A Drip of Blood for your Thoughts


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If you think that the world around you is all rainbows and sunshine, then think again because 'they' shall make sure that 'they' are the last thing you see.

Alone and brutally murdered against her will, a young filly faces an inevitable destiny when meeting a creature unknown by ponykind. She did think that her peaceful world is chaotic enough for her but how would she fare against the perils of this new world in order to return to hers and how would she be affected by this stranger? Would she cope with it or would it cope with her?

An MLP/Hitman crossover. Please if you have talent in drawing, please PM me and thanks!

Takes place after the last mission of Hitman: Blood Money.

Requiem for a Prologue

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A/N: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my new idea of a fanfiction. I noticed the lack of commentary in my other fics which discouraged me to press onto them but do not worry I am not a quitter and I won't give up for that much. I've been playing Hitman: Blood Money lately when Hitman: Absolution came lurking nearby. I've had this glimpse of an idea in my dreams so I decided to put it into practice so without further adeu, I'll give you the Prologue.

Requiem for a Prologue
An MLP/Hitman crossover

Ponyville's School

It was a normal day in Ponyville. The sun was shimmering brilliantly in the sky. There was no sign of pegasi activities and not a single cloud was in sight. Cheerilee was teaching her class of little foals and filles about subjects that seemed boring to some and interesting for others. Three cutiemarkless fillies, an orange pegasus with a purple-mohawk-shaped mane, a yellow earth pony with a red mane and bowtie and a purpleish unicorn with a posh styled mane, were not following the lesson; they were planning to get their cutie marks instead. Noticing them, Cheerilee decided to change her plans as well.
"Okay class!" she blurted out of no where "We are going to have a lesson concering your cutie marks and how to earn them." That topic certainly perked the ears of our three ponies as they dropped everything they had in hand and followed her intensely. One pony was objecting this: It was a pinkish earth pony with a beautiful white, pink and purple mane, a tiara as a cutie mark and on her head.
"But Miss Cheerilee, didn't we discuss the matter for like a long time ago and dealt with it?" she whined.
"Diamond Tiara, you haven't seem to notice that there are certain of you who don't even have their cutie mark." she retorted, looking at the three. Diamond looked at the trio herself and was boiling with rage.
"But they tried to get it like a bizzilion times before and I'll say it one again, they'll stay-" she was interrupted by a glare from Cheerilee.
"I dare you to finish that sentence, little filly." she was holding her ruler ready to strike. Diamond Tiara pouted and sat down. The teacher then resumed her lesson.
"Now all of us know that a pony can earn his or her cutie mark when he or she stumbles upon his or her talent" there were whispers about how obvious and repetitive the teacher was "But could you tell me if there are other ways to obtain them?" Chatter was all over the class. A hoof suddenly jerked up.
"Yes? Sweetie Belle?"
"Encountering something or somepony that might change your life forever thus marking your destiny and the obtention of your cutiemark; a fine example is that of my sister Rarity and the rock she encountered." she answered.
"Exactly, Sweetie Belle! You could obtain your cutie mark by mere coincidence or destiny but there is another way of obtaining it." This time it was the yellow pony's hoof who jerked up.
"Heritage?" upon hearing that word, the orange pony's eyes widened and her head hunched down. "Because we all know how Diamond Tiara is related to her rich father so it's only natural she got her cutie mark from inheritance and without any effort." she eyed Diamond Tiara cockingly who was just boiling with anger.
"Don't forget you're an Apple yourself, Applebloom? Doesn't that also mean that you'll get your cutie mark like all your poor family who is bucking apple trees all day?"
"Ah maybe ah'm an Apple, but that doesn't mean that heritage is ah basis for getting mah cutie mark." Applebloom retorted, gritting her teeth.
"Now now, fillies, calm down! It's like what Applebloom said. We must not totally trust our heritage in order to get our cutie mark. It's just a basis for someponies that couldn't find their talents with the two previous methods."
A certain orange pegasus pony heard these words and couldn't believe her ears. For some reason, the pegasus couldn't whistand staying in class so she slowly raised her hand, enough to be seen by her teacher.
"Yes? Scootaloo! Is there something you want to add?"
"No, ma'am! If you'll excuse me, I don't feel so well. I need to go home with your permission." In fact, she didn't need her permission as she rose from her seat and trotted away as fast as she could. Her two friends looked at each other and then at Cheerilee who just nodded her head so that they go after her.

Heritage, family. Words that Scootaloo wasn't familiar with. Few ponies knew who Scootaloo is but did they really know who is she for real? What secrets could the five-years-old filly have hidden her entire little lifespan? Were they even secrets at all?

