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Sonic and the Equestrian Knight - MaikaChan48

After his adventure in the world of Camelot, Sonic is about to return home. The spell misfires and Sonic is sent to Equestria. There he meets new friends and an unfamiliar enemy he knows who he is. (Remake of Sonic and the Black Pony Knight)

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Chapter 3

Sonic's POV

Canterlot Castle Hospital Wing

My eyes opened suddenly. Where am I? I took a look at my surroundings and figured I was in a hospital. Well that won't do. I need to get out of here. I jumped out of bed but then a wave of pain burned in my chest. Wincing from the pain I kneeled to the floor. What happened to me? Wait, I remember fighting against, what did that pony say, Sombra? Yeah I was fighting against Sombra when that white pony screamed. Then I passed out as Caliburn was—

My eyes widened. Wait where's Caliburn?! He doesn't seem to be in here with me! I've got to go find him. I stood fast up but then realized that was a bad move. The pain was so intense that I screamed out loud. I then hear hooves I think, running to my room. "Oh my," said a female voice. I look up to see a white pony with a nurse's hat on her head and a red cross on her flank. "You shouldn't be out of bed. Your injury is severe." "I've got to find Caliburn," I said weakly before passing out.


(Play Apotos Day from Sonic Unleashed)

Twilight's POV

"We came as soon as we heard Nurse Redheart," I said. "Thank you Twilight," said Nurse Redheart. "I'm surprised he woke up this fast much less get out of bed with that wound." "Well mighty thanks for helpin' him Nurse Redheart," said Applejack. "Your welcome Applejack," said Nurse Redheart. "But I must ask, why did you bring him here and not to the vet?" "W-Well, um, you see Nurse Redheart even though he is a hedgehog I have never seen a hedgehog like him," said Fluttershy. "He was capable of speech and stood on two legs. Not to mention he wears shoes."

"Yes that is quite peculiar Fluttershy," said Rarity. "I wonder where he learned how to do all these things." "Probably from Sombra," Rainbow accused. "Rainbow, if he was with Sombra then why would he risk his life to save us," said Twilight aggravated. "Maybe so that he could befriend us and spy on us for Sombra," said Rainbow. "Rainbow I find that highly unlikely as nopony would risk their life like that to pretend to save us and spy on us," said Applejack. "I mean did you see the size of that slash mark?"

"Yes that slash mark was very deep and severe," said Nurse Redheart. "Nopony should have been able to survive a gash that large and deep. Well no normal pony anyway. It should be several weeks before that gash heals up properly." "Ooh sparkly," said Pinkie pointing to the hedgehog. We all turned to see the hedgehogs wound start healing itself in white sparkles.

(End Music)

As soon as the sparkles were gone we all stood dumbfounded to find the wound was gone without a trace that it was ever there. Then the hedgehog's eyes snapped open and he ran out of the room in a flash of blue. "Whoa he's a speedy little critter," exclaimed Applejack. "I got 'em," said Rainbow and she flew out of the room leaving behind a rainbow trail.


Sonic's POV

My eyes snapped open and, not wanting to stay in a hospital for longer than I have to, I ran out the door. As I was running past I noticed the ponies that I saved. They must have brought me to the hospital after the battle. I felt bad that I was leaving without saying thanks but I had to find Caliburn. As I ran out I noticed that I was in a castle. So then where are the rulers? They may be those two ponies I saw, the big white one and the smaller dark blue one. As I kept jogging through the castle looking for Caliburn, I looked behind me to see a cyan pony with wings and a rainbow mane and tail catching up to me. That pony must be pretty fast to catch up to me even if I am just jogging. Since I had been through most of the castle and still couldn't find Caliburn I stopped so she could catch up. "Where do you think your going," she asked with a suspicious tone.

"I'm trying to find my sword," I replied. "Sword, you mean that thing you were holding," she asked. She doesn't know what a sword is?! But this is a castle there should be an armory where they keep swords at. "Why so you can hurt ponies," she accused. "Well I won't let you," she exclaimed and flew at me. I jumped out of the way and said, "Whoa you've got it all wrong. I would never hurt anybody." She charged at me again but before I could move out of the way, her tail was grabbed in some lavender aura. "Rainbow," a feminine voice started, "when you said that you had him I didn't think you were going to attack him." I turn to see five of the other ponies that I saved walk—er trotting or bouncing in the pink one's case. I shivered involuntarily at the thought of pink.

"Well he was going to hurt other ponies," she defended. "Rainbow darling, did he ever say he was going to do that," the white one asked. "Well no," she said. "Well then how in Equestria did you think that a knight such as him was going to hurt someone," said the white one with her eyes fluttering at the word knight. I was starting to get tired of being ignored when the conversation was clearly about me so I said, "You know I'm right here you know." They all turned to look at me as I continued. "She wouldn't have hurt me anyways."

