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Cloud Nine Has Fallen - Geoice

Why do I love him? I like mares but he's cool. He's somepony I love. And I'll do anything for him. Even if I have to kill them.

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Conferences of a Rainbow [edited]

Cloud Nine Has Fallen

Conferences of a Rainbow

Its just another day in my life of being awesome! That is my motto in life, to live free, hang with my friends, do awesome tricks, and just be plain awesome. Also, theirs nothing better to do in life then to just lay around and pull pranks on your friends. Wanna know what’s not cool though? Following somepony around all day because you have a crush on said pony. Yea, well today I, the coolest and most awesome flyer Rainbow Dash, have been following somepony around all day. Yea...and the worst part...the worst possible thing you could ever think of? Its a DUDE! Everypony knows that I strictly go after mares...but this guy...every time I see him, my heart flutters, my wings grow stiff….HAY, I EVEN THINK ABOUT HIM WHEN I RUB MYSELF! WHAT THE BUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?...I don't know why I like him….I thought that it was pity, Yea of course, pity….or was it something else? I don’t know why, but I like him alot, and I’ll be damned if somepony says otherwise!

While I was hiding in a cloud above the market area, I lost him under the crowds of ponies flooding the place…...wait, how the buck did I lose him? He was wheeling a red wagon with him, how the buck did I miss that? I scanned the area to find him. After a minute of searching, I spotted him. His purple scales, his green spikes, his short tail wrapped around the handle as he walked into the sofa and quills store...I still question why there’s a store that sells only two things? I mean, Davenport only sells quills and sofas. Spike had then came out of the “why the place didn’t went bankrupt” store soon after.

He walked down the market, buying cherries, carrots, letters, onions, flour...basically he went grocery shopping. After a hour or so, Spike had made it back to his tree house which is also a library. I wish that he lived alone, but nope, he live’s with one of my bestest friends, Twilight Sparkle...or what I like to call her, Egghead. Like my name suggested, I dashed into a nearby bush, making sure that nopony had seen me. Gotta love my ninja skills. Nopony even saw me. Popping my head out, I looked into the window to see what he was doing. In the main room was my friend Twilight, well she was in the far corner writing something. Maybe it was something important to her, or it could be another friendship letter. Either way, I couldn’t see Spike. Something was telling me to go in there and talk to him, but I was shyer than Fluttershy talking to any other pony beside her friends. Spike had came back out wearing a pink apron with a heart in the middle. ‘OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH, OH CELESTIA, HE LOOKS FREAKING ADORABLE WEARING THAT!!!! I would just bust in there and take him for myself, but AGAIN…….. WHAT THE BUCK IS WRONG WITH ME...HE’S JUST A KID FOR LUNA’S SAKE! But despite me chuckling at him, he just looks so…. so…... so……..You know what I mean? Getting back to the task at hoof, Twilight was now finishing up whatever she was writing, and started levitating a bunch of books off the shelves.

“I’m going to Rarity’s, Twi. I’ll be back in a while “

“Ok, Spike. Just remember to be back at nine."

This was my chance to be with him...even if it was only for a while. I spread my wings and shot up into the same cloud I was hiding in. Once Spike came out, I called out to him. “SPIKE, SPIKE!” I shouted. I peeked my head out of the cloud and landed beside him. “Hey buddy what up?” I said, flashing a grin.

“Hey, Rainbow. I was just going to go over to Rarity's to help her out with some orders." Gahhhhhhhh, can’t you see that she’s using you? Why would you go there anyway? I’m way more fun to hang out with then her.

“Ah…...well is the new Daring Do out yet?” I asked while we walked to that wannabe high class fashionista’s shop. Truth be told, and don't tell anypony this, but ever since I was...well when I realized my feelings for Spike , I oh so hated her. How she would just use him for her own needs. I mean yeah, we’re best friends, but a pincushion……….really!? It's a good thing that Spike can’t feel a thing because of his scales, but HE NOT A BUCKING PINCUSHION!

