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[Displaced Story] Our Main Character is a huge fan of Digimon, as he goes to a convention dressed as Renamon, but unknowingly buys a real Relemon digimon egg.

As he walks away from the merchant, the merchant whispers some enchantment under his breath, and our protagonist falls unconsious.

When he wakes, he'll find that he is in a world far different than his own.

Takes place before Season 6.

May or May Not Contain Crossovers.

Chapters (4)

Based on the universe of zeusdemigod131. Maikeru had a good life on earth. He had good friends, family, and Pokémon. Many people say that he is too attached to his first Pokémon Gardevoir, but the Pokémon was like the older sister he never had.

Now he's trapped in a land far away, with no friends, family, or Pokémon with him. What becomes of him? Only Arceus knows...

Editor: Tapu Meme

Chapters (1)

It was supposed to be a fun weekend for our two protagonists. When one makes a mistake that cost them both, they must learn to accept each other's faults. Join Max and Michael as they have fun, make jokes, and eat spaghetti.

Need Editor. Need Proofreader.

Chapters (4)

While trying to get home from Camelot, Sonic is accidentally sent to Equestria along with the Sacred Swords and Caliburn. After a bit of confusion, Sonic and the girls try to find a way to send him home. But an evil lurks on the horizon and wants Sonic dead. Will Sonic be able to overcome this adversary or will he fall into darkness. Find out in "Sonic and the Equestrian Knight"! (Tags will be added as necessary)

Chapters (3)
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