I could tell that even though they knew I wouldn't hurt they were still wary of me. Not wanting anyone to be afraid of me I said, "We haven't introduced ourselves to each other." "Oh you're quite right. How rude of us. My name is Rarity," said the white one in a slight British accent while flipping her mane back. "Hello there, my name is Twilight Sparkle," the lavender one said. The orange one said in a southern accent, "Well howdy there partner, my names Applejack." "Um uh h-hi there m-my n-name is Fluttershy," the yellow one said almost inaudible. "Um sorry, didn't quite catch that," I said.

"Fluttershy," she squeaked hiding behind her pink mane. Seeing that she was really shy I smiled gently at her. That seemed to work as she said just loud enough for me to hear, "I'm Fluttershy." The cyan one flew in front of me and said, "I'm Rainbow Dash, the fastest flyer to ever come out of Cloudsdale. Don't forget it."

The pink one suddenly appeared in front of me. "HitheremynameisPinkiePieilovepartiessoyoulovepartiesduhwhatastupidquestionofcourseyoulovepartiesImeanwhowouldn't," said the pink one without taking a single breath. I stepped back slightly afraid. She noticed me stepping away and her mane and tail made a popping noise and deflated.

"Are you afraid of me," she asked sadly and started sniffling. "No, I'm not afraid of you." I said. "Back where I come from I just have had some problems with the color pink and you just startled me." With me saying that her mane inflated again and her smile reappeared. "My name is Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Fastest Thing Alive," I exclaimed. As soon as I said that Rainbow Dash zoomed up to me and said, "How dare you say your faster than me, you don't even have wings." I smirked and said, "Even without wings I can still fly. I also noticed that you are pretty fast so why don't we have a race."

Rainbow smiled and said, "A race oh you are so on." Right at that moment I remembered what I was doing in the first place. "Hey wait a minute do any of you girls know where my sword is," I asked. They all looked confused until Twilight asked, "Sword, you mean that thing you were holding?" "Yeah," I said, "do you know where it is?" "I think it's in the throne room," Twilight said. "We'll take you there." Ok," I said, "lead the way,"


Canterlot Castle Throne Room

We walked into a massive throne room and at the end I saw two ponies with horns and wings. The larger was white with a picture of the sun on her flank and a pastel colored flowing mane and tail. The smaller was a dark blue with a picture of the moon with a black background on her flank with a dark blue flowing mane and tail that looked like it had stars in it.

They must be the rulers. My guess was confirmed when Twilight said, "Good afternoon Princess Celestia and Princess Luna." They all bowed but with my run in with King Arthur I didn't. Princess Luna looked at me harshly but before she could say anything Twilight said, "Sonic what are you doing? Bow to the Princesses!" I said, "Sorry but I don't really bow to anyone just because of a title. They have to earn my respect." That got a collective gasp from Twilight and her friends as she said, "But they're Princesses you have to show them respect."

Princess Celestia said calmly, "It is alright Twilight Sparkle but why have you brought him here?" Twilight said, "He said he was looking for that." She pointed a hoof to the wall and I saw not only Caliburn there but Arondight as well. "Caliburn," I exclaimed and run over to him. As I picked him up I expected him to say something but he remained quiet. "Caliburn buddy, you alright," I asked. Still no response and I was starting to get worried. "Why are you talking to it Sonic," asked Twilight.

"He usually can talk on his own but he can't know and I don't know why," I said. "But what I don't understand is why Arondight is here." "Sonic was it," asked Princess Celestia, "If I may ask how do you know Sombra?" "Sombra," I asked, "Oh you mean King Arthur. Well it happened like this…" I explain everything that happened while in Camelot. "But I thought King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table was just a story," said Twilight. "I did too," I said. "Sir Sonic," said Rarity, "You talked about the Sacred Swords with Arondight being one. If its here then does that mean the others are here as well?" "Most likely," I said, "They're very powerful and if the wrong pony got a hold of them we would be in trouble." Princess Luna said, "Sonic we are concerned about the safety of our subjects. Sombra and his knights were able to get to us and we were unable to protect ourselves. We were hoping you could help us."

(Play Night of Fate from Kingdom Hearts)

"Of course I'll help," I said. Then we all heard a scream. We looked out the window to see some of the knights attacking Canterlot. "Looks like I need to help out now," I said and we all ran/flew/bounced out of the castle.

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In Equestria, what is considered mythical is considered real and what is considered real is considered to be a myth.

7860953 That's kind of hard to explain. What could be considered mythological here on earth, probably exists in Equestria, and vice versa.

7861089 That's what I meant to say, but for whatever reason didn't make sense.

Hey you still making the next chapter for this story?

Currently working on it.

Love it can’t wait to read more.

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