“Nah, we won’t receive that order until next week.” Spike shrugged. “Hey, maybe we could hang out tomorrow since Twilight has to meet with Celestia for another magic lesson!" Oh sweet Celestia, right then and there in my head, I was screaming YES YES YES YES YES YES! I can hand just one day with the most coolest dragon ever!

“SURE!” I screamed, drawing attention to us. Ponies then began to stare at us….....well mostly me. “Sure, tomorrow sounds sweet.”
When we arrived at Carousel Boutique , I waved to Spike and shot up into the air, and in less than five seconds, I left the area. A NEW ACADEMY RECORD! But after a long minute or so, I came back and peaked in the boutique...despite the obvious fact that the ponies below were looking at me. Inside the OCD neat store, Spike was running around, collecting fabrics, scissors, pencils, rulers, ribbons, and a glass of water. Looking at Spike waddle around like that, how he would move his tail, tripping a few times, I would chuckle whenever he would crash on the floor or on a pony mannequin while carrying supplies. After getting a few items, he did what would make any mare who loves somepony does...act like a pincushion. Spike was on all fours, his back raised up like Rarity’s cat after petting the little prima donna. One by one, the pins came and went, each one going into Spike’s back. It looked painful, but Spike would only wince once...or twice, not minding the pain. Rarity was busy stitching some dress that I know one of her snobby clients would love. I gritted my teeth, watching all of this go down. I know that I shouldn’t hate her………...well, I might be overestimating this just a bit, but she is also one of my best friends. I can’t really hate on her because I have feelings for a dragon……….who doesn't even notice me as nothing more than a friend.
“Alright Spikey, that's enough for today.” Rarity spoke and walked over to Spike. She pecked him on the forehead. I don’t know why, or how he can actually do this. Maybe is some kind of dragon magic, but he was actually floating. No glowing aura stuff or wings, he was just floating. Rarity giggled and poke her hoof on his belly, making the floating dragon float downstairs.

“RAINBOW DASH!” Ok, who the hell is calling me like that. I looked down from the second story window to see the one pony I was least expecting………. No not Pinkie!I wished that it was Fluttershy, but it wasnt. Instead, it was the cow pony herself Applejack. Before she could say anything or Rarity had a chance to look out the window, I zipped down and place my hoof on her muzzle.

“Shhhh!!!!!!!!!!” was all I could say before the door opened. Out came a floating dragon and a slightly fizzle-maned Rarity, wearing her work glasses. Mine and AJ’s eyes were glued on Spike, who was floating back to the library without a single care in the world, muttering something like he’ll never wash his forehead again, which was true, to some extent. Once Spike was out of sight, their stares shifted toward me.

“So what are ya doing here Rainbow?” Asked my best friend. “Ya spying on Rarity again, are ya?” I resisted the urge to facehoof myself. Why in all of Equestria would I be interested in a mare that doesn't like mares? And even if I was somewhat interested, she’s such a major cock tease and a one night stand kind of mare. Plus, she’s not my type!

“Rainbow, I’m flattered that you think I’m beautiful and all, but I’m sad to say that I prefer stallions.” I facehoofed………..Sorry, I couldn’t help it, but really, me liking a mare that pays attention to every insignificant detail, and hates dirt too. She’s more up on Twilight’s alley. Either way, if I said that I was spying on Spike, AJ would call bull on that in 10 seconds flat!

“Y-Yea, I’m sorry for spying on you. Anyways, I need to tell AJ something very, very important.” Well I needed to tell her the truth….Damn AJ for being the Element of Honesty. But really, nearly everypony ,even the mares I sleep with , are starting to give me worried looks.
“Ok, Rainbow, but Ah' need to wheel this cart here back to the barn. Ya can tell me all about this thing that's buggin' ya.” After that, we waved Rarity good-bye and we went off to the barn. Once we were half way there, meaning that no pony could hear us, I began on informing AJ on why I was spying at the boutique…………….

“You see AJ……...I really wasn’t spying on Rarity.” AJ seemed to stop, and looked at me like I was some kind of monster. Her mouth was agape, and if I had something, like an apple or a pear in my hoof, I would try a hoof at using her mouth as a target.

“By Celestia, ya was spying on Sweetie Bell!? Were ya?” If she wasn’t one of my best friend I would smack her.

