Sonic and the Equestrian Knight

by MaikaChan48

Chapter 2

Knight of the Wind," King Arthur/Somb—(Screw it; I'm just going to call him Sombra. Sonic will still call him King Arthur for a bit.) Sombra hissed. "What are you doing here?" "I could ask the same of you King Arthur," said Sonic. "You were nothing but an Illusion created by Merlina's grandfather, and you disappeared when I defeated you." The Pony's just sat there, watching Sombra and this strange bipedal creature arguing back and forth, each with a different type of interest.

Celestia and Luna both looked concerned at how these two knew each other. Twilight with confusion when she heard King Arthur ,Applejack with curiosity of what this thing was, Fluttershy with excitement of seeing a talking hedgehog, Rainbow with complete distrust, Pinkie was excited to throw a party for this hedgehog, and Rarity's eyes lit up when she heard the word knight. They wanted to speak up but had these strange weapons held to their throats. (I don't think they have seen swords before. Never seen one in an episode.)

Sombra laughed and said, "That is only half the truth." He gestured to Celestia and Luna. "It is true that Arthur was and illusion, but he and I are not the see, when Celestia and Luna banished me from my kingdom, they also sent to me to another world by accident." "Can you guess which world that was Knight of the Wind," he said with a sneer. "Camelot," Sonic said realizing. "That's right," Sombra said. "You see I'm originally from this world, but when I was sent to Camelot I took on the form of the Black Knight. There I found an entire kingdom for the taking. So I struck down Arthur and took his place. However I had to be a "good king" or else someone would have found out I was an imposter."

"When I heard that the Scabbard of Excalibur could grant me immortality, I had an idea. I would go back to my evil ways and everyone would blame it on the Scabbard, an added bonus was that I could rule over Camelot for eternity." "But things didn't go as they planed did they," Sonic said with a smirk. Sombra growled, "No they didn't. When Merlina summoned you, I assumed you would not be any harm to my plans." Sonic chuckled, "How wrong you were."

Sombra was starting to get angry. "Yes, when you started taking down my Knights of the Underworld AND the Knights of the Round Table I decided to take you down myself." Sonic smirk grew even larger as he decided to mess with Sombra a bit. "Yeah look where that got you. Eventually you became a pawn of Merlina's plot." All the ponies thought he was crazy to mock Sombra. Sombra was pissed now and yelled, "Shut it hedgehog! I saw the whole thing! After you defeated me I followed you for a while before I was forced to come back here."

"So then you know that I'm really King Arthur and that I can wield Excalibur," Sonic said with a laugh. That caused everyone in the room to freeze with shock. All the ponies with the exception of Sombra thought, "I thought King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table was just a pony's tale." Sonic thought, "Man the look on his face is priceless! I guess he didn't know!" Sombra recovered and realized Sonic was toying with him and went into full on rage mode. "Silence hedgehog! I am in control here! All I have to do is say the word and my Knight will kill these ponies," Sombra said with a twisted grin. Sonic just picked his ear with his pinkie and with a board expression said, "Go right on ahead."

The ponies panicked, here was there last hope for someone to save them and he told Sombra to kill them! Sombra was still grinning but looked suspicious and thought, "What is he planning?" He then said, "Slay them." The ponies closed their eyes and waited for the end… but it never came. Sombra looked shocked and chocked out, "H-How did you do that!?" Sonic had just taken out all eight Knights in less than a second. Sonic just smiled. "Have you forgotten why I'm called the Knight of the Wind. Maybe this will remind you. I'm also called the Fastest Thing Alive!"

Rainbow Dash looked shocked and angry that somepony was saying they were faster than she was. She was about to retort something but was cut off as Sombra screamed, "I'll get you hedgehog!" Sombra then summoned what looked like a sword with no handle or hilt, but just a thin hole that fit over Sombra's horn like a glove. Sombra charged at Sonic but Sonic blocked his attack and said to the ponies, "You girls need to get out of here. I'll take care of him." Luna, Rainbow, and Twilight looked like they were about to object until Celestia said, "Let's go my little ponies. I'm sure he can take care of himself." Not wanting to object to the princess they ran out of the room.

"Looks like it's just you and me now," Sonic said smirking.

Well that's it for this chapter… Just kidding!

Sonic pushed Sombra away and slashed at Sombra. Sombra flew and fired a bolt of dark magic at sonic but he quick stepped to the right and ran in a circle, creating a blue vortex which sucked up Sombra and flung him out the window cutting him in the process. Sonic jumped out the window attempting to stab Sombra who had landed on the ground of the maze garden unable to move. Just before Sonic reached him he rolled to the side and swung his head at Sonic who was unable to dodge in time and it slashed his cheek open. Blood was pouring down his face but Sonic didn't even notice. Sonic jumped into the air and used a jump slash and slashed open Sombra's leg.

The ponies were just inside the castle able to see what was happening. And it horrified them. They had not seen blood and wounds like that for so long. Sombra wincing from his wound refused to give up and used what energy he could to create a huge blast of dark magic. Sonic saw what he was doing and used Soul Serge to make it explode. Sombra, now weak and nearly unconscious, knew when he was beat and fled in a shadow. Sonic smirked in victory but then heard a scream coming from the ponies.

It was the white one with the curled purple mane. She pointed a hoof at him and the other ponies looked horrified. Sonic looked down and saw a huge deep gash across his chest. "Huh," he said in understanding before passing out. "Sonic," Caliburn yelled before Sonic hit the ground.