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Queen Chrysalis forces Zecora to make a poison which Cadence is then tricked into drinking, thinking it is a gift from Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle and her friends need to find a cure quickly, or Cadence will surely die. (Happens between season 2 and 3)

Chapters (11)
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The potential is strong in this one.

Although, in my opinion, the chapters are too short. :ajsmug:

on my to read list


agreed, I figured I had seen the shortest average chapter. I was wrong.

may i add this to my group Villains of Equestria

1936166 thanks feel free to join if you want to

The writing stylle was a bit cheesy, but I liked it. Well done.:twilightsmile:

Why would they change appearence in plain sight? Why are you too lazy to write in rhymes? Why is Cadence so derpy?

Luna would be the only one who would show that she was panicked, but not as much as Celestia is doing here.

Remember, thousands of years of practice...

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