Scootaloo was trotting away, crying torrents as she entered the infamous Everfree forest. Arriving at a dead end, which was a hill with a view to Ponyville, she kept weeping while looking at the city she was raised in.
"Who am I? What am I? Why did I react like this at the mention of 'Heritage' and 'Family'? Do I even have them? I don't know. I DON'T KNOW!" she held her head tilting it back and forth violently when she suddenly touched something in her body, around her neck to be exact. She could feel it. It hurted to touch it too but she couldn't see it at all.
"What is this pain I am feeling just now? It is something I've never felt before but I only feel that it existed" she thought, still touching her neck. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle came by, trotting and calling Scootaloo's name and hugging her.
"What happened to ya making us worry like that?" Applebloom asked
"C'mon! Just tell us all about it" comforted Sweetie Belle "If it's a secret, we won't tell anypony. We Pinkie Promise."
"Both of you won't understand a thing about it! All this talk about your families makes me sick!" barked Scootaloo, still not willing to talk. "Watching all you having families, all of you sharing your pains with each other just makes me feel alienated."
she kept crying over and over again.
"Just try us, Scootaloo" said Applebloom, holding her shoulders "What are friends for?"
Scootaloo thought about it thoroughly, sighed and said.
"I am... an-" she didn't finish her sentence as she felt something painful throbbing inside her. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" a loud shriek came from her whole body. She kneeled on her hooves, holding the back for her neck.
"Scootaloo? What's wrong? Is there something troubling you?" asked Applebloom, worried. Sweetie Belle used her magic on Scootaloo's hooves to see what was wrong. Even with Scootaloo's resistance, she could move them from her neck just a bit. They saw something: A series of black stripes, ones were larger than others. Under those stripes were numbers.
"010509-040147/2! Sweetie Belle? Do you know what this-" she was interrupted by a hoof coming to her neck, choking her tightly (don't ask me how ponies choke): It was Scootaloo, her eye veins becoming redder and redder from pain. Sweetie Belle's magic wasn't working well as the enraged filly kept choking the earth pony who was resisting the assault. A storm was coming onto the Everfree as thunder started to clap and rain started to fall.

"GET AWAY FROM ME... GET...GET...OFF...MY...HEAD...I AM AN- AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" her words were incomprehensible due to the claps of thunder as she yelled loudly once again. She pinned the yellow filly to the ground and kept smashing her head into the dirt.
"What am I doing? All I wanted to say is that I am an- Why can't I say it? What is this pain? Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, anypony, HELP ME!" but her conciousness was absent as in the outside there was only the shell of a pony called Scootaloo who was trying to what obviously looked like killing her best friend with her bare hooves while maniacly saying "DIE! DIE! DIIIIIIIIIIE!"
The poor Applebloom was defenseless at that point as the orange filly's onslaught was still ongoing. She was near unconcious when suddenly a rock as big as her head smashed Scootaloo's spine. The purple-maned filly's irises became little dots as she looked behind her to see blood going all over her back and then she saw Sweetie Belle, panting and still holding the murder weapon with her magic.
"I am sorry, Scootaloo but that was my only choice!" she said, crying.
Scootaloo saw what her friend did to her then she saw Applebloom getting away from her grip causing her to fall.
"T-t-t-thank yo-" she didn't finish her sentence as she lost conciousness. Applebloom approached Scootaloo's limp body and touched her neck: There was no pulse. Both of her friends were shocked witnessed and did something that has never been done or seen in Equestria: Murder. Applebloom was a witness, Scootaloo was killed and her unicorn friend, Sweetie Belle was a murderer. The rain stopped and the skies were clear once again.
"Sweetie Belle! What have you done?" Applebloom, with a bleeding face, asked, still not believing the facts.
"I am aware of what I've done" she answered, lifelessly, "But I did it in order to save you! Scootaloo was like possessed at that time! She could have killed you."
"Couldn't we do this differently, like in a peaceful manner? Ah knew ah was in danger but ah would have never done that. Now what we're going to do? Tell everypony that you killed somepony? Imagine what your sister would say!"
"I WILL face the consequences of that on my own. You shall keep this matter a secret no matter what, Applebloom. Nopony shall ever know of this... event between us. I know it is hard but we must do something to not be put into a jail or an asylum. Remember that YOU witnessed this too. You could be held as an accomplice. Think Sweetie Belle think!" she squeezed her head tightly. They had no choice in the matter: They picked up the lifeless body of the pegasus and threw it at the current but not before Applebloom noted the black mark on Scootaloo's back head in her memories, forever.

