Every Brotherhood, Every Timeline

by MaikaChan48

Gaster Blaster Ticket Master PT. 1

Michael's P.O.V.

It was a beautiful day in Ponyville. The birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On days like this, wait this isn't right. Ponyville wasn't as cheerful or populated as it usually was. Then I saw Chara in town square with blood and dust on their hands.

"Hello there, Trashbag. Nice to see you again." Chara said walking upto me.

"i'd hate to break it to you, kid... but this country is under my protection. and i won't let you get away with this..." I summon my gaster blasters. "i can't believe i am saying this..." The blasters fired and the kid's soul splits. "get dunked on!!!"

I didn't notice the knife flying towards me as the scene goes black.

I scream as I wake up with a start. Max ran into the living room.

"You okay Sans?" He asks with worry.

"i'm fine pap... just had a nightmare... where's my luna when you need her..." I say with a groan as I pull myself off the couch.

"Look Sans... I know about the nightmares the REAL Sans had. Was it chara?"

I pause as I was heading into Fluttershy's kitchen.

"Sans?" He walks over to me.

"i saw chara with innocent blood and dust on thier hands with a bloody knife." I say as we walked into the kitchen.

"Who had a bloody knife?" Fluttershy asked as she and our parents were cooking.

"nobody. it isn't important." I say as we sat down.

"Yu Ok Mcal?" Dad asks trying to speak english again.

"i'm fine dad." I say looking at him with my cartoonish smile.

He stares at me not believing me. "eh ih..."

"Are you sure? We’ve rasied you for 16 years…" Mom says as she brings our breakfast over.

"you can trust me. have i ever lied to you guys?"

Mom raises her non-existant eye brow.

"i'll go see twilight." I say getting up from the table. 'She'll have something interesting to do... especially whit the Grand Galloping Gala tickets.'

I walked into town as I saw a Construction Pony. I'll ask him about making a house big enough for 5 people. I passed him as he choked on his coffee from seeing me. I ran over to him and slapped his back and the coffee spewed from his mouth.

"Hey. Thanks for saving my life. I thought that you were going to attack our town." The Pony says as I smiled.

"i'll only attack if one of you ponies hurt my family of friends." I say as i turned.

"If there is anything i can do for you, just ask." He says as he heads to the Town Hall.

"i'll talk to you after this episode is over." I say heading to the library. In my spare time, I'm goin' to write Libarby on it just for a joke.

I open the door to the library as Spike was eating various gems. "hey short stuff."

He nearly chokes as Twilight walks into the main room. "Hey Sans. We can't have our lessons today. I need to go to Sweet Apple Acres to help Applejack with her apples." She says picking up Spike.

"i came to help you with it." I say following her to Sweet Apple Acres.

"Really?" She asks thinking about all of the possibilities she can research my new magic.

"no reaserching the skeleton." I say as we reach the farm.

"Aww..." She whines as Applejack comes over.

"Sorry Ah had ya'll come over on short notice Rain-"

"rainbow dash flaked out on you didn't she?" I cut her off as we went into the orchard.

"Eeyup..." She replies as she startede bucking trees, Twilight used her magic to pick the apples, and I used my magic to pick it as well until...

"Sans!" Applejack and Twilight shouted as I heard a Gaster Blaster firing.

"holy shit!" I shouted as all of the apples in the surrounding area fell on the ground.

Applejack's and Twilight's mouths dropped as they were suprised from my new ability.

"Sans? Where did you learn that?" Twilight asked as she picked up all of the apples and put them in the cart.

"i learned it from a video game in my world." I wasn't lying.

"Anyway, we've gotten enough apple's. Let's head back." Applejack said as Twilight put Spike on the cart.

On our way back, Spike was looking through the apples. "No. Nope. Nope." He threw the bad apples off.

"Thank you kindly, Twilight, Sans, for helping me out. I bet Big McIntosh I could get all these Golden Delicious in the barn by lunchtime. If I win, he's gonna walk down Stirrup Street in one of Granny's girdles." She chuckles as we walked up to the farm.

"No problem at all, Applejack. I'm glad the goal ended before lunchtime. All this hard work is making me hungry." She says smiling.

"I know, right?" Spike says searching the apple pile.

Twilight turns and glares at her baby dragon. "Spike. You've been lounging on my back all morning while we worked."

"i would've done the same.."

Spike nodded. "Exactly. You two were taking so long, I missed snack-time.

Twilight's stomach grumbles and she laughs nervously. "Eh, I guess we better get some food."

Spike contines looking. "Nope. Worm. A-ha!" He picks out a big juicy apple.

Twilight looks at the apple with her mouth watering. "Oh Spike, that looks delicious."

Spike eats the apple.

Twilight glares at Spike. "Spike..."

Spike steras at Twilight. "What?" He burps up a letter.

Twilight picks up the letter. "It's a letter from Princess Celestia."

She hands it to Spike. "Hear ye, hear ye. Her Grand Royal Highness, Princess Celestia of Equestria, is pleased to announce the Grand Galloping Gala to be held in the magnificent capital city of Canterlot, on the 21st day of, eh, yadda yadda yadda, cordially extends an invitation to Twilight Sparkle plus one guest."

I knew I forgot something. "damn..."

Twilight and Applejack beam with delight. "The Grand Galloping Gala!?"