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Adoption · 11:28am May 18th, 2016

Hey guys it's me again. As you can tell, I'm not dead. But there is something I need to talk to everyone about. I just can't write this story. It's been how long since my last update and I haven't even started writing anything. I truly am sorry and I feel as though I'm taking the cowards way out. But, I made a promise that this story will be completed. So, instead of canceling this story, it is now up for adoption. Whoever wants it can have it. Heck, if you want to you can say it was you who

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It Lives!!! · 3:29am Jul 11th, 2015

I'm baaaaack! Holy cow how long has it been! Over a year!? Due to a demand for it, I have decided to raise this story from the dead! I was content with letting this story die, but y'all wanted it. Anyway, I will finish this story no matter what. Right now its getting a complete overhaul. I am currently working on the first chapter. No idea when it'll be up since I'm rather lazy. I would also like to say sorry for letting this story die. Truly I am. I just thought I couldn't do it. I thought

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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