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Okay so when we were younger my brother would never leave me alone and follow me around like a lost puppy all the time. Well being his awesome older sister who can blame him. Though I got sick of it and told him to back off, but him being a little kid at the time he didn't listen to me at all. He was so annoying.

Well he was.....

It seems that I did finally get my wish after all. Now I think I might....no, I know I didn't really mean that. Lately he hasn't really spent much time with me in years as he use to. Often times I find myself talking to an empty room with out him. It's been way too long since we did anything together, so tonight we're going to do something. And if he doesn't want to I'll force him.


Spike is the younger brother of Rainbow Dash not Twilight. They are human and they are in a similar lifestyle as teen living with their parents.

Third person point of view told in present tense.

Limited gore does not pertaining to the main character nor what actually happen to them.

Atrist: http://sakuranoruu.deviantart.com

Written for the Fifth SpikeDash Competition: Alternate Universes.

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Spike has finally come of age and decides to study at Manehattan University in order to help Twilight more with her royal duties. Despite her arguments and protests, he set off and found himself a good life in between all the nobles attending as well.

However, there is a bigger reason for his attendance to this school. A school in a city that turns to anarchy when the sun sets. Where bike gangs and drug lords roam the streets looking for prey. Spike wants to overcome his own fears of the world to be a better protector for his friends.

To do that, he'll need help from the most unlikely of places.

NOTE: Spike is aged up to fifteen. The mane six will be a big part of this just not straight away along with most favored BG ponies. And those who don't like anthropic, humans, or OC's (major part in this) in the same story or at all needs to leave and don't hate.

Warning: There will be very serious moments with tragedies or dealing with family. And intense suggestive moments.

Cover Art is by me.

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With aging we grow up either to know more about the world or nothing at all. We learn and evolve throughout our lives leaving things we use to do in the past. Some of those things fads into our minds deep in our memories, never to be heard from again. Forgotten after years of development.

Though there are some memories that we hang to that are precious. Memories that remind us the love in our youth of those around us. Even the small thing that was shared with one another can transpire for a lifetime. Rumble learned this one evening alone with Flitter first hoof.

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Spike chose the wrong day to get lost in high school territory. Him and his friends just wanted to take a shortcut to get to the bus quicker so that they wouldn't be late. As they pass the windows of the Canterlot High gym, they hear someone fighting, then peek inside. He and his friends spot a boxer training, so with their interest at its highest summit they watch the mystery person train. Then as, they saw him go to the locker room, they decided to follow him to the next window.

However he is actually a she. A fearsome one at that.

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The mane-six want to have fun at the beach along with Spike. During the water filled weekend, Dash has been acting rather... odd around Spike. Overly teasing; physically getting close to him; acting like it's nothing. Just what is Rainbow trying to tell him?
Side note ignore the comments about grammar issues I got I fixed and will side future chapters to editors before submitting them.


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Is Dash really gone its been months since she disappeared and nopony has heard from her. Spike waits for her return inner home trying to keep in mind that she is all right. But as time go on the idea that she may be dead seem to be the problem that he faces alone. All he can do is remember all the good times that they shared to keep her alive at heart.

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Why do I love him? Because, he's cool, knows what a mare want to hear and he's awesome. But I like mares, and yet, I have strong feelings for him. The only male who was able to steal my heart. Hell and here I thought males were no good slobs. He proved me wrong, oh so wrong. I want to be with him, to hold him, and stay with him. I'll even cut off my wings.....for my love, for him. Wow that sounded real sappy, but you know.....if that what it takes to be with him, then I'd proudly clip them off myself.

With new author...... Geoice

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