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Howdy! I'm just another one of the many authors on this site, I write mostly Dark Souls inspired stories.


Devrok, an undead from a far away land, joined the Abyss Watches in hopes of holding off his Hollowing. He didn't realise that there was a catch, he must light the First Flame with his brothers. But they didn't choose to and continued to uphold their duty, to eliminate the Abyss, but then a certain undead appeared at their doors.

Devrok fell with his brothers and awaited his death eagerly, but a voice tells him he isn't done yet. He awakens in Equestria, lost and slightly Hollow. Now he asks himself a question, one that he's going to cling onto until he turns Hollow.

"Why me?"

But in Equestria will anypony be an Ally? Because this Abyss Watcher isn't going to be a help, especially to Princess Celestia. But that will only be revealed, within...

This is a crossover with Dark Souls 3, I do not own it nor My Little Pony. They are owned by FROMSOFTWARE and Hasbro respectively.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 20 )

It's a warrior of a group called The Undead Legion of Farron, any signs of corruption from the Abyss and these warriors will destroy anything and everything near that corruption. For more information look up the Dark Souls 3 wiki for the Abyss Watchers, they are a boss as well.

7795159 Somebody who follows me.


It's a warrior of a group called The Undead Legion of Farron, any signs of corruption from the Abyss and these warriors will destroy anything and everything near that corruption.

I'll try to not get corrupted then.:twilightblush:


Better not let Devrok catch wind of you, also what a coincidence! :pinkiehappy:

that unkindled was fucking trash lol
27 tries? Like damn

7896528 I'm currently on NG+++ and it only took me 2 tries to beat them!
BTW Abyss Watchers best boss.

Yup the Abyss Watchers are one of the best bosses in my opinion, also the 27 tries was to show that the Ashen One was... very impatient and failed to learn. :ajsmug:

No, unfortunately it isn't. If you are referring to the Man in Rags, he is a character I made on Dark Souls 3 and still use to this day.

You're welcome, sorry it took so long for an update

I thought this story was finished, I wasn't aware it was on hiatus.:rainbowderp:

Alright, move aside appreciative me, time for skeptical me.

What exactly did Celestia pull him from at the time that would be of great importance to him? All he was doing was killing other undead Abyss Watchers in an arena of sorts (mausoleum sounds better), Heysel is gone, Farron keep is in ruins, the followers are trapped in the Painting of Ariandel #PhyrraNikosBuild , the remaining inhabitants are now Ghrus and the swamp that was once Farron keep is crawling with Darkwraiths. I don't see what he has to live for ever since everything's gone to shit.
You're making it sound like everything bad that happened in Devrok's life as an Abyss Watcher was Celestia's fault.

:currently replacing critic me with nice me:

Whew, now that's off of my chest, i can finally thank you for updating this fic and say that I hope you upload another chapter soon.

Thanks for updating this fic and hope you upload another chapter soon!

Thanks for the... nice review, but what Devrok lives for is to be a lord, to keep to himself and not to be anything else. After he banished Heysel, he devoted himself to be a Lord of Cinder and nothing else, but when good old Celestia brought him to Equestria, then he changed from the lord to another undead. He basically inflicted himself with a lot of pain that he was fine with, but due to the small kindness that the ponies gave him he lost view of that.

Or, a shorter explanation, he wanted to suffer but was given happiness, thus becoming happy too when he wanted to be an edgy little shit that inspired a generation of edgy fuckers. :ajbemused:

Also, I noticed that Phyrra reference, I just binged the series about a day ago. :ajsleepy:

Sorry, I didn't know that that was what Celestia was taking him from, it's been ages since I've read the previous chapters, which led to absolute cluelessness:twilightoops:. Also I've yet to actually make that build for myself.

Sorry for the misunderstanding:facehoof:

It's your opinion but I prefer the abyss Watchers for the lore. Lorian and lothric just seem like angsty teens.

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