing Stock had a blank expression on his face; he should have seen it coming. Pinkie TOLD him she was going to throw him a party.

The six mares surrounded the stallion with huge smiles on their faces.”

“WE TOTALLY GOT YOU!” Pinkie Pie began to bounce around Laughing Stock once again. “YOU WALKED IN YELLING, THEN WE TURNED ON THE LIGHTS AND SAID SURPRISE AND YOU ALMOST FAINTED! THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUNNY! Unless you were choking again, then in that case it wouldn’t have been funny…”

“No, you girls certainly did get me.” Laughing Stock had no problem admitting when he was at the flank end of a joke. “But before we start having too much fun, I have to say something to each of you.”

The stallion turned to Fluttershy and gave her a hug. ‘I am so sorry for what I said earlier, I had absolutely no reason to act the way I did. I hope you can forgive me.”

“Don’t worry, I forgive you Laughing Stock.”

He then turned to Rarity and wrapped his arms around her. “I also owe you a massive apology Rarity. There is no need for anypony to use those words, especially in front of a lady. I really am sorry.”

“Please darling, it is just as much my fault. Let’s just forget it every happened”

Pinkie Pie was next on the stallion’s radar. “Pinkie…I really don’t think I was that mean to you. But if I was in anyway, I am sorry.”

“Aw, you weren’t mean to me! In fact, I can’t remember the last time a new pony made me feel so happy! It was probably the last new pony that came into town…

“Rainbow Dash” Laughing Stock said as he embraced the rainbow haired mare. “I promise to learn Buck Norris jokes just for you.”

“Nah, you don’t have to, it’s cool.

“Applejack” Laughing Stock started to say he was sorry for toying with her earlier that day, but noticing Twilight standing beside her, he just nodded. He hoped that she would understand.

Once again, Applejack proved to Laughing Stock she was a lot smarter than he thought. She responded to his nod with one of her own.

He turned to Twilight and stared at the floor. Once again, he was too embarrassed to speak to the purple unicorn.

“I don’t even know what to say to you. After everything you have done for me, I still treated you and your friends horribly. I would understand completely if you told me to leave immediately.

The unicorn threw her arms around him and told him she forgave him. Laughing Stock looked at the other five ponies over

Twilight’s shoulder, he saw Applejack mouth something, He was able to read her lips after watching her mouth for a few moments.

Tell her!

“Twilight, I want you to know that I-“

There was a loud bang which startled everypony in the room. The bang had, once again interrupted his special moment with Twilight.

“THAT’S ENOUGH TALK EVERY PONY, LETS PAR-TAY!” Pinkie Pie wheeled a small blue cannon into the library. Just as soon as it happened, the case of the mysterious bang had been solved.

As the two ponies broke the hug, Laughing Stock chuckled at his situation.

I will tell her eventually, and when I do, it will be interruption free.

“One last thing before the party officially begins.” Rarity walked over to Laughing Stock with a small box, hovering a few inches above her head. “I made this for you after our little spat earlier, I hope you like it.”

As he opened the box, a gold necklace with a jeweled rubber chicken was revealed.

“Wow, this is awesome!” Laughing Stock was thrilled, but he had no idea what he was holding in his hoof. “What is it exactly?”

“Let’s just say we didn’t want you to feel left out, so we found the seventh element of harmony for you.” Rarity said with a laugh.

“This is great! What is my element? Probably something neat, like laser eyes or invisibility right?”

“Not quite.” Twilight struggled to hold back her laughter. “You’re the element of mediocre comedy, remember?”

As Laughing Stock placed the necklace over his head, the mares gathered around him and gave him a group hug. He felt a slight tingle run through his body, but didn’t pay much attention once the conga line started. This was a party, and if there was one thing Laughing Stock knew how to do, it was conga like it was nopony else’s business.

After a few hours of pin the tail on the pony and eating their weight in cupcakes, the party was winding down and everypony was exhausted, but they couldn’t bring themselves to leave. Twilight and her friends entertained Laughing Stock with stories of their adventures.

