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Groups of humans have invaded Equestria and captured ponies to sell as slaves and pets back on Earth. Will they ever be set free? Will the princesses come after them in a daring rescue attempt?

Well, this story isn't about that.

This is one pony's tale of the events that happened to and around her.

Seen through perspective of Silver Spoon, based on the Slave Pony General threads on 4chan/mlp/.

Contains some dark themes and ideas, but nothing nightmare inducing.

Chapters (12)

After an undead creature attacks Apple Bloom, Princess Celestia sends Fluttershy to attempt to reform the assailant. That brief contact leaves an irreversible mark on Fluttershy's life. Follow her descent into a whirlwind of misery and despair.

Original author: KWF (He decided to leave the fandom.)

All art by Aisu-isme.

Chapters (25)

What to do when a kindness takes the opposite turn? That is the situation of our pegasus mare, Fluttershy, who came in contact with a stallion that bears an illness. Unable to bring herself to ask for help at the expense of others joy.

Written for One shotober.
Co-written by: Swiftnicity and Fonypan.
Proofread by: Fimbulvinter
Backspace119 also helped.

Chapters (1)