A Digital Fox's Day Out

by MaikaChan48

Chapter 1

Things were going alright for our protagonist Maika. He had a good cosplay outfit, money for souvenir, and access to many of the conventions panels, stands, and stores. One store; however, caught his eye more than the others.

The outside didn't look interesting, but what he saw inside the store, was what caught his attention. It was completely filled with many objects and items from many video games and anime. One table hed replica Cores from Portal 2, another had six chaos emeralds instead of the normal seven.

'Maybe some one bought one.' he thought before reaching a table with digimon related items such as Digivices, originals and newer ones, digieggs of many variety, and the goggles of Tai from the first digimon season.

Maika picked up a blue Digimon tamers digivice and a life-sized Relemon egg then went up to a weird man that looked like the man from those PS4 commercials.

"How much for these?" Maika asked as the man eyed him.

"About, $30. I'll throw in this D-Card Reader as a bonus." The man said as Maika paid for his items.

"Sure. What would a Digimon Tamer do with out thier D-Card reader?" Maika asked as he picked it up and walked out the door with the Digivice on his belt and egg in his arms. Right before the left the store, he heard the man muttering something under his breath before gaining tunneled vision and passing out.

Life was peaceful in Equestria. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and the CMC doing god knows what.

Fluttershy was tending to her animals, Rainbow Dash was moving her clouds, Applejack was bucking trees, Rarity was designing dresses, and Pinkie Pie was being Pinkie Pie.

Twilight was sitting in her library, doing what she does best, reading her books for the hundredth time as Starlight enters being lost in the castle.

"Seeing how often you get lost in this castle, you should probably know where everything is." Twilight says as Starlight sits down.

"I know right..." Starlight says as she sits down next to Twilight.

Twilight puts her book down. "It's amazing how a pony that can control a whole village and master multiple spells at one time, gets lost every time she leaves her room." Twilight says as Spike runs into the room.

"Twilight! Something is attacking the castle!" Spike said as he held a weird device in his claws.

"Spike? What's that?" Twilight says before picking it up out of his claws.

"It looks like something out of those moving pictures that Pinkie from the other universe showed us." Spike said as the device activating. On the tiny screen showed a white and yellow striped egg.

"Why is there an egg in this?" She says as the device lights up the room and the egg from the device appears in front of the group.

The egg looked like the size of a dragon egg. "Is it a dragon?" Spike asked as Twilight grabbed a book about dragon eggs.

Starlight studied the egg, noting that it looked like an albino tiger. She picked the device up as it show the description of the creature in the egg.

"It appears to be a monster egg from a different dimension, but I can't read the language." Starlight said as Twilight came over to look at the language.

"It appears to be neighponese." Twilight said before using a translating spell.

The spell does it's job as the device is translated into Equish. "The name of the creature appears to be Relemon. I need to study it more when it hatches later tonight." Twilight said before moving the egg to a safer location.

That night, Twilight brought the egg outside during the full moon. It took a few hours but as the moon reached the middle of the sky, the egg started lighting up.

"Starlight! Spike! Come down here!" Twilight called as Starlight and Spike were teleported next to Twilight.

Spike was still sleeping, but Starlight was fully awake watching the egg dissipate leaving a small fox-like creature sleeping in front of them.

"It's not what I thought it would look like, being a monster from a different dimension and all." Starlight said as she picked the fox up.

"Starlight. It's just a hatchling. It's supposed to be small and adorable." Twilight said as Starlight put the sleeping fox on her back.

"I know. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it gets older." Starlight said as she put Spike on her back as they headed inside.

Next morning, Spike awoke not noticing the tiny fox in his bed. As he got up, he felt some other movement next to him.

"What the..." He said before moving his blanket off of his bed and seeing a small yellow fox asleep on his bed.

"That's not normal..." He said before picking it up and going to Twilight.

Right before he enters Twilight's room, the fox starts waking up. The young fox had bright sky blue eyes and was staring up at Spike.

"Twilight?" Spike asked as he entered Twilight's room. Twilight was sitting up in her bed writing to Sunset about the creature that appeared.

"Spike? What's wrong?" Twilight asks looking up, to see him with the creature that was awake.

"This thing was in my bed this morning." Spike said as Twilight picked the creature up with her magic.

'Ugh... Where am I..?' Maika thought to himself as he regained consciousness. He looked around before looking up at a purple and green lizard.

"Twilight?" The lizard called out.

'Did it just speak?' He thought before he felt lighter than air as he flew across the room before stopping in front of a purple... Unicorn!?

"So you finally awake, I was waiting to ask you questions." She asked Maika.

Maika continued staring at her before trying to speak, but the only thing coming out of his mouth was some soft whines.

"Wait... I forgot that you just hatched a few hours ago." Twilight said as she placed Maika on a small chair.

'Wait... What did she say?' Maika thought. 'Hatched?' He looked at the crystal wall to see a Relemon staring back. Maika gasped loudly.

"That's right. It's you." Twilight said seeing Maika's reaction. "I guess we need to teach it about our world Spike." Twilight said as the lizard hopped onto her bed.

"Spike... That's the most un original name ever...' Maika thought as Twilight picked him up with her magic as she got out of her bed and placed Maika and Spike on her back. 'She has wings as well!?' Maika thought as they left her room.