“HAY NO! WHAT THE BUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?, SHE WASN’T EVEN THERE!” I screamed to the top of my lungs. I swear I thought somepony heard me. “I was spying on……... Spike” I said in in a tone that could rival Fluttershys'. I didn’t know if AJ was deaf, but she didn’t hear me well.

“Come again now. Ah couldn’t hear ya.”

“I SAID THAT I WAS SPYING ON SPIKE!” I said louder. AJ was quiet for a moment. It kind of worried me for a while.

“What did little Spike do to ya now?” She asked with one brow raised. If I knew better, it seemed like she was trying to use that lie detector method.

“He didn’t do anything.” I flailed my hooves. Well he did do something that no stallion, well no male, has ever done before………….. he’s stolen my heart. “I kind of……...well if I tell you, you promise me you won’t tell anypony……….. Especially Twilight.” I begged. The worst thing to do right now was to let Twi know that I had fallen for her assistant/brother.

“My lips are sealed.” Applejack did the movements. I leaned into her ear and I told her I had a crush on Spike. Of course, when ponies believe that you’re a fillyfiddler and you say that you have a crush on a guy, it tends to get silly. So, of course, she laughed.
“Bwahahahahahahaha, that’s a good one, Rainbow. Y'all have a crush on lil' old Spike. The great Rainbow Dash, loving a boy, that’s unheard of, hahahahahahahahahahaha.” Is it illegal to buck somepony’s muzzle off?.............If it is, please let me know, cause I really want to do it. “All joking aside, aren't ya a fillyfiddler? Cause' last time ah' check’d, they tend to stay away from stallions, and y'all are the biggest filly fiddler ah' know.”

“I know, I know, but Spike is...well he’s different. He’s so awesome and cool, he’s dorkish at times, loyal, ain't afraid to fight, and he’s…………. kind of cute.” I was blushing, yes blushing from the thought of Spike, sue me.
“So how did ya get these feelings for Spike anyway?” Applejack had asked as we came back from the barn. And I told her the story.

[Two months ago]

I was happy. Not only did Twi have the new Daring Do book, but I could read it during the slumber party. Bucking Sweet, not only could I perform this new trick, but I get to go to the wonderbolts show next week. I squee’d in happiness while doing loop-de-loops in the air. The only thing that would ruin this day was that she doesn't have to go to Canterlot or something, right, right? Well you're so wrong. The sun was going down and once I landed, I knocked on the door. Low and behold, Spike opened the door with an annoyed look on his face, and the new book in his arms. Knowing me, once a Daring Do book is out and somepony had the last copy, I’ll rip that book out of the pony’s hoof myself. Anyway, I tackled him and clung onto the book like it was the last thing on earth. “Geez, Rainbow. We have more than one copy you know.” Said the dragon below me. Getting off of him, I looked around the library. There were no girls, or better yet, no Twilight.
“Hey where’s Twilight at anyway?” I asked, looking around the room while Spike was getting up and shaking the cobwebs out of his head.
“She went to Canterlot. The princess said that it was something private.” Spike said while he some how manage to pry the book from my hooves. “She said she’ll be there for a few nights…. So I have the whole place all to myself. Now if you excuse me, I have some reading to do”. Spike said, waddling his way to the couch and began to read.

“So it’s just you……..what about the others.?” I asked, wondering why in the blue hell I didn't get notified of this.

“Twilight told the others before she left. You couldn’t be found anywhere, so she left.” Spike said, not even taking his eyes off the book. “And if you're looking for Daring Do and the Alicorn Gem, it’s over there.” Spike pointed his claw to the stack of books. Trotting over to it, I picked one up, and trotted on over to the door. I thought to myself, what kind of an friend would I’ve been if I would just leave a baby dragon here by himself.

“Mind if I stay……..you know, just to watch you till Twilight gets back?” Spike put down his book and raised a brow. He shrugged his shoulders and resumed reading.