I am an orphan: These were the words that I wanted to say to them. My only friends who recognised me as I am: A pegasus filly who was alone and couldn't fly for some unknown reason. Why did it hurt to say these words? What even hurts about saying them? Who could have thought that a confession would hurt so much? That pain... It just disappeared when Sweetie Belle crushed me with that rock. I couldn't thank her enough for saving me from killing Applebloom. I died for my sins and I must pay the price. I just hope you two have a nice life and please do regret nothing from ending me. I am unknown after all.

Unknown Place

"So this experiment also was a failure, wasn't it?" A muffeled voice said "No matter! As long as these two do not figure who really my daughter is it doesn't cause me a problem. I won't even have to monitor her now she's dead. Rest in Peace, 47 Duo (Romanian of two).

A maniac's laugh echoed all over the dark place.

Meet your Brother

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Meet your Brother
An MLP/Hitman Crossover

Unknown Location

It was a fateful day for everyone who was present in this church. The FBI, the reporter, the priest and most importantly the wheelchair guy were circling around one altar: The altar of the late cloned famous assassin, Agent 47. He was a tough opponent for every single law enforcing and criminal organisation. He was so ruthless that he killed his own creator and father in cold blood. However this notorious silent killer, according to the wheelchair guy, has been found dead by breaking his spine on his own stairs or in other words he died of clumsiness. Wearing an unusual white suit with a red tie and his own guns placed on his chest by a female in black, these people were waiting for his cremation: He was going to be reduced to ashes due to his sins. But this was an ulterior motive because the main goal of the wheelchair guy was to steal his DNA in order to create obedient 'weapons of mass destruction' as he said to the journalist before.

*BADUMP* 47, wake up! *BADUMP* I know you're not dead so stop acting *BADUMP* I told you to trust me for now as this is only precaution in order to protect you from them *BADUMP*. That kiss! *BADUMP* it was the antidote of Diana's serum *BADUMP* She actually saved my life *BADUMP* BADUMP* Me who didn't trust anyone his entire life *BADUMP* *BADUMP* *BADUMP* Until now!

The thoughts of Agent 47 were jumbled into his mind as he woke up, holding his Silverballers and shooting the starteled crowd of FBI agents that were present in front of him. The priest, journalist, wheelchair guy and his escort of two ran away towards the entrance, still shocked from the angel of death reincarnated in front of them.

An orange figure was laying unconscious behind a statue. It woke up, groaning and holding her head. As she opened her eyes to see what was she holding, she saw all red: Blood, but it was long dry as the injury was stitched up by miracle.
"Now I remember" it said laughing at herself "I died trying to kill Applebloom due to an unexplained frenzy that enveloped my soul but Sweetie Belle was the one to kill me, so this must be Tartarus." Looking around, she noticed greenery, doves chirping and a big glass white building. Above her was a stature of a strange creature holding another one of their kind representing motherly care. She laughed at herself again "How ironic! The whole mess started because of this image and even in my own death you're still showing me this? The Lord or Tartarus must be an eccentric deity." Soon the laughter has transformed into sadness as she was spilling tears all over and over again "Oh Sweetie Belle and Applebloom, how much I miss you right now!" But she knew crying will never bring them to her or bring her back to them: She was dead.
She suddenly heard loud noises coming from inside the building and screams of whoever there are in the vicinity but the noises were the most noticeable. She hid behind the statue and assessed the situation with her eyes: There were creatures coming outside the building, furless creature with a mane that walked into their hind legs and one of them was riding a strange apparatus. They were running in panic as a white suited creature different to them came out: He was maneless, furless, had blood all over his overly expensive suit "Rarity would kill him" and had those weird L-shaped pieces of machinery she couldn't figure out. The creature held them upward and pressed on something that made this loud BANG noise she's been hearing over and over again only to see that one of the other set of creatures' blood jizzing (sounds dirty) from his body as he fell motionless. She gripped her ears and closed her eyes with fear "Who is that creature? The Emissary of Tartarus itself? Celestia please do not let him see me!" she thought but even with this way of thinking, her nosy nature piqued up as she decided to follow them discretely by trotting behind the statues.

Pleads of mercy; something that Agent 47 always hears and will hear in his line of work. Even the priest, a symbol of religion, wasn't spared from the brutality of the assassin. The bloody mess that tainted his suit didn't even bother him as he adjusted his gloves and tie and touched the back of his head. "Even if I kill thousands like you, I would never find peace because this is what I've been taught to do" he thought, walking to the cross grave, praying for atonement to his sins. Then suddenly...

"Who goes there?" he asked, menacingly pointing his guns at a general direction "Damn! I left a witness alive. That's not in my habits but no matter I'll end this quickly. He moved slowly towards his target, guns ready to fire when...
"Please! I'll come out so that you can swiftly end me. I won't put any resistance so..." the voice said in despair. The agent was perplexed; a target offering no resistance whatsoever? That sounded like Agent Smith but the voice sounded feminine so he still had his doubts and was she asking to die?