“So let me get this straight; this Discord character was threatening Equestria with eternal chaos that consisted of soapy roads, day and night alternating back and forth multiple times a day, and cotton candy clouds that rained chocolate milk?”

“Yes, among other things.” Twilight answered as a few of the other ponies in the room shuddered. It was clear those crazy events were still fresh in their minds.

“I have to agree with Pinkie. Chocolate rain would be awesome.” Laughing Stock leaned over so he could give Pinkie a high hoof.

As the room erupted with laughter, Rarity announced she had to leave.

“I had a fantastic time this evening, but a lady must get her beauty sleep after all.”

Laughing Stock stood up and gave the white unicorn a hug, thanking her once again for the beautiful necklace she had made him.

After Fluttershy and Pinkie excused themselves; Applejack asked Laughing Stock if she could speak with him alone for a minute. Laughing Stock agreed; he didn’t need to ask what it was about.

“Just because you made a heap of fancy apologies, don’t think that our deal is off.” Applejack sat on the stoop in front of the library as Laughing Stock closed the door behind. ”Because day two has officially started, and the next pony out that front door is going to know about your crush on Twilight.”

“What if Twilight is the next pony out the door?”

“Well Sugar Cube, if Twilight is the next pony out this here door” Applejack laughed as she nodded towards the entrance both ponies were currently blocking. “This whole situation will be over a lot sooner than we thought.”

The front door opened and Laughing Stock held his breath. He was relieved to see the cyan mare with the rainbow mane exit the library, spread her wings and begin to fly away. Before she got too far Applejack beckoned her back down to the ground.

“Hey Rainbow Dash, can you keep a secret?”

Rainbow Dash put her hoof to her chin taking a moment to think.

“Eh, probably” The rainbow pony admitted. “Depends on how juicy it is.”

“Our pal Laughing Stock has a bit of a crush on Twilight.”

“Really? Has he told her yet?” Rainbow Dash became interested immediately.

“Nope, not yet.” Applejack began to explain the deal she made with Laughing Stock.

“Well, somepony better get a move on and tell her!” Rainbow Dash couldn’t believe the stallion had neglected to tell her by now. “You know Buck Norris would never be afraid to tell a pony how he feels!”

Rainbow Dash flew away laughing, the stallion felt a little relieved. He feared that Twilight’s friends would be against the two of them being together, but if Dash’s reaction was any indication on the reaction of the other three ponies, he had nothing to worry about.

He waved goodbye to Applejack, Laughing Stock decided he would tell Twilight in the morning. The stallion walked back into the library and put his arms around the purple unicorn once again.

“I am sorry for the things I said to you earlier, I was just so upset. I was afraid I would have to divide my time between you and my friends if you guys’ didn’t get along.” Twilight said embracing the stallion.

“What do you mean divide your time?”

“Well…I like spending time with friends obviously” The unicorn pulled away from the stallion so she could look into his eyes. “But you are also a blast to hang out with.”

Laughing Stock considered telling her now, but thought it would mean more if both parties weren’t in danger of falling asleep on the floor.

Twilight made her way up the stairs toward her bedroom; Laughing Stock had one last question before he went to bed.

“During the group hug, I had this weird tingling sensation run through my body. Do you have any idea what is it was?”

Twilight stopped at the top of the stairs and looked down at her friend, a small smile made its way on to her face.

“I have an idea” she said. “Can you give me anymore details?”

“I can try.” The stallion struggled to stay awake, trying to remember the feeling. “It was almost like my whole body was asleep at the same time. It felt very…very…”

“Magical?” Twilight said finishing his sentence.

Laughing Stock was about to scoff at the unicorn’s suggestion, but the word fit perfectly for some reason.

“You know what…it did feel rather…magical.”

“Congratulations Laughing Stock” Twilight turned her back to the stallion making her way to bed.” You have discovered the
magic of friendship.”

Laughing Stock collapsed on his bed, thinking about the day he had. He made five new friends, reconnected with an old ne, and grew a lot closer to the mare of his dreams.

Tomorrow will be the day I tell Twilight I love her, or may Princess Celestia strike me down. It was his last thought before drifting off into a peaceful sleep.


