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Mr BHunt

Howdy! I'm just another one of the many authors on this site, I write mostly Dark Souls inspired stories.


A year has passed, the Captain was found by Luna in his foggy dreams. He resides in the ruins of Griffinstone, which from reports is surrounded in a cloud of madness. Somehow he's alive, but still in a beastly state, now the mission for the Mane 6 is clear: bring back the Captain.

But once they enter the fog, they see things. Griffins, old soldiers of the Brass Inquisitiors and the Captain, all watching them as they move. But will they ever leave? Will the Captain return with his sanity? Will the Fog Fumigators, a splinter cell of the old Legate's legion, leave them unscathed? You won't know until you read what is within, so what are you waiting for? The Fog needs more prey...

I do not own MLP
Teen tag is also for swearing
Dark tag is for later, for within the fog images of hell reside.

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(symble) Symbol
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I will be honest, I was expecting more of a direct crossover to Bloodborne, not Demon's souls (at least that's what you made it sound like).

:No Spelling Mistakes:

I'd think 1000 words would be more fit for a prologue, not a main chapter. Don't you think?

The mane 6 seem to be awfully calm about William's transformation, "a little sick"? Pinkie Pie seems dull enough to be able to not recognise Willy as a half-minotaur until she's right in his face (maybe it's because of the (demon) fog?).


I was/am planning to add more Bloodborne into this story, I'm looking to get a PS4 just to play it because my curiosity is peaked.

I've played through most of the game to know how much harder it is than Dark souls 3. So good luck!
Just prepare your anus for Nightmare of Mensis, I got so angry that I could feel my blood pumping through my neck

The Mane 6 Will have gone through the ruins of Griffinstone and seen horrors that few can think of... but the Fog is also messing with their heads, changing how they think and see. Pinkie... well I havent written Pinkie, so I'm going off gut feelings.

Also thanks for the warning, I had a feeling Bloodborne was harder than Dark Souls 3

Good job on y' spelling there, nothing I could see that wasn't right.

I've just had an idea!

The fog is spiritually linked with William as long he's a beast (basically if the fog dies then he dies), so the gang has to find a way to turn him back so they can clear the fog.
Meanwhile the Brass Inquisitors is under new rule by some sort of expert fire Mage who's training more fire mages to destroy the fog, which means the gang is under time constraint to stop the fire Mages fast enough before they can kill William, or before the fog consumes Equus/Equis/whatever you want to call it.

Holy shit, wow.
That is actually a really good idea, except that the Brass Inquisitors are ruled by many Brass Legates and there are only Cleaners, Incinerators and certain Fumigators who wield fire. But I'm sure that can change... For the Fog is assuming direct control.

Would the legate's powers be fire, fire and more fire?

This Legate's power would be... hmm... ICE- wait, no that doesn't seem right. :rainbowhuh:

Hehe, but seriously the Legate's power will probably be ICE fire.

porr: near the end (I don't know the proper spelling:raritydespair:)

Don't worry about it, I barely noticed anything.

Porr? Da fuck? :rainbowderp: Man, I was either sleep deprived or blind to not see that...

P.s I was and am both

No spelling mistakes!

I wasn't expecting Pirates of the Carrabean (?) to be played by the legate (I quite enjoyed it).

Ü smiley face. Û cyclops smiley face.
Ū robot smiley face

I have always loved Davy Jones' theme, I can play it too, so I thought of a scenario to add it in. :twilightsheepish:

U no-eyed smiley face. (That's all I got)

Ÿ drooling smile. Ä hanging mouth. Ö in awe. Ō open wide (no peeking).

Ï Straight mouth.
That's all I got... for now! :duck:

I'de say it's more of a squidward "I've seen something I shouldn't have seen" face

Somewhere you put the word three instead of there

Unfortunately I couldn't find it, probably due to running on little sleep. :ajsleepy:

Is the crow going to take the form of a corvian knight?

Mmm, hmmm... Nope :trollestia:
It's gonna be someone else.

Heheh, the Fog will reveal all in time.

Yeah, after finishing the hell of Dark Souls 2, screwing around on 3 and finally getting inspiration, I returned from my long exile from the land of writers block. :twilightsheepish:

The trek must've been tough, also they should make the username button smaller, I keep accidentally pressing it when I go to reply to your messages

No points for getting it right

Unfortunate, but what do you think it is, what is making the group act out?

Obvious: the fog

Somewhat obvious: madness

Kind of expected: the brass legate

Somewhat expected: the crow

Kind of makes sense in a way: William

Expected: some outside force

Expected: a brass mage or brass voodoo witch doctor

3 out of those 7 are correct, well done. Here's an emoji of a pone for your troubles, and it is meant to be pone. :trollestia:

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