"Come out!" he ordered. The person complied by walking slowly from its hiding spot. Agent 47 was aiming to kill but what came out wasn't what he expected: In fact, what came out wasn't a person at all; it was an orange quadrupedal cartoonish-looking creature who had big purple eyes, hair and tail. Its haircut was mohawk-styled and it had orange wings on its back.
"Oh! It's just an animal!" he sighed, walking towards the creature and unfazed by the fact it had freaking wings, kneeled and petted its hair. "You know, you gave me quite the scare. I thought it was someone lurking around trying to kill me."
"Someone? I think you meant somepony probably and would you please stop ruffling my mane?" it talked. Agent 47, who dealt with Chinese mafia, CIA,Interpol,FBI and many other organizations, is being talked back by an animal that came out of nowhere. Of course even him would get a reaction and his was eyeing the creature then shooting a bullet at it which made it dodge from the noise.
"What the hay? Aren't you supposed to send me in the afterlife, Mister Emissary of Tartarus?" it yelled at him.
"What in the name of all that is unholy are you? And what do you mean by Emissary of Tartarus?" 47 replied still aiming his gun at her "Also stand still so that I kill you!" At that, the creature laughed loudly which made 47 flinch once again.
"Kill me? Are you nuts? I am dead already." it blurted, making 47 lose his patience little by little.
"I'll ask again, what in the devil are you? And how are you dead if I didn't kill you already?" asked 47 in a hint of annoyance.
"I am not dead? I am... not dead? I survived! I can see my friends again." she rushed into 47, ignoring all the stuff he had and shaking the equivalent of hooves in what sort of creature she was facing. "Thank you so much, Mister Emissary for these news! I can't wait to see my friends again." she squealed of joy. The agent couldn't make out anything of what she was saying but he sure noticed something: On the back of the creature was a barcode, similar... to his.
He grabbed it and this time in a tight grip, pinning it on a wall.
"I'LL ASK FOR THE LAST TIME!" he was clearly angry "What in the devil are you?"
"Relax, no need to be angry! My name is Scootaloo and I am a pony from Ponyville!" but that added water on mud as 47 lost all of his patience and rammed the pony against the wall again.
"WHAT IN THE DEVIL ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU HAVING A BARCODE?" he yelled again, dropping Scootaloo who was cowering in fear.
"I-I-I really don't know what you're talking about, Mister." he could bear a little with her since she was asking nicely so he broke a glass out of nowhere and gave it to her.
"Look at the back of your neck then answer me where did that came from." she held the piece of glass and did as he said. She saw something black behind her.

"01...05...09...04...01... and there is a 47 slash 2 written in red under a series of black stripes?" she uttered "I wonder what does that mean! Why do I have this, Mister? Why was it placed where it did hurt me back where I nearly killed my friend before I got killed and found by you here?"
"That wasn't my question! Why do you have it?" he asked again with the same impatient tone.
"I REALLY DON'T KNOW! What's wrong with you, Mister? Why the fuss over something so trivial? It could be some type of cutie mark."
"Cutie mark?" he asked, eyeing the creature.
"You know? Cutie mark? Appears when you find what is your purpose in life and what will be your purpose in life? But normally it would appear in my flank right here" she looked at her flank but it was, unfortunately, still blank "Awww, I really wished for it to appear in here." It was clear for him: She didn't know the barcode's purpose. But the pony, as she named herself, was no doubt one of 'his' creations.
He pulled out his cellphone and dialed a number. Scootaloo watched awkwardly the creature pushing buttons with what appeared to be extentions of his hooves then put it on his ear.

"Hello?" the device talked, startling Scootaloo.
"Hello, Diana?"
"Agent 47? What owes me the pleasure?"
"Look I know you were the one who saved my life but I really need an appointement with you in one of ICA's most secret labs."
"Why the secrecy, 47? I know this is like you to be secret in your contracts but why now?" she asked, worryingly.
"Because what I am going to say must not reach any of us three present here!" she said solemnly.
"Three? There was a witness at the church, 47?"
"And one of a kind that is."
"It's not like you to leave people alive, 47. You really must have a good reason. Care to share?"
"I do believe that I have irrefutable proof that Doctor Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer, my creator and father, is still alive... somewhere... somewhat. And this proof is my sister right here." He eyed Scootaloo whose eyes widened at what he said as she passed out from the revelation.


