• Published 14th Mar 2016
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Every Brotherhood, Every Timeline - MaikaChan48

Join Max and Michael as they travel through Equestria learn things about each other they didn't know.

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Something's Seems Agast

It was a beautiful summer morning, not that Michael was enjoying it. He was sleeping in while Max was with Fluttershy cooking breakfast. Before you ask, Max is a great cook, just because he's Papyrus doesn't mean that he's a bad cook.

"Miss. Fluttershy? Could you get me some vegetable oil?" He asked as he placed a pot on her stove.

"Sorry, but what's vegetable oil?" She asked as Max turned around.

"Vegetable oil is a substance that I have to use to keep the food from sticking together. It's clear with a yellow tint." He said as Fluttershy went to her cabinets. She picked out a bottle of a an oily liquid.

"Is this it?" Max turned to see that she grabbed a bottle of vegetable oil.

"Wow. I didn't expect you to have it. Seeing as you didn't know what it was. Thank you." She brought it over to him. He then poured some of it into the pot.

"Papyrus? What are you making exactly?" She asked as he grabbed a box of spaghetti out of nowhere.

"I'm making spaghetti to see if my cooking has changed." He said as he turned on the stove. "Could you go get my brother Miss. Fluttershy?"

"Sure. Where did you leave him?" She asked as he pointed to the living room.

"I left him on the couch. He might not be there right now. Check either your bedroom or outside in the tree." He said remembering how Michael was at the party.

She went over to her couch where Angel was being himself to a sleeping Michael. "Angel! Don't be rude to our guest. If you'll just wait a moment, he won't be there." Angel hopped off. "Sans. It's time to wake up." As she said that, Michael rolled of the couch.

Something sparked inside of him. Before he hit the ground, his eye turned blue as he stuck his hand out and caught himself from falling. It scared Fluttershy to death.

"Sans? What are you doing?" She asked while hiding behind her mane.

"Doing what?" He looked in the closest mirror. "Holy Shit!" He said trying to turn the magic off.

"Sans! Language!" Max and Fluttershy yelled as Michael turned the magic eye off.

"Sorry! I can't control it yet!" He says as he landed on his feet. "Fluttershy... I promise that when I get control of my magic, I will use it to protect my friends and family." He says helping her up to her hooves.

"Well... I'm sure somepony could help you." Fluttershy says walking into the kitchen with Michael in tow.

'If anyone can help, It would be the future Princess of Friendship. Yes I know the future of Equestria up to the end of Season 5.' Michael thinks to the audience... Stop breaking the Fourth Wall!! "No...' Fine be like that.

"Morning Brother." Max says draining the pasta. "How did you sleep?" he asks not noticing Michael heading for the refrigerator, getting out a... Bottle of Ketchup. "Don't you dare..."

"When I get back, we can ketchup over your pasta." Michael says putting the ketchup back not feeling up to it.

"Sans! Why would... Wait? Get Back? Where are you going?"Max asks as Michael leaves the room. He looks up at the sky. "Mom... Dad... If you are still up there, I promise to protect my brother for the rest of my life." He says not noticing the pair of falling stars hurtling towards Equestria.

With Michael/Sans

He reached the outskirts before noticing the falling stars heading towards Sweet Apple Acres.

"Should I?" He sighs before running to the apple farm.

Sweet Apple Acres

"Wha' is that Applejack?" A small yellow pony asks standing next to the larger orange pony.

"Ah don't know Apple Bloom... It could be one of those thingamajigs from space." She says holding the yellow pony close not noticing a skeleton hand with a hole in it grab the edge of the crater.

"✋???? ????✌???????? ????✌❄☟☼✡☠ ☹☜❄???? ☝⚐ ☞✋☠???? ⚐????☼ ????☟✋☹????☼☜☠" The figure says to the second figure.

"✡☜???? ????✋????☜ ☹☜❄???? ☞✋☠???? ❄☟☜????" The shorter female figure says to the taller male figure.

Applejack hears the strange language. "Wha are ya two?" She says as the two skeletons.

"????☜☹☹ ????☟✌❄ ✌☼☜ ✡⚐???? ????????????????⚐????☜???? ❄⚐ ????☜✍" The Taller male figure says walking over to Applejack.

"Sorry Ah don understand ya language... Let's go find Twilight, she migh be able ta translate wha ya say..." She says trotting to Ponyville with the two skeleton parents following her.

Michael reached to Apple farm where he ran into Applejack. "Applejack! Is anyone hurt!?" He asks before seeing the figures. They had the same eyes and personality as his parents. "Mom? Dad?"

With Max/Papyrus

"He's been gone for a long time..." Max says to Fluttershy as they eat the pasta.

"He did say he was going to find someone to help with his magic." She said contently eating the pasta.

"I know but what if something happened to him... I don't know if I could forgive myself for it..." He says before getting up and heading out to Ponyville with Fluttershy following him.

The two reach Ponyville. "Miss. Fluttershy... You check this half of Ponyville and I'll check the other half." He runs off without hearing Fluttershy answer.

He checks with everypony in his half except for Twilight. "Miss Twilight! Have you seen Sans at all today!?"

Twilight opens the door. "Hello Papyrus, sorry but the last time I saw him was last night at your Welcome to Ponyville Party." She says as Max shook his head.

"I can't find him anywhere...I can't imagine what happened when I wasn't there to protect him." he starts crying.

Twilight sits next to Max. "It's okay Papyrus.. I'm sure he's with somepony safe..." She tells him not noticing the two skeleton parents and Michael.

"????✌✠✏ ✋❄???? ????☜☜☠ ????⚐ ☹⚐☠☝✏" The female figure says hugging Max.

Max looked at the female. "Mom?" he glances at the male figure. "Dad?" He starts crying tears of joy. "I thought you guys were never coming back!" The skeleton family was reunited.

Author's Note:

✋???? ????✌???????? ☹☜❄???? ☝⚐ ☞✋☠???? ⚐????☼ ????☟✋☹????☼☜☠ ????✌❄☟☼✡☠ means We're Back Let's Go Find Our Children Kathryn.

✡☜???? ????✋????☜ ☹☜❄???? ☞✋☠???? ❄☟☜???? means Yes Mike. Let's find them.

????☜☹☹ ????☟✌❄ ✌☼☜ ✡⚐???? ????????????????⚐????☜???? ❄⚐ ????☜✍ Well What are you supposed to be?

????✌✠✏ ✋❄???? ????☜☜☠ ????⚐ ☹⚐☠☝✏ Means Max! It's Been So Long!

Thank you guys so much for reading and thank you for waiting on this chapter. And If you liked it slap that like button with your nose in the face like it's 1985. And I'll see you later Wolf Pack. Goodbye!! Also make requests on which episode from season one I shall do next.

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