• Published 13th Jan 2017
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A Digital Fox's Day Out - MaikaChan48

[Displaced Story] Maika is your average 16 year old weaboo. He likes anime, especially Digimon, but when he goes to an anime convention in a city near his town, dressed as his favourite Digimon, things start getting a little crazy.

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Chapter 2

"Finally, we have my favorite room in the castle." Twilight before opening a large door. "My Library!" Twilight said as Maika yawned.

'Of course the Princess' favorite room is the library...' Maika thought as they entered the library. 'She's so nerdy...'

"Twilight... If it's not old enough to speak, then it's not old enough to read." Spike said as he walked into the library with his morning gems.

"I know Spike, but I'm just trying to show Relemon where to find me when it learns to walk." Twilight said as she walked to her spot at the table before placing Maika on the table.

"So what's the first thing you are going to teach it?" Spike said as he sat next to Twilight, who was searching through all of her books looking for something to teach Maika.

"Advanced Theoretical Physics? No. The Biology of The Smooze? No. Here we go! The History of Equestria, the pop-up book." Twilight said as she looked at Spike. "I remember reading this to you when you were younger. You were very energetic before bed. The only way you would calm down was with this book." Twilight said before nuzzling Spikes cheek.

"Twilight!" Spike whined as he was nuzzled.

Maika took this opportunity to sneak away. He thought of hopping off the table, but Twilight would see him. Then an idea came, before his stomach brought everyone back to reality.

"Twilight? I think it's hungry..." Spike said as Twilight picked up the blushing Maika.

"My question is what are we going to feed it?" Twilight said before Maika's mouth opened showing teeth of an omnivore.

"I guess it can eat anything we eat." Spike said as they left the room with Maika in Spike's arms.

Maika sat in deep thought as Twilight and Spike head down to the kitchen. 'I've always wanted to make something of myself before I graduated high school... Now they won't even care that I'm gone. I was always just a face in a crowd, anyways...' Maika finished his thought as the group entered the kitchen. 'How did we get here so fast?' Maika thought as Twilight sets him on the table.

Spike went to go make breakfast for everyone, while Twilight read her book to Maika.

"A long time ago, back before the princesses were born, lived three tribes. Pegasi, Unicorns, and Earth ponies." Twilight said as the picture of each race of pony. "They lived in toleration of each race making sure that each race stayed in there own part of the world." Another picture showing the Pegasi manipulating the weather, Earth Ponies farming the land, and Unicorns moving the sun and moon.

'They control the sun and moon!?' Maika thought as Twilight turned the page.

"Then one day, a terrible storm casued by the hatred of the races further seperated them until they were close to extinction." Twilight said showing a pickture with a windego above each race. "But, six brave ponies decided to search for a new place to call home." A picture with six ponies, with one highly resembling Twilight herself.

'Doesn't she notice the unicorn in the cloak?' Maika thought before hopping forward to show Twilight her dopleganger.

"That's Clover the Clever. She was an assistant to the greatest unicorn in Equestria." Twilight said as Spike returned with four plates of chocolate chip pancakes.

"Breakfast is ready." Spike said placing the plates infront of us.

"We'll continue the book after breakfast Relemon." Twilight said before eating her food and feeding Maika his portion of pancakes.

'These are good.' Maika thought before a familiar scene is played before the group.

"Relemon! Digivolve to!' Maika's body lit up in a bright white light. "Viximon!" Maika's body became slightly bigger as he gained legs and longer ears.

"Relemon?" Twilight sat their in shock as Spike sat there unimpressed.

"Viximon." Maika said as he started eating again.

"Viximon... What was that? You evolved faster than any speicies on the planet!"Twilight exclaimed as Maika finished his pankakes.

"That was digivolution." Maika said as Twilight picked up her quill and parchment.

"Can you explain that to me?" Twilight said as she placed the quill tip on the parchment.

"Well Miss. Twilight, it's kind of hard to explain fully, but I can tell you the basic infromation." Maika said before sitting down in front of Twilight. "Digivolution is part of a Digimon's natural life cycle, with Digimon digivolving to stronger forms as a result of age and experience."

Twilight wrote down exactly what Maika said. "Can you expllain what a digimon is?" Twilight asked, dipping her quill in more ink.

"Digimon is a shortened form of Digital Monsters. Many digimon can't digivolve naturally. Which is kind of why i'm surprised I digivolved with out a D-Card." Maika explained.

"D-Card?" Twilight asked as she stopped writing.

"They are blue cards that help partner digimon digivolve." Maika said as he looked around.

"Viximon, What are you doing?" Tiwlight asked, putting her quill and parchment down.

"I'm searching for my Digivice." Maika said jumping off the table.

"Spike? Do you still have that weird device with you?" Twilight asked the baby dragon, who was finishing his plate.

Spike nodded before passing it over the table.

"Viximon. Is this what you are looking for?" Twilight showed Maika a silver and blue device.

Maika gasped before realizing something. "Since you have my digivice, that makes me your partner digimon." Maika said as Twilight placed it on the table.

"Before we declare that we are partners, would you like a nickname?" Twilight asked Maika as he looked up.

"My name... is Maika." Maika said to Twilight as the imaginairy contract was signed.

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