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An MLP/Hitman Crossover

ICA Secret Lab - Brazil

All my life until now has been a lie. First, I tried to kill one of my best friends after going crazy for some unknown reason. Then I get plunged into some place I thought it was Tartarus where a maneless creature wearing a white suit with an expressionless face tried to kill me but gives up because he thinks I am his sister? Me? A pegasus pony who has been alone her entire life is now the sister of a creature that has nothing to do with ponies? This has to be an awful dream or a huge illusion made by the Lord of Tartarus. I know I am talking to myself like a crazy pony but my world has gone crazier enough like that. It must end somehow. IT...MUST...STOP!

Shaking all around, Scootaloo woke up with a start, sweating heavily, panting loudly and eyes bulging like they were going to pop out anytime. She looked around her: Everything in the room she was was white; the bed, bedsheet, walls, windows, door, even the vase and flowers (Fleur de Lis) were white. She was into something she never saw since she had the habit to see everything in colors, rainbows and sunshine. Her first thought was to get out of here but she couldn't: Her left hind hoof was hurting her for some reason. She didn't recall being hurt by something or somepony unless that creature has turned her into that injured state so that she couldn't run away. The poor filly was frozen in terror, still thinking that it was a trick from the Lord of Tartarus when suddenly, she heard a knock on the door.
"I am coming in." the female voice said, tilting the doorknob and entering. It was another creature like the one Scootaloo saw but it had a feminine black dress from head to toe. Its hat was covering all of its face and its only feature distinguisable was her slender stature. The creature approached Scootaloo, whose eyes never quit the newcomer who pulled out a chair and sat down from afar, glancing behind her thick black sunglasses the pony.
"I am impressed" it uttered, smiling "When 47 told me about him having an unexpected witness, he didn't mention such a cute little thing like you." 47? This is the second time now she hears that number.
"W-what is 47?" she asked, fear clear on her face.
"The correct question would be 'who is 47'?" a familiar voice answered as a familiar creature came out of the closet opposite to her bed "47 would be me." It was indeed the maneless creature that struck terror into her heart, only wearing a trendy black suit with an elegant crimson red tie. Scootaloo's eyes widened as the creature came out of the closet: She fidgeted all over the bed and even fell off. Limping, she tried to get away.
"G-get away from me! Don't hurt me! I did nothing!" Only one thought was in her mind: To disappear from this world. She couldn't get far in her state as she was tired and injured. She was approached by the black-dressed female creature, was picked up and put back into her bed gentlely. It turned its head to the maneless creature.
"47! What were you doing in there? You scared our guest here!" it said in a commanding tone.
"I just wanted to survey if it does something out of the ordinary that's all." it answered monotonusly.
Scootaloo was on the verge of tears as she watched the exchange between the two creatures. She was sniffing loud enough for them to hear her.
"I just want to go to where I belong! P-please can you just spare all the fuss and carry me to Tartarus? I am sick of seeing these illusions all around." the terrified pony said, holding her head with her hooves.
"Tartarus?" the female creature said. She had heard of the word before. "You mean Hell? You silly creature! You're not dead and you're speaking of Hell already?"
"Of course I am! I mean I was going to kill my friend then my other friend knocked me out in order to prevent me from killing her and then they threw me in the ravine. If this is not a place from Tartarus then" She rose her hooves into the air "WHERE THE HAY AM I?" She yelled, stomping her hooves into the bed. An electric current came out from her hooves. The female noticed it in the nick of time and got away. Then the whole bed was electrified then was simply reduced into ashes by the powerful lightning shock that came out of what it seems to be the hooves of the pegasus and somehow the latter was unharmed. 47 himself couldn't believe his eyes. Then he snapped and held a hand to the woman in order for her to get up. Scootaloo couldn't believe her eyes: She was able to do something even normal pegasi can't do; create lightning out of thin air. Normal pegasi start by flying of all things but her, doing something out of the ordinary, just blew her mind. But nevertheless, she was panting heavily from the first experience. She eyed the two creatures.
"What... the... hay... do you want from me? Why didn't you kill me when you had the chance? I would better rot in Tartarus then speak to the likes of you." The filly, who used to be crying from the sight of those two, was now glaring menacingly at them and was on the defensive, ready to strike again from the now metallic grilled rests of the bed.
47 on the other hand glared back at the pony: An assassin like him had not the right of underestimating anything, no matter how small or cute it looked. He slowly approached the pony until he was one meter away.
"It seems that we took the matter from the wrong hand... or hoof if you want to." 47 spoke in the same monotonus tone as before. He wasn't a good negociator but the situation was nearly out of reach. "Diana, it seems that we were really rude with our guest, right?"
"Indeed we were, 47, indeed we were!" the newly introduced Diana said "How rude we were! We didn't even introduce ourselves. My name is Diana Burnwood and this is Agent 47. We are affilated in the ICA or International Contract Agency for short. You were brought here by Agent 47 in order to answer us a few questions regarding top secret matters of extreme importance to our organisation." she eloquently said. It seems that she was the right person for the job after all.
Scootaloo eyed the female; this Diana character might help her, unlike some other 'oddball' there.
"You can ask me any question you want but in two conditions" she stated "Please get this baldhead away from me! His sight is somewhat unpleasing and it's impossible to get at ease while him was around and two, you will honestly answer my own set of questions when I'm done." Diana was quite taken aback by the requests; sure she tried to hold her laughter at the whole 'baldhead' comment, much to 47's irritation, but she complied by nodding and gesturing for 47 to leave. As he turned his head, the purple eyes of the pony noticed something black: A barcode to be exact. She remembered when he told her about seeing something in her back but she perished the thought for now as 47 was no longer in sight.
