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Mr BHunt

Howdy! I'm just another one of the many authors on this site, I write mostly Dark Souls inspired stories.


There was once a group that inhabited Equis with it's other races, not much was known about them except their name, the Humans. They were thought to be very aggressive and would attack all other species on Equis, yet others thought they were extremely helpful and merciful. Both thoughts were correct for the two separate sectors the Humans were in. The Ironblades, only peace is aloud in this sector all Humans begin here, getting separated at any sigh of aggression.

The second sector was the Brass Inquisitors, the main military might of the Humans, all here had no mercy and would stomp out any opposition with ease. But the Humans suddenly disappeared, all of their kind gone. Except their buildings, temples, tools and the Brass Inquisitiors. Forever trapped in their armour, slowly going insane. Now hollow suits of brass armour, only filled will hate, wanderer the world of Equis. Some hunt these suits of armour for an easy trophy, not a single one of those hunters come back. So what happens when an Brass Knight of the Brass Inquisitors wanderers into Ponyville, it's armour still shinning like a mirror?

I do not own MLP as it is property of Hasbro.
Find any hidden references? Reveal them in the comments!
Teen tag is also for language as well as a little bit of gore.

Chapters (12)
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Comment posted by Sunbro4life deleted Sep 27th, 2016

You misspelled grammar in the author's note.

7600087 Really? Wow I need to go to school, but thanks for pointing that out! :twilightsmile:

Interesting, you have my attention.

I intend to keep that attention. But what got you interested? I'm curious.

7601699 the mysterious circumstances of the disappearance of the peaceful humans and what will happen to the Brass knight. Also because I can't help it, NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!!

Oh, the Spanish Inquisition? I just made up the Brass Inquisitors, didn't think that an actual Inquisition would be mentioned here. :derpyderp1:
But hey now that you mentioned it I might research it a bit and see if I can include some of it's history!

7601727 lol well yeah the actual inquisition but I was referring to a Monty Python movie

Oh wow so I guess we were both wrong?
I've never watched monty python lol :twilightsheepish:

Sorry but that link doesn't work :ajsleepy:

He is OP, like mw2 shotguns.

But you just got a fav and follow!


No... nonono..
It will be my instrument of world domination! You will bow to him! :pinkiecrazy:
No nerfs will be dealt, it was made for battle and the Brass Inquisitiors never back down from battle... so yeah

7604296 Send forth the Spanish Inquisition, and eliminate this imposter!

7604311 Send forth the Brass Inquisitors, and eliminate THIS imposter!

7604333 Send forth the Imposters and eliminate these imposters.

7604354 Send forth the imposters and eli - oh just forget it...
NUKE THE EVERYTHING! :pinkiecrazy:
Ha ha, beat that! Lol

7604382 supernova with a dash of gamma Ray burst


Ok then, but first I felt nothing at the sound of that music :moustache:
Now... Watch the sound of flame...

7604580 It's was more about Who the music was about.

Oh, well I guess you win. I just found that music and used it, wasn't really thinking of anyone.
Oops? :unsuresweetie:

the pages from the tom are interesting please continue

:applejackunsure: Hmm. Does some interesting.

7606734 :applejackunsure: I see. But, you know what? You manage to build up my rage.

Well then, am I safe in an underground bunker with 20 inch thick titanium walls with another 10 inches of reinforced steel? :duck:
Was it when the Storm Praetorian destroyed Ponyville?

Oh that makes sense, but please don't hurt me when you find me. :fluttercry:
I still have to have to finish the story!

7606774 Oh no. I'm not going to hurt you. Your not my target. But the one who destroyed Ponyville is.

Oh thank that holy sun! Well I'm sure I can fit in the Storm Praetorian getting it's arse kicked by a bunch of little pes-I mean ponies! :pinkiehappy:
Will that suffice? I don't wanna kill off an important character yet.

7606793 That will be fine including Brass Knight as well.

I'm sure the Twirage and her friends will want to beat both them to bloody pulps, yet they will probably just smash the Brass Knight hulk-style and for the Storm Praetorian if it's weapon goes, it's got nothing to protect it from anyone or anything.
So a Big Smack for Mr B. Knight and a Revengeful Fries for a Lil S. Prato, will there be anything else?

7606802 Well. I notice your last Author's Note.

Much OP! So Evil!
Wow Nerf!
Meh, nothing can stop me. Give feed back and if you wanna see another torn page from my old tome, send a comment. I wasn't sure if I should continue so if you wanna see it please do sent a comment.
A scrambled pile of torn pages lies in wait...

Well. I didn't like the Brass Knight was OP.

Well damnit, I'm afraid that I cannot nerf the OP that is the Brass Knight. But I'm sure if you get in it's mind and screw with it, the Brass Knight might fall. It's mind is it's last line of defence, sabotage it and the other lines are surrounded. Also for the next chapter I'm doing something different, it might reveal something as a weakness.

Ok I got the link to work, sorry I was a bit late to see that. :twilightsheepish:
Thanks for another SPANISH INQUISITION!

mass extermination? :twilightangry2: Like heck your not!!!

They will follow every order that is given, I'm afraid that nothing can stop them unless the order to stop is given, or every single of the Brass Inquisitors soldiers are destroyed.
You can not stop them...

7609034 Bah. You think that would stop me? I would rather use all of my powers and prevent the mass extermination. My anger grows as I see ponies get killed. Plus, I don't give mercy to the Brass Inquisitors now. Any army can fall even the leader. I don't underestimate the opponent.

Problem, the most probable way to stop the mass extermination is to destroy all ordered soldiers of the Brass Inquisitors. I doubt that you could stop them, even Celestia and Luna had trouble with the Brass Knight. Any army can fall, although the Brass Legates are very, very hard to destroy. You're going to need a hell of a lot of help to stop the Brass Inquisitors.

Good... this will be a hell of a challenge... :pinkiecrazy:

7610569 :pinkiecrazy: Yes~ Brass Inquisitors are evil! Brass Inquisitors must be exterminated! :pinkiecrazy:

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