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The Dazzlings have been homeless for two years after being defeated by Twilight and friends. One day, someone is kind enough to help them out. Is this person trying to gain something by helping them out, or is this person wholesome and true to his word?

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This took a while. Hope you all enjoy!

This is good!
Pinkie demands more! yes.

I might. It all depends on how much positive feedback I get.

Well, this could be interesting.

I'm glad you think so, EchoWing.

I think I see why that room exist. Poor guy😥

Hmm. There's still obviously a mystery here, but it's just getting deeper.

This is so good! Can't wait for more!

I'm going to be frank here. I'm not exactly in love with this story, but I definitely don't hate it. There are some things that could definitely use a bit of work such as a few typos and stuff. I'm also not going to say that there's really anything wrong with the plot since it's only just started. So all in all, I'm looking forward to see where this goes. Hell, if you need help with anything whether it be proof reading or what're, feel free to message me and I'll do the best I can.

TheExhaustedBrony, I assure you that I have proof read over it multiple times, and I do not need help with spelling. I haven't made a single typo in this story. I am glad you thought your input was helpful, but I, again, assure that I do not need help. If there is a spelling mistake, my friend, Zetriax, would have pointed it out already. Thank you for feeling the need to help, and I fully appreciate it. Have a fantastic day.

By the way, you made a typo in your comment. 'What're' should be 'whatever'. Just wanted to point that out.

Lol, i suppose thats what I get for typing messages on my phone.

Crap. I feel bad now. My friend, Zetriax, said that what I typed seemed to come off as being a tad harsh. I didn't mean to come off as so, and I apologize for my ignorance.

This is starting to get pretty interesting.
I wish you good luck with writing the rest of the story!

The wait was worth it.

I'm glad to know that you think so. Because of you, I've felt more comfortable writing this story. I started out thinking that I was bad at writing, but your comments have kept me feeling proud of this story. Thank you!

Glad that I could help you along.

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