Sonic and the Equestrian Knight

by MaikaChan48

Chapter 1

Camelot Castle Garden

"Are you sure this will get me back home Merlina?" asked Sonic. "Yes my liege, this portal will surely take you back from where I summoned you" Said Merlina. Sonic sighed, "Merlina, how many times have I told you that I don't want to be called my liege, my king, or Sir Sonic. I just want to be called Sonic." "Forgive me Sonic but I do not understand why you will not accept your title," said Merlina.

Sonic says, "I won't accept it because then everyone will try to be in my favor or will act differently around me just because I'm king. But back to how I'm getting home, how does the portal work?" "The portal should work the same way I summoned you. All I must do is state the incantation backwards and it should send you home." "Sounds simple enough, let's give it a try," said Sonic. "Wait Sonic. Are you not taking Caliburn with you, and what of the other knights," asked Merlina. "Nah, I don't know how everyone would react to a talking sword or me being a king. I also left Lancelot in charge while I'm gone." "Very well Sonic, let's begin."

The area went dark as Merlina slammed her staff to the ground. A blue, glowing circle giving of a blue smoke along with smaller circles started to spin around Merlina. Merlina muttered the incantation. "Kirazey siraz sirafi… Sarazey saraz saraif… Kirazey siraz sirafi… Sarazey saraz saraif… O Brave Knight, Swift as the Wind, Return to where you are needed most." With that, a giant, glowing, blue pillar of light surrounded Sonic and he was shot up into the air.

"Farewell, Sir Sonic." Suddenly a deep voice said, "Merlina something has happened!" "What has happened Lancelot? Is something wrong," asked Merlina. Lancelot says, "Yes somehow, as soon as you sent Sir Sonic, our Sacred Swords and Caliburn disappeared in a flash of blue light!"

Equestria, Outside of Ponyville

Out of nowhere, a flash of blue light appeared and parted the clouds. A figure fell from the sky yelling at the top of his lungs. He hit the ground face first and ended up burying half his face into the ground. Struggling Sonic manages to unbury himself yelling, "WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME! First it was when I fell from space! Second was when Chip tossed me back up to the planet's surface! Then it was when Merlina summoned me! Now it happens when I'm being sent ho— What? Where am I?" As he stops yelling he looks around and realizes that he is in fact not home. "Something must have gone wrong with Merlina's incantation." He sees a small village and decides to ask where he is.

However as soon as he started jogging to the village he trips over something. Cursing his luck, Sonic looks at what tripped him and is surprised to see his gauntlet and Caliburn. "Caliburn!? What are you doing here," Sonic asks while putting on his gauntlet and picking up Caliburn. Caliburn, looking confused says, "I do not know. One minute I am inside the castle, next thing I am aware of, I am outside on the ground. Do you have any clue as to where we are Sir Sonic?" "Sorry pal, I'm just as lost as you. Though I can tell you I don't think we're in Camelot I was on my way to that village to see where we are."

Caliburn, agreeing to the idea states, "Excellent idea Sonic but be careful. We do not know if the villagers are hostile." "Okay I guess we can stick to the rooftops," says Sonic. Sonic jumps up to the rooftop to get a look at the village and villagers, but to his and Caliburn's surprise they find that the villagers are ponies! "What the hell!? I thought I told Shadow to stop putting his LSD in my chili dogs," breathes Sonic. "Wait, I came here from Camelot so Shadow couldn't have put LSD in my chili dogs and I'm pretty sure there is no LSD in Camelot." Caliburn asks, "What is this LSD you speak of Sonic?" "It's nothing Caliburn, don't worry about it. But wait that means this is real!"

(Play Great Megalith from Sonic and the Black Knight)

As the duo tried to get over their surprise, they noticed some of the ponies being attacked by knights of the Underworld! "What are knights of the Underworld doing here!? There shouldn't be any left," exclaims Sonic. "I do not know Sonic but right now we need to protect those ponies," says Caliburn. Just as one of the ponies was about to be attacked, Sonic jumps into action and slices apart the knight with a jump slash. The pony runs away in fright as more knights appear. "Well this should be fun," Sonic says with a smirk.

Sonic rushes forward as the knights move toward him and takes out five of them with a homing jump slash. One knight gets behind Sonic and just before he is hit, Sonic jumps backwards and does a flip over the knight. Sonic lands and stabs the knight in the back. "Too easy, piece of cake," Sonic says as the knight disappeared in a puff of smoke. Another knight appears and starts spinning towards Sonic. Not wanting to get cut to ribbons Sonic blocks the attack until the knight gets dizzy and takes it out with a horizontal slash. Ten more appear and Sonic exclaims, "Time to take them all out with Soul Serge!" Sonic leaps forward and uses Soul Serge to take out the rest.

Just as Sonic was about to ask if everyone was alright some pony exclaims, "There are more at the castle! They've got Princess Celestia and Princesses Luna along with the Elements of Harmony held captive!" With those words everypony starts panicking and they all run around screaming, "This is the end!" Sonic looks for the castle and notices it on the side of the mountain. "Let's go Caliburn!" "Right!"

With that Sonic dashes up the mountain taking out more of the knights. He reaches the castle and sees some guard ponies valiantly trying to take out some of the knights, but were losing. Sonic runs up behind the knights at blinding speed and stabs them in the back. The guards thank him with a suspicious look in their eyes. Sonic the runs to the door of the castle only to find it barred from the inside.

Caliburn then notices some glass murals higher up the castle. "Sonic look up there!" "Good eye Caliburn!" Sonic runs up the walls and lands on a roof beside the murals. "Wait Sonic!" "What's up?" "Listen, I can here voices." Sonic puts his ear against the mural and hears an evil voice that sounds like… King Arthur!

"Give it up Celestia. Can't you see I've already won?" He then hears a dignified female voice saying, "I will never surrender to you Sombra." Another younger, female voice with a sort of medieval tone to it said, "We shall never give this land to you." This Sombra/King Arthur said, "What a shame, if you will not surrender to me than I shall execute both of you in front of your subjects, namely the Elements of Harmony. I want them to see how pointless it is to stand against me."

The dignified female voice, Celestia he presumes, says, "Even if we die, the Elements of Harmony will stop you." "There is only one who can stop me and he is far from here." Sonic said, "I've heard enough. Let's go Caliburn!" Sonic then jumps through the glass mural, shattering it. The ponies all turn to see what went through the window when they heard a voice exclaim, "That's what you think King Arthur!" Sonic lands in a battle stance and King Arthur/Sombra hissed, "Knight of the Wind."