"Now" Diana said "Shall we commence our line of questionning? Good! First question: Who and what are you?"
"The name is Scootaloo: Pegasus pony from Ponyville." the cartoonish orange pony replied without hesitation.
"How are you sentient?" this question was a bit vague but Scootaloo understood something out of it.
"What do you mean? Are ponies not sentient in here? Do they get mute in the afterlife or what?" she asked.
"Afterlife? No this isn't the afterlife! You should have noticed by now! And yes, equines are not sentient here if that's what you mean."
"Then the answer to your question is yes, everypony is sentient from where I am from." she replied. Diana rose an eyebrow as she shook her head from disbelief. She then saw her wings.
"Are you a pegasus?" she asked. Scootaloo raised an eyebrow.
"How do you know about pegasi?" she asked back, fluttering her wings and making them noticeable for Diana who raised both her eyebrows, whistling.
"We know about them because they're believed to be mythical, non-existant beings. As for now, you're the only pegasus on the face of the Earth." she answered back.
"Earth?" Scootaloo gasped "But our planet is called Earth too." Diana's eyes widened at this statement. An alternate Earth to theirs? Things couldn't get more interesting: She needed to investigate more.
"I think you are on another dimension, little pony!" she stated, getting Scootaloo's attention "You're not dead and you do not know where you are thinking you are in Hell but we know this is not Hell so you're alive but indeed you are in another dimension." This was the only logical explaination she could share with the orange filly now. "Now, do you have a clue how did you get in here; of course leaving the part of the attempt of murder aside?" She asked again. The mention of the attempt made Scootaloo reluctant to answer but she still shook her head at the fact.
"Interesting" Diana resumed "How did you create lightning out of thin air like that?" This question made Scootaloo place a hoof under her chin and thought about the answer. She finally said:
"I don't know! I really don't know!" Diana quirked an eyebrow at this.
"If you don't know then why did you ponder that long for the answer?" she asked.
"I just have a theory about this: You see in my world, Our Princessess control the Sun and the Moon" This made Diana whistle, but she let her continue. "The main task of pegasi is to control weather and they mainly move clouds and stomp them in order for rain and lightning to come out from the cloud; of course that is done according to a schedule made by the weather control responsibles. For some reason, baby pegasi can fly since birth but I am a teen yet I can't still fly. This is strange, don't you think?" Diana just nodded at the explaination since Scootaloo was her own world's expert now.
"And you're a pegasus, yet there are no clouds to move around but you still created lightning? Interesting case and I probably have the answer for that mystery." Scootaloo's eyes widened: How can someone who just met her for the first time knew that much about her?
"Care to tell me, please?" She was excited to know where her powers came from.
"But if I tell you this, you probably are not going to like it! It might cause you mental pain or-"
"I suffered enough in order to find who I am, you know that?" she interrupted her, angryly "Since I was born, I wanted to know who I am. I was in an orphan first of all but I escaped the orphanage due to mistreatement. I lived alone, hiding behind secrets the whole time: A miserable life where I worked hard in rock farms and delivery services in order to earn scholarship. I made friends just recently, friends that I didn't want them to share my pain and how I return the favor: By trying to kill one of them before being seperated from my own world and getting here because of that bald guy now I will not leave without an answer so please, tell me!" Because she was crying, she didn't notice that electricity crackled in her front hooves. Diana sighed: She knew that what she was going to say wasn't going to be pretty but it was her request.
"Alright! If you insist" Scootaloo calmed down to listen to her. "After being unconcious, 47 brought you here in order to do some tests on you, to see what kind of metabolism you possess. We found out that your wings were real and all but we discovered three things in your body. First, your body is for some unknown reason similar to humans, the name of our race. You have 46 chromosomes just like us while normally a horse or an equine if you want has 64 in our world. I don't know how to explain this but it's your nature and your creation to be like that." Scootaloo could only nod in approval. "The second thing was what we found in your left hind hoof" she pointed at the injured foot as she showed some sort of chip "This has been placed in your hoof in order to whoever planted this on you to follow you, control some of your actions or probably destroy you if you posed a threat somehow somewhat." The little pony was enraged; she intended to discover who did that to her but she decided to let Diana finish her speech "The final point is that you are not a normal pony at all!"
"But didn't you say that before?" she retorted
"I am not finished! Even by your standards you're not a normal pony! We have found traces of the 47th chromosome inside of your body which explains the barcode behind your skull. The 47th chromosome gives its possessor enhanced physical and mental powers but in your case it gave you enhanced control over lightning and for some reason has omitted or delayed your ability to fly." Scootaloo's eyes were out of their sockets of amazement: A change of metabolism that can give power? Even Twilight would be crazed enough if she found out such thing existed.
"There is more and I arrived at the point you won't like" Scootaloo snapped out and looked sternly at Diana "Agent 47 possesses the same chromosome hence his name, 47. You are the same as him: A clone created from other humans or ponies genes. I am sorry but you don't have parents, little pony, you have a creator, a rutheless creator known as Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer!" As she heard these words, all Hell in Scootaloo's mind broke loose. The poor filly couldn't comprehend the rush of sudden information inside her head. She held her head in pain.