Laughing Stock woke up on the morning of the fifth day exhausted. His less than successful efforts over the past four days kept him awake all night. The stallion sat up and began to rub his face with his hooves as he realized this was his last day.

I can’t dwell on the past. I need to forget about all my failed attempts at telling Twilight I love her. I need to focus on my goal and just tell her today...no pressure, right?

After he dragged himself to the kitchen, the stallion noticed a letter addressed to him sitting on the table. He opened it and began to read.

Laughing Stock-
I am sorry I didn’t get to tell you in person, but Princess Celestia needs me in Canterlot. Apparently, there is a problem with the archives and my organizational talents are needed. I should be back late tonight, please take care of Spike while I am gone.
Twilight Sparkle

Laughing Stock placed his head on the table and released a small sigh. With Twilight gone all day, he had no idea how he would tell her his feelings. His idea for a nice picnic was shot to hay, and now dinner wasn’t an option either. The only option left was to tell an exhausted mare he loved her as she came home from a long day of travel and library organization. It wasn’t as romantic as Laughing Stock hoped, but it would have to do.

Spike joined Laughing Stock at the table and asked the earth pony about his plans for the day.

“I planned to spend it with Twilight, but since she’s gone, I am free till lunch.” Laughing Stock began to stretch his legs as he got up from the table. He didn’t feel like eating, making the appropriate preparations were at the forefront of his mind.”Rarity invited all of us over for lunch, so I was going to head over there. Did you want to do something this morning?”

“I was hoping you could help me dig up some gems.” Spike suddenly looked upset. “Twilight and I usually go together, but she has been so busy with you, she hasn’t had time for me.”

Laughing Stock instantly choked up. He felt horrible for neglecting Spike this past week, and if Twilight was going to be part of his life, then Spike would be part of the package as well.

“Sure, sound like fun!” Laughing Stock crouched down so Spike could hop on his back.

“This is going to be great!” Spike cheered as the earth pony and the dragon made their way into the countryside.

After a few minutes of awkward silence had passed, Laughing Stock broke the ice.

“So Spike, what have you been up to the last few days?”

“The same stuff I usually do when Twilight is busy studying.” Spike said as the pair continued on their search for gems. “I tidied up the library, made sure Twilight has plenty of quills and parchment for her letters to the princess, cleaned Rarity’s house, made lunch for-“

“Wait, back up. Did you say you cleaned up Rarity’s house?” Laughing Stock couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yeah, a beautiful pony shouldn’t have to do her own housework.”

“You have a crush on Rarity, don’t you Spike?” Laughing Stock put the pieces to this fairly obvious puzzle together.

“Yeah, how did you know? Did Twilight tell you? She swore she wouldn’t tell anypony else after the Photo Finish incident…”

“Relax Spike” Laughing Stock attempted to calm the upset dragon down. “She didn’t tell me anything. Like you, I have done many things to make a mare like me, but they usually take advantage of you in the end. Can I give you some friendly advice?

“Sure Laughing Stock, go right ahead.”

“You should just tell Rarity how you feel. If you drag it out, it may make matters worse.”

Spike raised an eyebrow and stared at the back of Laughing Stocks head.

“That is the advice you’re giving me?”

“Yeah, why? Is there something wrong with it?” Laughing Stock thought it was great advice, and he never took Spike to be the skeptical type.

“No, not at all.” Spike said with a smile. “I just didn’t know you followed the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ philosophy.

“What in Equestria are you talking about Spike?”

“That advice you gave me is great, you should follow it yourself and tell Twilight already.”

Laughing Stock came to a halt.

“Why did Applejack tell you?

“She didn’t tell me directly” Spike confessed. “I was watching Rarity outside her window when I heard Applejack tell Rarity.”

“What were you doing watching Rarity outside her window?”

“She had nothing for me to do, but I still wanted to see her.”

“So you’re stalking Rarity, Spike?” Laughing Stock was chuckling and shaking his head side to side. “I don’t judge my friends Spike, but that is really weird.”

“It wasn’t stalking…I was just eavesdropping.” The baby dragons’ face began to glow red.

“That sounds an awful lot like stalking Spike.”

