A Digital Fox's Day Out

by MaikaChan48

Chapter 3

Later that day, Maika and Twilight were in Twilight's bedroom as she continued her story. "The six ponies found a new land with fertile soil, Sunny skies, and countless jewels and gems." Twilight said as a picture with everything that she described was seen.

"Miss. Twilight... Don't you notice that you and Clover look alike?" Maika asked Twilight, but she ignored the question as she continued.

"The leaders of each race planted a flag, naming the new land. Commander Hurricane, the leader of the Pegasi, named the land Pegasopolis. Princess Platinum, leader of the Unicorns, named the land Unicornia. Finally, Chancellor Puddinghead..." Twilight said before Maika interupted her.

"Puddinghead? What kind of name is that!?" Maika asked before Twilight gave him a glare.

"Young lady. We don't interupt ponies when they are speaking." Twilight said as she closed her book.

"Miss. Twilight... I'm not a girl." Maika said to Twilight who gave Maika a skeptical look.

"You don't sound like a boy, but you say you aren't a girl." Twilight said unconvinced. Maika puffed his cheeks out.

"Digimon are genderless, Miss. Twilight." Maika said beffore hopping off Twilight's bed.

Twilight just sat on her bed watching Maika walk out of the room. "Wait Maika!" Twilgiht got out of her bed following Maika. "Where are you going?"

Maika stopped. "I'm hungry so I'm going to the kitchen." Maika said looking up at Twilight.

"You just ate half an hour ago..." Twilight told Maika before picking him up.

"In-Training Digimon have to eat a lot to keep their energy up." Maika said as Twilight stopped walking with Maika in her magic.

"In-Training?" Twilight asked putting Maika down.

"That's a digimon's second stage of growth. Starting with the Fresh stage, It's basically the baby stage of digimon. Next is the stage I'm in, the In-Training Stage, thats our toddler stage where we can use only our acid bubble move. After this stage is our rookie stage, it's our child stage and most Digimon stay at that stage." Maika said before walking towards the kitchen.

"So Digimon in-training need to continuously eat?" Twilight asked as they walked to the kitchen.

"Yep." Maika said as they walked into the kitchen as Spike was finishing cleaning up.

"I'm really sorry about this Spike, but I need you to watch the castle while I'm gone." Twilight said before picking Maika up and heading out the door.

Spike stood there extremely confused as he watched Twilight leave with Maika.

As Twilight walks through the town, Maika sat in boredom before noticing a building with a carousel on top.

"Miss. Twilight? What's that place?" Maika asked looking at the Carousel shop.

"Maika. That building is where my friend, Rarity, and her sister, Sweetie Belle, live. It's called the Carousel Boutique." Twilight said as she walked away from it.

"What does Rarity do?" Maika asked as they head towards a building shaped like a gingerbread house.

"She is one of the top dress designers in Equestria." Twilight says as Maika faced forward.

"Then what's that place?" Maika asked as they arrived at the Gingerbread House.

"This place is the top bakery in Ponyville, The Sugarcube Corner." Twilight said before a burst of pink escaped the doors.

"Twilight!" The Pink blob shouted. Maika was stuck under Twilight's body.

"Pinkie?" Twilight asked as the pink blob looked around.

"I felt a new presence in Ponyville," She said looking around the area. "And it's centered around you Twilight."

Twilight started sweating, "What makes you say that, Pinkie?" Pinkie stared into Twilight's eyes.

"I can see a small yellow figure beneath you..." Pinkie said as Maika struggled under the weight of the two ponies.

"Maika!" Twilight exclaimed as the got off of Maika.

Maika gained his breath quickly as Twilight picked him up and set him on her back.

"You okay, Maika?" Twilight asked as they entered the bakery.

"If you call close to sufficating okay, then yeah, I am the fucking ruler of okay..." Maika said as he was placed on a table.

"Maika! Where did you hear that language!?" Twilight asked in a scolding tone.

"Sorry Miss. Twilight..." Maika said looking away.

Twilight sighed heavily. "It's fine. Just don't use that language ever again." She said as Pinkie was bouncing up and down. "Oh. Pinkie, this is Maika. Maika, this is one of my friends, Pinkie Pie." She said before Pinkie sped forward pushing Twilight out of the way before saying something barely comprehensible.

"HiI'mPinkiePie!It'snicetomeetyou.Whereareyoufrom?Whatdoyoueat?Doyouhaveafavoriteflavorcake?Howoldareyou?When'syourbirthday?[Loud Gasp]IneedtothrowyouawelcometoPonyvilleParty.BYE!" She said before zooming upstairs.

"She seems like a blast, Miss. Twilight..." Maika said as Twilight walked over to the counter.

Maika sat there for five minutes before Twilight returned with three boxes of cupcakes, a chocolate cake, and two dozen chocolate cookies.

"Ooooooh..." Maika's eyes widened at all of the sweets.

"Maika. It's for our picnic later today." Twilight said as she put Maika on her back as she walked out of the bakery with Maika on her head and the sweets on her back.

"Can I have a cookie for on the way there?" Maika asked on her back.

Twilight rolled her eyes before giving him a cookie as she reached the picnic with her friends waiting for her to arrive.

At the picnic, 7 ponies sat talking to each other.

Maika noticed a white pony with a pink and light purple mane and a white bone with a sky blue aura surrounding it sitting a few feet away from her. 'It's probably nothing...'