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Cloud Nine Has Fallen - Geoice

Why do I love him? I like mares but he's cool. He's somepony I love. And I'll do anything for him. Even if I have to kill them.

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Getting the Mare [edit and proofread]

Getting the girl

(Spikes' Pov)

I slept like a king last night...but you know what would make this better? Having my queen by my side. Yes, I’m talking about Rarity. Last Night I didn’t care about anything, the ponies giving me weird looks, or questioning how I was floating. Once I got back I opened the door, like everypony else Twilight who like the bookworm she was reading a book. I think it was plantire theories of Star Swirl. Anyway Twilight questioned the fact I was floating, but shrugged it off, seeing I was on cloud nine. Twilight greeted me and I went to bed. Oh tomorrow is going to be great. I finally get to ask the mare of my dreams out!

The Next Morning

I woke up even earlier than usual like an excited filly on Hearths Warming morning. Today was the day I’ll ask Rarity out. I rushed down stairs and began to clean, I mean perp the library. It was 6:45 in the morning and Twi wouldn't be up for at least another thirty minutes or so. It took me nearly twenty minutes to clean everything up, and get breakfast ready. Just in time to cause I heard Twi’s hoof steps. Guessing she smelled my pancakes. Anyway, I set up the table, with her four stacks of milk butter pancakes, with maple syrup.

“Morning, Spike.” Twilight said said walking over to the table so we can eat.

“Morning, Twi." I said putting my plate down. Immediately I begin to chow down. "Oh, by the way. Rarity asked me to go with her on a gem hunt. So can I go?” I ask with my mouth full of the soft firm breakfast pancake in my mouth.

“Ok, can you try asking again, without your mouth full of pancakes?”

I swallow the mouth full of pancakes and ask once more. “Can I go with Rarity on her gem hunt. Please please please?!” I pleaded. Twilight shrugged.

“Sure why not. Maybe you can ask her out.” She said with a wink. Well that was the plan.

“Thank you thank you thank you!” I leaped out of the chair and wrapped my claw around her neck.

“Ok ok ok casanova. Just go and get your mare.” Twilight giggled, as I let go. After finishing the dishes, I got my lucky red wagon, said my goodbyes to Twilight, who told me good luck. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

The sky was clear. Thank you Rainbow. Ponies were out and about. Mostly to buy goods for their homes. But I have someplace to go. And that place is Carousel Boutique.

Once I was by the door, I knocked on it. “Come in!” Said the angelic voice behind that door. My heart fluttered, I opened the door to see the mare of my dreams getting ready to go. Well, she was in her diva sunglasses and hat. I know it was sunny out, but it was to protect her fur, and the sun is strong enough to blind a pony. “Ok Spikey I’m ready. Rarity said singing in delight. I nodded and closed the door once my beloved trotted out. I turned my head to the bush and saw a multi-colored tail. I know who that tail belonged to, but the question is why she was following us. Anyway we walk to the spot where we usually find the gems, which was up a mountain which was a couple of minutes, ok an hour and forty-five minute walk from Ponyville. All in all, I was enjoying it, despite Rainbow failing in being a ninja pony. I mean seriously if you are going to hide use the clouds. Oh, wait. There are none. So she can’t fly without being spotted, so I guess hiding in the bushes in the next best thing, but if you're going to hide in the bushes then at least hide your tail, cause if I can spot it, then Rarity will most likely see it. After the hour mark Rainbow did something a ninja pony was not supposed to do. Rainbow stepped on a twig,the sound echoed causing me and Rarity to look back. Looks like she took my advice, because she was no where to be found.

“Must be a rabbit or something.”Rarity shrugged her shoulders, and we continued to our destination. For the next forty five minutes Rainbow was as quiet as the batmare, stalking its prey.


Upon reaching the rocky plain, Rarity began to work her magic and began to locate, and mark all the gems within the area. I wish I was a teen who can smell gems. Wait can dragons do that? Smell gems? Anyway, while she's off relaxing I began to work my claws and start to dig.

{Rainbow P.O.V}

Ok what the buck is that primma donna doing? Resting her cute little flank while Spike does all the hard work? What kind of selfish bitch does that. Don’t answer because I know who it is. That bitch Rarity. Oh and if you're wondering, I’m hiding behind a bush on top of a hill, giving me the whole view in the large area therein. I wanted to chuckle...ok I softly chuckle seeing Spike coming out of the hole with...hard to see with how small the gems are. I should've brought binoculars with me. one...five...nine gems in his mouth. I was impress, also I can think of a few dirty jokes, but I’m not getting into that right now. Now I’m watching my favorite dragon dig for treasure. Also how awesome it would be to wear a rainbow dress covered in gems. I’m sure that would catch Spike’s eyes. Anyway after he spat out the gems, he went on to the next marked spot. I sigh making the most girlish goggle eyes, watching those razor sharp claws, the ones who nearly made me orgasom, digging through rock and stone like was wet paper. Is there anything hotter than the pony...will in this case dragon you like working a sweat. Well apparently there something hotter than that. I know dragons can’t be hot be at least Spike need water. Lucky that bitch didn’t hog it up, and pass it to Spike. And I don’t know if he was trying to be manly or what but he dumb the water right on his scales. Upon watching this I felt something that was slowly clawing down my chin. I was drooling. Yes me drooling over a now wet baby dragon. I know I’m a pervert so what?

“Oh Spikey you don’t have to look sexy.” Rarity said as she levitated her glasses off. “You're fine just the way you are darling.” True that. Also Spike cheeks change into the most cutest shade of pink I ever saw.

“Gezz thanks Rarity. Also I was wondering.” Please tell me. No no no no no no no no no no no She isn’t right for you. “Can we...you know go out?” He ask, I hope. No I pray to Celestia herself for Rarity to say no.

“Why sure Spikey. I would be happy to go out with the most gentlest dragon in all of Equestria.” My heart just sink hearing those four words. I don’t know why but I knew I was a fool. Thinking I could be with a awesome dragon like. I didn’t care if there heard me. I just shot out of the bushes, and fly back to ponyville.

{Spike P.O.V}

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! I have done it. I asked Rarity out, and she said yes. But still why did Rainbow leave. Oh well, time for more digging. I said now digging even more faster. Hope Rainbow Dash will be fine. Anyway it been a long day and I’m bush. After trotting a three hundred pound cart of gems, I hoard them to the far corner in the room, Rarity rewarded me with two juicy rubies, and a quick kiss on the lips. I kiss back and wave back to my now new marefriend.

“Byebye Spiky, and thank you for your help.” Rarity said.

“Bye my beautiful mare.” I said skipping back to the library while at the same time making my marefriend blush.

{Rainbow Dash’s P.O.V}

I can’t believe it, Rarity said yes. She don't even deserve him. Heck she probably doesn't even like him the same way I like him. Wait I should tell him, that Rarity is using him. That it, tomorrow I when I see him, I tell him. As I lay there on my bed, I sigh, thinking of the most coolest dragon ever.

Author's Note:

(I hate myself for pairing Spike with Rarity. But that won't last long. And sorry for this chapter was short, but I didn't have any idea on what to do after that, plus my helpers didn't show [other then one]. Anyway don't say nothing about the story. It will be on hiatus until I know what to do next, or if I finish my other stories. ) old author

And here I am saying g a new chapter is coming .