“I looked it up in Mareiam Webster’s dictionary myself.” Spike muttered. The dragon and pony arrived at the dig site. “What I was doing is considered eavesdropping.”

“Alright, no need to get upset Spike.” Laughing Stock wanted to avoid arguing at all costs today, he wasn’t feeling very confrontational. “I was just joking; I am a comedian after all.”

After a few minutes of digging up gems in silence, Laughing Stock broke the ice once again.

“Spike, do you think I have a chance with Twilight?

Spike glanced at the stallion from the hole he was digging.

“I don’t see why not. She really likes you, and you obviously like her, so why not just find out for yourself?”

Laughing Stock continued to help the dragon look for his stones, but with a smile on his face while he worked. If this baby dragon could see that Twilight liked him, why couldn’t he see it? After the pair finished excavating as many gems as they could carry, they made their way back home. Laughing Stock was thinking about the words he would be using to express himself, while Spike was snacking on gems. The stallion made his way to the Carousel Boutique to meet his friends.

“Good afternoon Casanova.” Rarity began teasing Laughing Stock the moment he entered her kitchen. He didn’t mind though, he actually felt like he deserved it. “Did you say anything to a certain pony this morning?”

“Well, considering she left for Canterlot before I woke up. No, I haven’t told her yet.” Laughing Stock took a seat at the table next to Fluttershy.

“I feel bad sugar, I really do.” Applejack said from across the table. “But you have had four days to tell her, why are you surprised that it didn’t work out the way you wanted at the last minute.”

“Well, in my defense, I want to make it special for her.” Rarity brought over a plate to Laughing Stock, who started to eat immediately. “But every time I find the right moment, one of you interrupts us and the magic is gone.”

“I’m sorry for my interruption.” Fluttershy apologized immediately. “I forgot you and Twilight hate snakes, I never should have brought them by the library.

The other ponies weren’t as quick to apologize for their faults.

“How dare you accuse me doing something so garish!” Rarity turned her nose up at the thought of ruining a special moment between two ponies.

“What about yesterday when you ran into the park screaming Photo Finish stole the hat you made?”

“It’s not my fault” Rarity whined. “It was missing and it is sure to sweep the fashion world by storm! I wouldn’t put it past Photo Finish to steal it.”

Laughing Stock rubbed his face with his hoof. “It was on your head the whole time, Rarity.”

“Well, I certainly did apologize after the incident” Rarity insisted. “But it was not as bad as you are making it sound.”

“You brought your drama couch.”

“Ok, so I may have overreacted a tiny bit.” The white unicorn finally admitted she made a mistake.

“Typical Rarity” Applejack shook her in disgust. “She’s always managin’ to mess a special moment with her drama.”

“Really Applejack?” Laughing Stock turned towards the earth pony, who gulped. “Would you care to tell everypony what you did?

“Not particularly.” Applejack muttered. She gave Laughing Stock permission to visit her farm after hours so he could tell express himself to Twilight her overlooking Ponyville at sunset. But she forgot to tell Big Macintosh that Laughing Stock had the go-ahead, and the only male member of the Apple family doesn’t like trespassers.

“Do you realize how humiliating it was being hog tied while the pony of your love dreams watches? It’s very unsettling.”

“You’re a comedian aint’cha? You have ponies laugh at you all the time!” Applejack tried to defend herself, but she realized he was right.

“And as for you Pinkie, how many times have you managed to interrupted Twilight and I?”

The pink earth pony thought for a moment.

“Do you want the numbers for this whole week, or just in one day?”

“Whole week if you don’t mind.”

“Twenty seven different times!” The pink pony exclaimed, Laughing Stock wasn’t sharing her enthusiasm.

“I don’t even want to discuss some of the things you did, especially the cake fiasco.” Laughing Stock shuttered as he remembered the incident. “It’s still baffling to me that you managed to get a cake to do that.”

The other ponies agreed. They all decided to never speak of the incident again, as long as the Mr. and Mrs. Cake didn’t find out, they were in the clear.

