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1000 years ago the Crystal Kingdom was a peaceful and thriving nation, protected by the Crystal Guardians; powerful beasts that controlled magic far beyond anyone's imagination and the defenders of the Crystal Heart, a powerful crystal tied into all of the magic of the planet Equus-G4.

But the evil King Sombra sought the power of the Crystal Heart for himself, clashing against the Guardians with his powerful Dark Magic.

Their clash ended when the Crystal Kingdom disappeared, seemingly without a trace.

At least, that's where the legend ends...

Chosen by the Crystal Guardians, a group of teenagers must learn to use their powerful magics, to become the Power Rangers: Crystal Knights!

"Crystal Knights, RISE UP!"


  • This story starts after The Return of Harmony.
  • The Ranger suits, weapons, and Zords are not based on any of the Sentai or other seasons of Power Rangers. Most of it is designed by yours truly, so please don't ask "What Sentai is this from?"
  • As usual, comments and criticisms are welcome, but no hate comments or I will block you.

Other than that, have fun! And May The Power Protect You, Always.
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Honestly one of the few good things to happen to me in 2020.

Twilight Sparkle was just your average ordinary girl. She was incredibly smart, had dreams of being an engineer, and had no friends at her school since they all just labeled her as a nerd to be ignored. And she had no aspirations to be anything more than that.

However, during a summer tour of DisCorp, she gets bitten by a genetically modified spider and was given powers beyond her wildest dreams.

But as we all know "With Great Power, There Must Also Come Great Responsibility."

And after a tragedy makes her see this, she realizes that the city of Manehattan needs hope.

It needs a hero.

It needs Spider-Girl.

The First Story In The NEW Equestria Girls Marvel Universe!
-Starts in June BEFORE the first Equestria Girls Movie.

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What had started out as a relatively normal day for Twilight Sparkle quickly became the day that everything changed for all life on the planet Equus-G4.

For it was on that day the Galactic Empire arrived, with only one single purpose.


Despite the best efforts of Princess Celestia and the Royal Guard, Canterlot fell, unable to stand against the technological superiority of the Empire.

Princess Celestia herself, the Light of Hope for Equestria, fell to the hands of the Sith Lord, Darth Vader, her public execution broadcast across the kingdom.

But it was also the day that 10 year old Twilight tapped into a mysterious power, one that nobody on Equestria had ever seen or heard of before.

The Force.

After spending five years hiding from the Imperial Forces, surviving by stealing from their convoys, she finally scrapes together enough credits to buy passage from a smuggler to another planet.

There she meets Sunset Shimmer, a fellow Equestrian who reveals herself to be a Jedi Knight and a survivor of Order 66.

And together, they set off on an adventure that will help change the galaxy forever.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader discovers another Equestrian who's Force Sensitive. One whose anger makes her a perfect candidate for the Inquisitors.

And perhaps, something more...

Before the five year timeskip, this story starts roughly 10 years Before the Battle of Yavin, or 10 BBY.
AKA, ten years before Episode IV: A New Hope and nine years after Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
Death Tag is for the aforementioned death of Princess Celestia, and many members of the Royal Guard that forgot to wear their Plot Armor.
Gore Tag is for dismemberment and decapitations via Lightsabers, Vibroblades,
and a few other creative tools.
I don't think I need to explain the Violence and Profanity Tags. This IS Star Wars after all.

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Cover Art by skydragon90 Check him out, he's got good artwork.
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Thanks again to SuperSonicHeroes. You are awesome, my friend!

Twilight Sparkle is a seemingly normal Unicorn. Sure she's the Element of Magic, leader of the Bearers of Harmony (affectionally called the Main 6) and has been the personal student of Princess Celestia since she was 10, but other than that she's just a normal Unicorn.

But that's all about to change.

It started off when she dreamed of a strange place full of stained glass and dark, shadowy creatures, and a voice telling her that she would be the light that would save this world.

And then the dark storm came, and the shadowy creatures from her dreams became a lot more real.

Fortunately, that was the moment she unlocked her own power: a weapon of light called a Keyblade.

Unfortunately she ends up being separated from her friends, and her world exploded. Quite literally.

And then she awakes to meet a duck who's a sorcerer, a dog who's the captain of their knights, and a mouse who also wields a Keyblade and happens to be the King of the "World" she was on.

Oh, and she's now a human.

So all in all, normal for Twilight has just gone out the window.

After getting a crash course in Heartless, Nobodies, Keyblades (which includes the adventures of their one friend Sora) and the ongoing fight between the Light and the Dark, Twilight sets out to find her friends and hopefully find a way to restore Equestria. And maybe make some new friends along the way.

But in the shadows, sinister forces conspire against her, and she may find out that her greatest enemy is the one she'd never suspect.

Will Twilight Sparkle prevail? Or will her Heart fall to the darkness?

The only way to find out is to read the tale of Twilight's Awakening.

Okay, so a bit of spoilery stuff to get out of the way quick:

-This story starts during Magical Mystery Cure, but immediately goes AU when they cast Starswirl's Unfinished Spell. You'll see what I mean.
-Kingdom Hearts-wise, the story takes place during the events of Dream Drop Distance. Mostly because I haven't played Kingdom Hearts 3 yet, so I can't write about anything that happened in that.
-Certain worlds that Twilight visits in this story will have their stories diverge from canon after she appears. But I don't think anyone will notice since that's already happened in the actual Kingdom Hearts games. I'm looking at you, Aladdin and Hercules.
-Some of the worlds that appear will be from Disney franchises that haven't appeared yet, but there will also be some worlds that aren't from Disney properties. I'd tell you which ones, but that would just be spoiling the surprise. :twilightsmile:

Hope you guys enjoy the story!

