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Pinkie Pie finds herself unsure how to act after falling for another girl. While she tries to sort out her feelings, her sisters decide to check this girl out and see what makes her so special.

Things escalate.

Strong language warning, at least compared to my usual stuff. Part of the Oversaturated World. Original story here.
Sequal already begun here, though both stories could be read on their own.

Chapters (4)

A collection of short stories.

It's been a few months since Twilight freed herself from captivity by creating a suit of armor. Now she's dedicated her life to warring against a group of domestic terrorists called A.I.M to make sure what happened to her never happens to anybody else as the Invincible Iron Mage!

Proofread by Berry Delight and Dinode.

Chapters (4)

I feel like the only pony in Equestria who remembers that magic's not safe.

Some ponies would tell me that ain’t fair, and they could be right. We live in a world where everything but death can be cured, in cities that could stand on sunbeams and alongside creatures that defied explaining.

I don’t want to take wonder away from folks.

I just wish they’d stop forgetting curses were real too.

Proofreading by Dinode and Berry Delight. Check them out!

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A home for stories that can't stand on their own, but shouldn't die unseen.

Chapters (15)

Twilight Sparkle is on the run. She's been accused of stealing the magic of Luna Invictus, Guardian of the Realm. If she and her friend Rainbow Dash cannot find a way to restore Luna back to health, her mind and life is forfeit.

On Earth, Sunset Shimmer plots to gain the power she believes that she deserves. To do that, she must trust the mysterious Starlight Glimmer to help her steal the Elements of Harmony from the long lost Dream Castle.

Caught up in-between these two sides, can our heroes find a way through to safety?

Power Press, It's Writin' Time!

Kai Aveon Creech: Author!

Lost Marbles: Editor!

SpiderEmblemBrony: Critique!

Dinode: Pre-reader!

Berry Delight: Proofreader!


Chapters (10)

There are many worlds, in the multiverse. There is our own, where we use technology to control the destiny of the earth. There are others, where magic is the supreme force. And sometimes, these two worlds can overlap. This is what happens next...

Basically a test story for a more complicated story to come.

Chapters (1)
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