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After an accident left Fleetfoot's flightsuit ripped open she is in danger of being kicked to the bench for the duration of the season.
Fortunately there is somepony nearby who can fix it.

To bad they never told her that pony happens to be a cute mare.

Special thanks to Kirb for the idea and helping me with my grammar and overall readabilty of the story.

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After being crowned Twilight finds out that she has become a unwilling player in the millenia old powerstruggle of the noble houses. Learning in a quite blunt way that she has to take on a consort. Simply because of a law that states that there must be a royal consort atleast once every 300 years. And not only that, but also that the only nobles themselves can select those of which she can choose them from.
With a ruse she seemed to get a decent choice. However, how will life turn out for the bookish scholar when it turned out that her new bride has been the comfort mare of a spoiled brat ever since getting her cutiemark? And almost equally important. How will the noble react to a 5P:
a pretty pissed purple pony princess?

Coverart by: G_Haze

Chapters (12)

The mane six celabrate their second Hearthswarming together a few days before they all leave for the real deal with their own families. Same as last year they exchange a single gift. Some are mundane, others carry a slightly deeper meaning.
The question however is: will the alternate meaning be accepted?

A small simple one-shot in between updating my longer running fics.

Thanks I HV NO FEAR for the editing =]

Chapters (1)

A day in Cloudsdale, just a routine day for many. But for two mares and a small filly it had been far from it ever since they received a simple letter three days ago.

This is a one-shot for darqfox's Twishygroup chalange.
No romance, but still a TwiShy fic.

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Two souls seeking company for the night. One no longer wanting to be alone after seeing a few of her friends so happy with a significant other, the other being forced to seek a place to wait out the first train after being kicked out her hostelroom by most of her friends.
Both ending up at a specific bar, was it luck? Perhaps, only time can tell.

A Roselight shipping, why you ask? Because the world could use some more Roseluck (And you know damn well how cute she looks on the banner), and we all know Twilight is best pony =]
The story is tagged alt. uni. due some events not happening and some happening differently. Takes place aprox. 3 months after Nightmare Moon

Rated teen due off-screen clop, suggestive remarks and blantant bigottery by OC's

Chapters (3)

A few months after the royal wedding a Pegasus meets up with a Unicorn. Bot disgruntled about the youngest offspring of their families.
One wanted a strong flyer, and a fierce personality and unspoken beauty. Someone who he could train to seduce his competition and learn their secrets and eventually take over the families company. But he got a shy mare, with a golden heart and a timid personality.
The other wanted more political leverage and name for his house. For a moment it seemed his wishes came true, as his youngest niece showed great intellect and promise. But now, instead of the glorious prospect of her being a high ranking member of the court and leading scientist she became a librarian in a small village.
A disgrace to their houses, both of them as far as both stallions were concerned. But even though these youngsters were a disgrace to their tastes. It didn’t meant they could not still be useful right? Any noble house needed bits, the more you had the better you could make a scene in those social gatherings and the easier it was to rise within the noble-ranks. The other, although vastly rich could never get a title. But ancient laws and customs would soon aid both of their problems in one ceremony.

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