“Look, just do me a favor and stay away from the library tonight, please. I don’t care about our deal anymore Applejack, it is very pathetic that I have squandered four precious days with her. I refuse to waste another.” Laughing Stock was pleading with his friends. Not only this was very important to him, but to Twilight as well.

The five mares agreed to stay away from the library to ensure Twilight and Laughing Stock had time alone.

Laughing Stock declined the option to hang out with his friends after lunch at Rarity’s concluded; he wanted some peace and quiet.

He arrived at the lake and sat beneath a tree and began to practice what he was going to say to Twilight. He didn’t want to be too straight forward, but was afraid that being too subtle would backfire.

The walk back to the library felt like an eternity, but once he arrived at the front door, he felt ready. Upon pushing it open, he saw Spike, still snacking on the gem stones the two found earlier.”

“Hey Spike, have you heard from Twilight?”

“Yeah, she got home a few minutes ago. She is out on the highest balcony.”

Laughing Stock swallowed hard. He knew it was now or never.

“What is she doing up there?”

“I am not sure; she always goes up there after getting back from Canterlot.” Spike was a little preoccupied ogling a massive emerald, which was fine with Laughing Stock. One less distraction he had to deal with.

The nervous stallion stopped in front of the door that separated the earth pony from the mare of his dreams. He took a deep breath and made his way outside. He saw Twilight lying on her back, looking up at the stars.

“Hey you” the purple unicorn said as she leaned her head back to see who was on the balcony with her. “Care to join me?”

Laughing Stock laid down right next to the mare.

“So, what are we looking at?”

“The stars.” Twilight answered as she continued to gaze at the sky. “You can never see the stars this clearly in Canterlot, too many lights I suppose. Whenever I come back, I just love looking at them.”

Laughing Stock agreed. He couldn’t recall seeing this many lights at home, but he was more interested in what was next to him, not what was above him.

“Aren’t they the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?” Twilight added.

She set you up with the perfect line, he thought. Now is the time, go for it!

“They aren’t actually.” Laughing Stock took a deep breath. “I have seen something even more beautiful.”

“What was it?” Twilight asked, still looking at the stars above her head.

“You” the stallion replied turning his head to look at her.

Twilight slowly moved her head in Laughing Stocks direction.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.” The mare’s heart suddenly began beating very fast. She heard exactly what he said, but she couldn’t believe it.

“Twilight Sparkle, I love you.” Laughing Stock suddenly felt the weight of the world off his shoulders. “I know I have only known you a little less than a week, but it doesn’t matter. I have never felt this way about another pony in my life.”

Laughing Stock carefully placed his hoof under her chin and brought her close. The two ponies kissed for the first time. Laughing Stock felt the same tingling feeling throughout his body after the group hug he received a few days ago, that same magical feeling had returned.

“Laughing Stock” Twilight said as she put a hoof on his face. “I love you too! I have wanted to say something all week, but I was afraid. I thought since we haven’t known each other that long, it would be strange. You have no idea how happy you have made me.”

As the ponies embraced, Laughing Stock gently kissed the top of her head.

“I have some sort of idea” the stallion confessed. “You have made me the happiest pony in all of Equestria.”

After a few more minutes of bliss, Laughing Stock had something he had to tell Twilight.

“The day I made breakfast, I ran into Applejack and told her my feelings for you before I knew you guys were friends.” Laughing Stock lifted her head so they could look into each other’s eyes. “When you introduced us later, she somehow knew that you felt the same way and we made a deal. If I didn’t tell you I loved you by tonight, she would tell you herself.”

Laughing Stock expected Twilight to be angry, but the purple unicorn placed her head on his shoulder and slowly nuzzled his neck and emit a soft chuckle.

“She somehow knew I felt the same way because I told her right before you entered the barn.”

Laughing Stock felt a small hint of anger when he first heard this, but when he looked down and saw Twilight in his arms, the bad feelings began to melt away. He wasn’t mad at Applejack after all, in fact, he was happy she got involved. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be in this situation with this beautiful creature lying next to him.

As the two continued to watch the sky, the stallion was in a state of nirvana. He had no idea what the future had in store for him, and it really didn’t concern him. As long as he had Twilight Sparkle by his side, the future would always be bright.

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