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Spike chose the wrong day to get lost in high school territory. Him and his friends just wanted to take a shortcut to get to the bus quicker so that they wouldn't be late. As they pass the windows of the Canterlot High gym, they hear someone fighting, then peek inside. He and his friends spot a boxer training, so with their interest at its highest summit they watch the mystery person train. Then as, they saw him go to the locker room, they decided to follow him to the next window.

However he is actually a she. A fearsome one at that.

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Feathered on 3/7/15

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Good chapter. Glad to see you finally got it here.

Wow just two seconds and I got a comment .

I'm that good:rainbowdetermined2:

Ok, I'm in.

5670604 anytime its Spike x Gilda I'm in :rainbowdetermined2::heart:

5670610 did you up vote?

need more spilda

5670616 yup just finished reading it:twilightsmile:

5670676 any comments

I'm glad to see that your story is going good so far.

5670703 not many but I saw you also put this Spike x Fluttershy so I can't wait to see how that turns out but I do wanna know how much of a role his friends are gonna play in this because I hate snips and snails :scootangel:

Goodbye, Spike ... -__-

Yup he is double screwed... :fluttershyouch:

Looks like Spike will need some serious quick thinking to get out of this.

5670730 that part was a mistake I fix it some time ago. Tiny buttons on tablets mishaps

5670853 aww that would've been interesting though to have the danger and rowdiness of one relationship (Gilda) and the tender love and care of another (fluttershy):moustache:

5670862 sorry maybe an other time

Spike and Gilda, huh? You don't see that often, I think.

5670877 nope I check

Yup that's highschool all right

I'm down with this.

Could use a bit of editing for spelling but I'm down to see where this goes.

5671519 spelling where words do you mean

Good fic. Some of the boy's characters may have been a bit off, namely pip, snips, and snails, but it seemed to go well. You may need to work on your dialogue a bit. Rumble's FS speech gag was a bit unneeded, plus he doesn't seem like the character to do that. Be careful when using those gags and cliches. Don't try to force them if you can help it. They can't carry a story more than memes can carry a conversation. Try to write what would flow the best in your opinion.

5671585 well how do you do Snip and Snail
Added note I know how to do Pip its what come in later chapter that will explain the slight diffence here

5671594 I said MAY have been a bit off. Granted they were acting like a pair of idiots they are, which is fine, but i guess it was that AJ/RD kind of bickering that was mentioned that made it seem off.
If you have a reason for Pip being unusually aggressive, then ok. I just hope it holds water with the story.

5671611 alright now I'll work on my other story Beach day

Don't you dare leave this unfinished

I wanna see where this is going...............................:pinkiecrazy: must read more!

My curiosity is peaked after reading this. Please write more of this

little spelling errors here and there but it has potential

Wow, this was interesting.

I feel the best laugh was when Spike was caught by Glida. It reminded me of that line from Aladdin.

"You're only in trouble when you get catch"
gets captured

"I'm in trouble"

Pleases update this fantastic story soon.

YOu have the Jammy Jams!!

Why the flying fuck would a locker room for girls have a window?

THIS is why I never use the locker room. Funny story though, what happens to Spike? :rainbowhuh:


Why would the guys' locker room have a window and the girls' not?

5673524 Why the fuck would any locker room have a window, unless it was a small window up near the ceiling to let steam out, it doesn't make any sense.

5673605 it was a small one

What exactly is Gilda going to do to him in the future?

5673871 :pinkiecrazy:I have no idea

5673877 I'm not sure if that a good or bad thing. But I'll read more if another part comes out. But don't rush it. Trust me.

Now caught by the talons of a fearsome Griffin ready to tear him limb from limb, how will Spike escape from this situation alive?

He won't, RIP.

Its only been a day, but fuck I want more.

5673877 lol spike just got himself. A bully girlfriend your storys got potential


5677889 up vote I want to get to 100 likes

my story so far! ShamWow:pinkiehappy::moustache:

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