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Plea for help · 4:15pm Mar 28th, 2015

Hey there dear readers.

Due one reason or another my editor is simply not responding to me. So for the last three weeks an chapter has been sitting idle.

To anyone out there with a inch of sence in the field of grammar I would like to request your aid in editing the chapter so it can be published.

Awaiting you awnsers hopefully,


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Consorts is back on its regular schedule · 2:22pm Nov 17th, 2014

Sorry bout the delay people.

Two rather large projects had me pulling 70 ish houred workweeks for the past month.
Both the blessing (double my fee due them needing to be finished last week) and the curse (the loooooong days and no weekends off) of being your own boss I guess.

That and having to plan a scoutcamp did a serious number on both my writingtime and my creative thoughtprocess.

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issnt she cute? · 1:27pm Jul 9th, 2013

can't seem to post image correctly, O.o well here`s the link to the pic

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Not dead yet · 2:52pm Jun 28th, 2013

Hey all,

Just a quick message, no i`m not dead and i am still writing. Currently i am nearing completion with a chapter for Aranged Happiness and i have finally found a editor who is looking over the new chapter of The amethyst rose before i publish it.

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quick notice · 9:01pm Jan 27th, 2013

Hmm first blog, don't really know how this is supposed to work but i`ll figure it out (i hope)

First of all, yes i am alive and Aranged happiness is still being worked on, but due me not being satisfied by the results of my own writing the upcomming chapter is being delayed a bit while i make it more presentable. So don't worry about that it will appear before you know it =]

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