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Long ago on the planet Earth, a great evil known as the King of Shadows sought to use the power of the seven Elemental Gems to rule over all life. But he was stopped, defeated by a powerful sorceress who used the Gems to imprison him within the Dimension of Darkness. However, during the battle the Gems were scattered while she fell into a deep slumber.

Now the prison is beginning to weaken, and the King of Shadows has gathered an army of the darkest monsters that dimension has to offer.

Chosen by the Elemental Gems, five teenagers must come together to save the world from the King of Shadows and his Dark Army, as the Power Rangers: Element Fury!

"Elemental Might! RANGERS UNITE!"


-This story starts between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games.
-The Ranger suits, weapons, and Zords are not based on any of the Sentai or other seasons of Power Rangers. Most of it is designed by yours truly, so please don't ask "What Sentai is this from?"
-Enjoy the story and don't be afraid to leave a comment or criticism below each chapter. But please, no Hate Comments or I will block you. You've been warned.

I'd like to give a shoutout to Banshee531.
Link to his page:https://www.fimfiction.net/user/284583/Banshee531
Thanks for proofreading, giving me ideas, and overall just helping me out with this story. You guys should check out his page, he's got great Flash Sentry stories.

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Thank you, SuperSonicHeroes! You are awesome!

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Sunset Shimmer left Equestria through the Mirror Portal when she was ten years old in search of the destiny Celestia sought to deny her. But upon entering the world of Remnant as a Pony Faunus, instead of glory and power she found nothing but darkness, racism, and division. After a string of events caused her to open her eyes and realize the error of her ways, she decides to dedicate her life to protecting those who can't protect themselves, as a Huntress.

Twilight Sparkle wakes up in Remnant as a Pony Faunus after she completes Starswirl the Bearded's unfinished spell and... Honestly she doesn't remember anything after that. After meeting Sunset Shimmer, she discovers that the Mirror Portal Sunset used to get to Remnant won't open for quite some time. But after seeing the situation the people of this world are going through she decides to help them fight the darkness, Grimm and Human alike, and joins Sunset in becoming a Huntress.

Flash Sentry had his life torn apart twice; once when he was five when the Grimm slaughtered his family. The second when the White Fang nearly murdered him for trying to be a hero. They even went so far as to take away his wings and break his spine. Barely surviving and being put back together using experimental technology, he began training himself to fight and become a Huntsman.

Logan Timbers is a Wolf Faunus, a lonely orphan wandering across Remnant looking for his family. This journey has led him across several continents and through several villages that had been ravaged by Grimm. After saving a young girl, an orphan like himself, Logan decides to become a Huntsman so that nobody else has to lose their family. And maybe find his own while he's at it.

All of their paths cross at Beacon Academy in Vale, and together they and two other teams are thrust onto the first part of arguably the greatest adventure they could ever imagine. A journey that shall bring them face to face with darkness the likes of which they have never encountered.

Hopefully they'll survive it.

I do not own My Little Pony or RWBY.

My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro.

RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth.

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The First story of the EQuestria Girls Marvel Universe. The EQGMU.
Now with a Tv Tropes Page! :https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/EquestriaGirlsMarvelUniverse

AU where the Marvel Universe and Equestria Girls coexist. This story takes place two weeks after Captain America Civil War and before Friendship Games.
About a month after the Battle of the Bands, during a field trip to the OsCorp building, Flash Sentry is bitten by a genetically altered spider and is gifted with new abilities. After learning that with great power comes great responsibility, he dons a costume and takes to the streets as your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

And for only being in the superhero biz for about four months now, he's done pretty good. He even got to help Tony Stark and the Avengers in Germany, which earned him his new and improved suit.

But as the days go by, more and more supervillains are coming out of the shadows; some powerful, some crazy, some crazy-powerful. And many of them want nothing more than to squash the spider.

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer and her friends discover that the Sirens weren't the ONLY magical threats from Equestria that ended up in the human world. And some are drawing the attention of powerful people, very few of them being good people.

Will Flash Sentry be able to keep the people of New York City safe AND juggle his busy life as a high school student? Or will Spider-man fall before the coming storm? One thing's for sure...

...it's going to be Amazing.

Cover Image is by https://www.deviantart.com/mabocdurenarts
You should check out his page, because they have some amazing fan art.

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Takes place shortly after Season 6

Twilight Sparkle and her friends are faced with a new enemy, one who has a long history with Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and the Elements of Harmony.
And he plans to bring eternal peace and harmony, but at a terrible cost.

Fortunately, the Mane 6 will have help from friends new and old, and will unlock powers they never knew were even possible.

Get ready for the beginning of the greatest adventure of all time, as Twilight and her friends go from being Bearers of Harmony, to Heroes of Equestria!

PS: The crossover tag is because certain characters will be getting similar powers to famous heroes from the DC comics/movies/shows. Just believe in the impossible, and trust in the Speed Force. :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: 3/28/2018: Changed the title, as well as the tags.

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