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Howdy! I'm just another one of the many authors on this site, I write mostly Dark Souls inspired stories.

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A year has passed, the Captain was found by Luna in his foggy dreams. He resides in the ruins of Griffinstone, which from reports is surrounded in a cloud of madness. Somehow he's alive, but still in a beastly state, now the mission for the Mane 6 is clear: bring back the Captain.

But once they enter the fog, they see things. Griffins, old soldiers of the Brass Inquisitiors and the Captain, all watching them as they move. But will they ever leave? Will the Captain return with his sanity? Will the Fog Fumigators, a splinter cell of the old Legate's legion, leave them unscathed? You won't know until you read what is within, so what are you waiting for? The Fog needs more prey...

I do not own MLP
Teen tag is also for swearing
Dark tag is for later, for within the fog images of hell reside.

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The day she waited for, Twilight's first teleportation trial. Celestia tells her pupil to travel across the room, but the young mare moves across time, to a place of an everlasting cycle. There she finds a man, in tatted clothes and crestfallen. This man is gone too long, following the cycle and going through hell, so what is his story? Soon both you and Twilight will know.

But this man is not alone, there are others who are willing to share their stories. An old knight could be one or perhaps a trusty companion, many are awaiting the purple mare.

Teen Tag is for swearing, if you don't like that, well... leave? :fluttershysad:
Crossover with Dark Souls 3, which I do not own.
Of course I don't own MLP either, I own nothing except my character(s)
A bit of head cannon is in this, as well as spoilers for DS3
Now let's just slip in another little thing here, I do not own Bloodborne or its characters, expect much to be wrong as I have not played it... but I've looked at the wiki, so eh? :trollestia:

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At the start of Equestria's History

Humanity once prospered, building huge and grand structures, a huge part of cultural sharing and had the strongest fighting force in Equestria. They openly traded with every race, but if one was in any way aggressive... The Brass Inquisitors were mobilised and sent to 'persuade' them to resume neutrality, if they refused then they would be destroyed.

Soon after Nightmare Moon's banishment to the moon, humanity vanished. Without a trace the most advanced race disappeared, leaving everything. Their tools, buildings, books, food supplies and anything that they were doing was left where it was last. Strangely the human military, the Brass Inquisitors didn't disappear, they remained. Something changed within these once proud and merciful knights, they slaughtered the search party that was investigating the disappearance of the humans. A few watched these human knights for a while, then they silently scattered to their last strongholds, for unknown reasons.

A number of Brass Knights are wandering Equestria nowadays, attacking anything that isn't a Brass Inquisitor. Most ponies have no idea that they exist and the ones that do are either the Royal Sisters, old timers or ponies that are far too nosy. So what happens when a Brass Knight is awoken from his rest by a curious Purple Unicorn, quite close to Ponyville?

Hasbro owns MLP
This story is concentrates mostly on fighting, just a heads up.
Teen Tag is for gore and for language
This story is a rewrite of Loyalty in Brass, but I'm still going to keep the original. Just so you curious readers can read both.
Enjoy the Story!

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Devrok, an undead from a far away land, joined the Abyss Watches in hopes of holding off his Hollowing. He didn't realise that there was a catch, he must light the First Flame with his brothers. But they didn't choose to and continued to uphold their duty, to eliminate the Abyss, but then a certain undead appeared at their doors.

Devrok fell with his brothers and awaited his death eagerly, but a voice tells him he isn't done yet. He awakens in Equestria, lost and slightly Hollow. Now he asks himself a question, one that he's going to cling onto until he turns Hollow.

"Why me?"

But in Equestria will anypony be an Ally? Because this Abyss Watcher isn't going to be a help, especially to Princess Celestia. But that will only be revealed, within...

This is a crossover with Dark Souls 3, I do not own it nor My Little Pony. They are owned by FROMSOFTWARE and Hasbro respectively.

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There was once a group that inhabited Equis with it's other races, not much was known about them except their name, the Humans. They were thought to be very aggressive and would attack all other species on Equis, yet others thought they were extremely helpful and merciful. Both thoughts were correct for the two separate sectors the Humans were in. The Ironblades, only peace is aloud in this sector all Humans begin here, getting separated at any sigh of aggression.

The second sector was the Brass Inquisitors, the main military might of the Humans, all here had no mercy and would stomp out any opposition with ease. But the Humans suddenly disappeared, all of their kind gone. Except their buildings, temples, tools and the Brass Inquisitiors. Forever trapped in their armour, slowly going insane. Now hollow suits of brass armour, only filled will hate, wanderer the world of Equis. Some hunt these suits of armour for an easy trophy, not a single one of those hunters come back. So what happens when an Brass Knight of the Brass Inquisitors wanderers into Ponyville, it's armour still shinning like a mirror?

I do not own MLP as it is property of Hasbro.
Find any hidden references? Reveal them in the comments!
Teen tag is also for language as well as a little bit of gore.

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