I am a clone? I am a pony who is not supposed to have an existance in this world? Why do I exist then? What is my purpose? Why did this 'Ort-Meyer' fellow created me? I refuse to believe that I am some sort of experiment! This is not what I learned! This is not what I liked! This is not ME!

Scootaloo panted heavily, trying to control her rage.
"The problem is" Diana started "that 47, who was also created by the scientist, killed him!"
That bald head was created by him too? I see what he meant by being his sister. Wait! He killed him?
"How is he still alive then?" asked Scootaloo, gripping Diana's hand.
"I-I don't know! I have no idea! This is the reason why we kept you alive: You are the only lead to Ort-Meyer as we believe that he's in your world."
Scootaloo slowly dropped Diana's hand. She hunched her head down, crying.
"So, my father is evil?" she said rethorically "If he is then Equestria and my friends are in danger!" Then she realised something "You said that 47, my supposed to be brother, killed my father, right? That makes my brother a killer, right?"
Diana was in shock; she called 47 her brother?
"47, I didn't lie when I said you are beginning to soften a bit" she chuckled at the thought. "Your 'supposed to be brother' is in fact an ICA assassin! Our organization's goal is to eliminate corrupt people who use money, drugs, weaponry etc for their own goals and hide their crimes from the eyes of common people and politicians." Scootaloo sighed.
"I suppose that I had a wrong idea about 47. In my world, killing is forbidden and unheard of. I never saw anypony getting killed or anypony kill in that matter except in case of wars."
"This is why we need to save your world now that we know that Ort-Meyer is alive! Your world... erm" she put a hand behind her head
"Equestria!" Scootaloo beamed.
"Equestria, is in danger and only God knows what lurks behind the shadows." she smiled at the filly who smiled in her turn.
Suddenly, Diana heard her mobile phone ringing. Scootaloo was startled again.
"Oh! This machine lets you talk to people that are very far away! Now excuse me? Hello-" she turned her face away and spoke a little bit loud.
"Ok, sir! Ok! Handle us information for your target into our database and we'll send our best into action. We'll keep in touch!"
"Was that a client asking for a killing contract? That was way too cool!" The filly said, impressed by what she had overheard.
"Y-yes, that was exactly it!" She dialed 47's number asking him to come back and he indeed came back as soon as he recieved the call.
"You asked for me saying there was a contract! You know how I work Diana so..." 47 said in a stern commanding tone, ignoring Scootaloo who was present at the time.
"B-b-b-b-" the latter tried to utter something which gathered their attention "Brother! I am so sorry for what I've done!" 47 was taken aback by the new appelation: Brother? That was new. Diana couldn't resist the urge to laugh at 47 who really looked pissed off.
"Could I help my brother in taking out his target?" 47's eyes widened at the request and Diana choked on her laughter.
"*cough* W-what did you just say? You know, this is no child's play, little one. True you're the brother of our most notorious silent assassin but you're not, I mean NOT cut out for this at all." The filly's eyes full of determination never quit 47's eyes.
"Just what happened between you two, Diana?" asked 47
"Long story, 47! I'll fill you the details later but the job comes first. Your cash has been filed into your bank account already! You have until the 1st of January 2007 to complete the mission which leaves you one week of preparation." But he wasn't paying attention to Diana. His eyes was still fixed on his supposed to be sister.
"Are you really sure you want to do this?" He said, poining a finger at her.
"47? It is not of your habits to work with someone and yet with someone who doesn't have experience at all!"
"I was in her age when I first killed, Diana! I understand the meaning to be rejected but having a family? It's a total new experience for me as Father Vittorio was the only person I consider being a parent to me. I'll ask again, are you sure you want to do the same thing as I am? I will be harsh with you during this week as I will teach you how to kill without having any remorse upon your victims."
"I have seen death too many times! I have even experienced it myself! I cannot turn back onto my decision now that I know that my world is in peril!" answered Scootaloo, still determined and eager to start.
"Then we shall start tomorrow! Until then, take a rest! You'll need it so that your leg and state of mind will be better soon. Come Diana, let's discuss the briefing."
And with that, they left the room, leaving the orange pegasus sleep.

