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Alone and brutally murdered against her will, a young filly faces an inevitable destiny when meeting a creature unknown by ponykind. She did think that her peaceful world is chaotic enough for her but how would she fare against the perils of this new world in order to return to hers and how would she be affected by this stranger? Would she cope with it or would it cope with her?

An MLP/Hitman crossover. Please if you have talent in drawing, please PM me and thanks!

Takes place after the last mission of Hitman: Blood Money.

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I want to play hit man like this

Hitman crossover ? READ !

Can't wait for the next chapter

I didn't see that coming

Which game i sthe timeline in and are there going to be any missions in the Absolution time?


This is after the last mission of Hitman: Blood Money and no, all the missions will be original and written by me as I know nothing of Absolution events. Thanks for the comment!

Probably the most important Absolution event is that 47 cuts off his barcode with an old fashioned razor and goes on his own.

Then I've got to play with the timeline of Hitman since my mission happened after Blood Money! I would like when did the 1st mission of Absolution occur?

The aftermath of Blood Money

Exactly! Also I went to Hitman Wiki and in the Damnation book, Diana cut contact with 47 in 2011 so that's a long way to go. I didn't interfere with any of the events of Absolution so this happens between Blood Money and Absolution with a deviation from the book Damnation. Don't worry though I still have my plans for this fanfic quite set in mind and perfectly organised.

4 years of pony assassination to go!

That is for me to decide :trixieshiftleft:!

It was nice talking to you! I gotta think of my missions now!

when are you gonna continue working on this story? I am enjoying it quite a bit


I shall in due time my friend! I shall in due time!

2417423 you better or I'll find an axe and throw it at your skull

Could someone give me the description of blood money some time I've played absolution and a little bit of blood money but that was a scratched up one from the pawn shop

Hitman blood money is the best game ever. Because there are absurd and unorthodox ways to kill your targets.

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