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Although life gets rough, there's always a reason to make it to the other side of tomorrow.

About Myself

I am currently 25 years of age. I've been into MLP:FiM since around mid-season one, but only really got into the Brony spirit around Season 3. There's a chance I might start writing here again.
- March, 2024

- Season 4 is my favorite season
- Best EG movie is definitely Rainbow Rocks
- Sunset Shimmer enjoyer
- My top 5 favorite episodes are (in no particular order): Pinkie Pride (S4 E12), The Cutie Map (S5 E1&2), Crusaders of the Lost Mark (S5 E18), The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (S2 E15) and The Perfect Pear (S7 E13)