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:yay: This is on FiMFiction now!

I really love this story.

Manly tears my good sir. They were shed this day.


There are not enough stars on the bar to allow me to rate this high enough, this is incredibly well written, many internets to you

140146 Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoy it :pinkiehappy:140147 MOAR SHALL CUMZ GOOD SIR!140429 :heart:140614 I'm really glad you are enjoying the story :yay:

Me encanta como se va desarrollando la historia, un poco triste ante las realidades de cada una de ellas, Siga asi, esperare con ansia la continuacion XD

+ 5 stars for the original concept!:pinkiehappy: Rainbow Dash's and Pinkie Pie's reactions are spot-on.


141175 :twilightblush:I'm so glad you enjoy the story! MOAR SHALL CUMZ DO NOT WORREH!

Espero que salga pronto la continuacion XD:pinkiesad2:

Brb, reading what looks like a good story.


Shit just got real.

142456 I hope you still think it's a good story :twilightsmile:

142669 I know that feel bro:derpyderp2:

141293 is that a good oh?

140845:pinkiegasp: nah you luvz teh story. I :heart: you too!


You know, in the movies, whenever a main character in the military gets laid, one of the two partners usually dies the next day.


143007yea...that's a little overused

143293 hehe are you loling at Rainbow's story?

I am loving this Story.
Oh is Derpy faking the stupidity? Is she a Spy that Hurricane uses because everyone thinks she is r*****ed?

143321 Lol, It was fun if nothing else.

More :rainbowkiss: i absolutley love where this is goin, its only a matter or time before Hurricane finds out...

XD me encanta como se va desarrollando esta trama, hermoso, a la vez triste :fluttercry:


A bit confusing at the end, pretty sure the pegasus group was just Dash, fluttershy and derpy, who is the mysterious 4th?

143433 derpy is being derpy...se is smart yet hides it well with her silliness

143768 well I'm glad it amused you :twilightblush:

144059 do not worry good sir or madam! More shall come!

144163 gracias :twilightblush:

144221 the fourth pony was Pinkie following the three pegasi out before they took off

OUCH!! poor fluttershy and Pansy, i'm surprise they don;t suffer heart attack. uh-oh hurricane knows not good!!

Lol, I'm checking this every few hours for updates, I'm truly enjoying this, thanks. :twilightsmile:

I'm looking forward to seeing Barbarian!Dash make origami of Hurricane (I know she probably won't, but I can dream).

XD esto se pone cada vez mejor, haber que represarias toma contra la Pobre de Pinkie

144521 It is a great wonder how they haven't had a heart attack yet...I'll just chalk it up to magic and leave it at that.

144563 I'm really glad you are enjoying the story :yay:

145149 hehe who knows what will happen next? :pinkiecrazy:

145282 es una monta├▒a rusa de diversi├│n, ┬┐no?

Derpy, you screwed Dash over for muffins :pinkiegasp:

I am still loving this.
I can not wait for the next chapter.
/Edge of Seat.

Tracking this :pinkiehappy:

Genial su historia XD

I'm loving this story and wait with happy anticipation after each chapter. :twilightsheepish:
Looks like things are going south, can't wait to see what happens next.

RUN DASHIE RUUUUUN!!!! :fluttershbad:

All I could think was OH SHIT!

Shouldn't think be considered an 'Alternate Universe' fic?

And the defecation has hit the rotary oscillator!

Stole the words right out of my mouth, lol.

Operation 'Dashie Rocks You Like A Hurricane' is go! :pinkiehappy:

That cliffhanger....DUN DUN DUUN!! :pinkiegasp:


Umm... I think the phrase is that... well... actually... I like this saying better :pinkiecrazy:

I have to say, Hurricane seems like more of a traitor to me than Rainbow Dash; sure Rainbow has been having a love affair with an earth pony, but she hasn't actually done anything against the pegasi, whereas Hurricane has beat up Fluttershy and had Rainbow endure the same.

I just spent the last hour or two reading this story. I should have been in bed. I should have been doing so many other things....but a;lsdkfjpoasdjkf,j!!!!!
Pinkie and Dash are outrageously sweet and amazing, Fluttershy is a bamf, AJ is a sweetie, Derpy is a muffin! And Hurricane, curse you and your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Kick flank, take names! This story is awesome! 5/5 and tracking.:heart:

:pinkiegasp: WHAT IS DASHIE DOING!?!?

Hypothermia Of The Heart, everything is covered in snow... Hoth everything is covered in snow but with Jedi...


If I were to take a shot in the dark, I would say she's rolling herself over, so that she takes the hit of the fall. But like I said, shot in the dark.

I must look like Scootaloo nodding my head in excitement whispering, "sonic rainboom!!"

You had some good solid fight scenes in there, not always the easiest thing to write, and you avoided the pacing issue by having a few cuts to non action moments or thoughts. Very nice! Also, Pinkie Pie is the only pony that would come to a sword fight with snowballs.:pinkiehappy:

204965 Almost certainly. :pinkiesad2:

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