“Yea, I could use the company. Besides, she won't be back for four whole days.” Spike said. Well, I had nothing to do until Spike suggested that we read each chapter out loud. I shrugged the idea. Plus, I like to hear my own voice, besides being awesome and all. So we started read together. Spike read chapter one, I read chapter two and so on and so forth. Around chapter nine, I heard a loud snore. I lowered my book to see a baby dragon curled up in a little purple and green ball, sleeping, his book laying on the floor abandoned. I know that this was an aww moment and all, but seriously that was the most cutest thing I had ever seen. Hay, it put Apple Blooms' puppy eyes to shame. Well, I was going to hang around here for four days, I might as well get used to being a mother...or something to that extent. So I picked him up, and carried him to his basket and called it a night.

The next morning, I open my eyes to see a empty basket and the scent of pancakes. I just remembered that I slept next to Spike. Shrugging it off, I went down stairs to the main room. No dragon here, then I enter the kitchen. There was Spike, wearing his little apron with the heart in the middle. No matter how cute he looked, I will always chuckle at that. No really, Spike claimed to be a some-what fearsome dragon while wearing a pinkish white apron. Kinda hard to take some dragon seriously. “Morning Spike...Still wearing that apron I see?” I said while he looked down and blushed profusely. I shouldn’t say anything about that adorable apron of his...wait a flopping minute, did I just said adorable? I gotta lay off of AJ’s hard cider.. Where was I? Oh yea, like I said, I shouldn’t comment on his apron, since he’s making breakfast and all.

“Y-Yeah, what about it? It’s a very neat apron and I like it.” Spike put his claws together pouting. For Celestia sakes, he was pouting? Why did Twilight bring such a cute thing like you into this world? I mentally slapped myself for thinking those girly thoughts.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” Great, now he’s making me blush. Spike got some plates and set four stacks of pancakes on each plate. Breakfast was……... how can I put it ……….awkward. Neither me nor Spike said a word. After breakfast, I told him I’d drop by later, and by later I meant manage my job, as well as goof around. And with that I flew off to work. That night, I flew back into the library and opened the door. Yeah, not a smart thing to do……….. but Spike knew it was me anyways. So I closed and locked the door. I know it's a really quiet town, with not alot to go on, but you still can’t trust anypony too easily. “So what you want to do...talk, finish chapter nine: the forest of the alicorns? Play cards?” I ask. Spike just shrugged.

“By the way, I’ve already finished the book.” My jaw dropped. Each book was about 30 or so chapters. How did he finish it so fast...wait, I forgot he lives in a library...way too much free time. Then again, I finished the book before I got here. “How about Battle Cloud?” He asked. I nodded. Spike waddled upstairs, then came back a minute later with the game box, set it up and we began to play. I swear to Celestia, he can read minds. That little squirt knew where exactly where my pieces were.

“D9” Buck! He just zapped another cloud. How is he so good at this? “G15” Ok, I had enough of this game. Any more and I’ll lose this game, and “The Dash” never loses a game.

“Say Spike, why don't we play cards? Does Goldfish sound good?” I asked. Spike nodded, thinking that he’ll beat me. Oh how wrong he was. After clearing the table, meaning that he put the game back and came back with a deck of cards, we got the game underway. “So why did Twilight leave you all alone anyway? It doesn't seem like her to leave you here unless something big threatened to destroy Equestria.” I asked, even though Spike should be old enough to take care of himself. “And do you have any 10’s?”

“Celestia or Luna are in discussion Twilight about Dragon reproduction from this book from the far lands.” If I was drinking something, I would have spit it out. But whoa, Our princesses, are looking up how Spike are going to have kids? And how does he know what reproduction is anyway, ain’t he like, I don’t know, eight or something? “And goldfish” I put down my card and picked up another. I didn’t want to know anything else anymore. “Oh, and please don’t tell the others. Also have any aces?” Well damn, that would have made some good gossip.

“Goldfish”, and from there we kept playing, until Spike grew tired. I sent him to bed and once again, slept near his basket. The next morning went the same. He cooked me breakfast, we said our goodbyes, and went on our separate ways. During the day I was out training, since I had a day off, I could train myself in order to get into the Wonderbolts sooner. Yeah, I’ll train everyday until I become a Wonderbolt myself. After my fifth try in trying a corkscrew loop-de-loop at speeds going over 300 mph, I called it quits for today. Yeah, my wing went stiff because I’ve been flapping them all day long. I soon crash landed by the door to the library. The last thing I saw was a purple and green blur dragging me into the house. When I came to, I looked around and saw books on the floor. I looked around to see what I was laying on. “Twilight’s bed?” I thought about it then remembered Spike. I tried to move my wing, but the pain in my joints was intense. I laid there, thinking that maybe I should stay put, but it’s not like anything will happen right. And right on que Spike walks in while holding a wet towel. I didn’t know what gave him the idea to hug a nearly bandage mare, but he hugged me, saying “Thank Celestia you’re ok.” Well, truth be told, if I can survive a near-fatal free-fall coming down at speeds of 300 mph, I sure as hell would be fine. Besides, Celestia was watching me. But then something happen, my heart began to pick up.

“Ok ok ok, you can stop with the hugging now.” As if Spike would obey something like that, which he actually did. Then I thought of something…….. I remember Spike scratching AJ’s back, and she said that it felt really good. I know I don’t like ponies touching my hoof and wings, but I hate waiting around in a room with nothing to do. “Say Spike, could you do me a favor and massage my wings? That is, if you know how to?” What, it was fun teasing him like this.

“Sure” He said, cracking his claws. “I used to help the spa twins, and Twilight whenever she’s having a real stressful day. So just lay down, and let me work my magic.” I laid there and waited……...did he say he had helped the spa twins? Since when did he, AHHH!

“Careful there Spike, my wings are in intense amounts of pain right now.” I turned to see him holding the base of my my wing like it was a broken toy. Hell, moving them just a bit hurts like hell…….. but that pain was soon replaced by his gentle rubs. Oh Celestia, it was starting to feel good. The way he was moving his small, gentle claws on the base. If I could move the other wing, it would show signs that I was getting aroused...wait, a guy getting me aroused from a little rub. My heart started racing again when his claws moved from the base all the way up to the tip. My body shivered from his touch. I never thought that a male’s touch would be so, so, so firm. Well………….considering that the only other species I know with firm claws is a griffon, I’m not surprised. Spike went back down to the base once more, then back to the tip. He did it several times until I was able to flap my wing. He went on to do the other wing. If only Spike was older………………….whoa there girl……………... He’s a kid, and I’m a mare…………………..

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to thank AJ for saying his claws were blessed. But Spike, if he ever get a full time job over at the spa, I’ll definitely be his regular. And maybe I’ll get his happy ending. Ok something is really wrong with me. I’m a fillyfidder for Luna sakes. That's it, after we're finished, I’m going to see someone.

“How's it feel?” I let out a soft moan in delight, answering his question. And to be honest I was getting wet from his massage. I have to stop this.

“S-Spike I-I feel fine now you can stop." And he did exactly that. "Thanks.” I said before resting my head on Twilights' bed. I wish Spike wasn’t in the room with me. I really need to rub myself, since Spike made me horny. But what made my heart pound harder was when he finally went to sleep. His claws wrapped around my body. I hate to say it but he looked really adorable pressing his scales to my fur. I could feel his warmth emanating from his scales. And for the longest time I looked at the dragon snuggling against my body. I lean down and kiss him on the forehead before going to sleep.

[End of Flashback]
“And we did the same thing. Spike made me breakfast, and I left for managing the weather, that day.” I said. AJ just stared at me the entire time.

“And you love him for his claws?”
“Oh it's more than his claws. The way he moves, his awesomeness, and most importantly his smile.” I flutter my wings just thinking about him. I mean ok he's a kid, but there's something about him that ...makes him special. And if I have to choke Raribitch for breaking his heart, then I’m more than happy to do so. Well I have to go AJ, I have a big date with Spike, cya.” And with that I shot back into the air. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Even if it doesn't count as a date, I’ll still enjoy the time we’re going to spent.

Author's Note:

The rewritten version of chapter one.

So I like to thank Spikesupreme13 for proofreading and MC W1SH for editing

Enjoy...and I know you will find errors. Don't I mean please don't tell me about it, cause I'm not going to keep going back and reedited it.