Applebloom! Sweetie Belle! Everyone! I hope you're okay because I shall find a way to get back to you and save you from the upcoming danger that is bestowed upon you all. I'll become strong! I'll have my vengance like my brother before me!

Mission 1: A Deadly New Year

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Mission 1: A Deadly New Year
An MLP/Hitman crossover

Flashback, Mission Briefing, ICA Lab, 31st December 2006

"Hello, 47 and Scootaloo," Diana started "I hope your associate has trained well because we cannot waste time anymore! I shall repeat the briefing for Scootaloo. Your target is a Brazilian CEO named Nicolas Phillipo Dos Santos," Scootaloo cringed at the name but still maintained her composure as Diana showed a picture of the target "Age 46 and single, he was a drug warlord of Brazil during the Cold War and has had his own fortune that way. Every new year, he goes to his private port in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the New Year which will be his last as for tomorrow. He has a knack for old steam boats where he spends the New Year Eve there. According to our client, he will make a deal with another drug warlord during the New Year so it's imperative that we stop him tonight. Good luck both of you! Stay alive, little one." she winked at Scootaloo before leaving the room. 47 was preparing all the stuff needed, his Silverballers, silenced of course, both of his syringes, his Fiber Wire..., while Scootaloo was observing him prepare his equipment, thinking about every detail of the mission.
"Wait," she blurted, getting 47's attention. "Why do you prepare all of that? We're not going on a war I remind you. I know you're the expert on that matter but I have a foalproof plan on how to assassinate the target," She approached 47 and picked up two sedative syringes. "We will only need these, one each." It was true that 47 trained her in weaponry during the week but he didn't train her in planning.
"I generally do not trust in planning because I'll do it on the way of my mission while observing the surroundings," 47 replied but recieved Scootaloo's glare. 47 stood still but sighed "Alright, explain your plan for me."
"You shall not be disappointed, brother. Not... one... bit." Scootaloo smirked as she explained the steps of her plan.

31st December 2006, 10 p.m, Phillipo's private port

Having scanned the perimeters of the port, 47 knew what he had to do so he went to the entrance where a guard was standing there, stopping him on his tracks.
"What business do you have in here, buddy?" he spoke in Brazilian.
"I am an old friend of Mr. Dos Santos. I came here to wish a Happy New Year for him." 47 replied monotonely.
"Ah! A friend of Mr. Dos Santos? I see," he eyed 47 carefully as one thing caught his attention. "What's in the big travelling suitcase then?" he eyed indeed a big black travelling suitcase in 47's left hand.
"Oh that! Just a present for Mr. Dos Santos! It's a wooden model of a steam boat. I bought it in a hurry while I was travelling." 47 replied, still unsure of his response.
"May I inspect that please?" the guard held an arm towards the suitcase. 47 couldn't help but nod since he doesn't have his guns right now so he handled it to him. He opened it and saw a big white box with the picture of a steam boat in it and the brand name of the modelling company inside it. Clarifying what 47 said, he closed the suitcase and handled it back to 47.
"It's cool! You can deliver it yourself if you want to. Here is an all access pass to the port but the coal room is strictly forbidden mind you. Also make it fast! Mr. Phillipo's boat is parting at 11 p.m sharp after being loaded with coal." he warned him.
"I'll keep that in mind." 47 replied just that and cursed his luck in his thoughts about not being allowed in the coal room: He needed a disguise.
Entering the port, he saw people, civilians and guards but mostly guards, partolling all around. He walked casually around the perimeters, detecting a man with dirty work clothes and soot all over his face. He knew that the man was the perfect target but he had to make it fast as it was 10:20 p.m. He kept following the man until he was going to take a dump in the sea, away from sight. He went behind him, held his mouth and sedated him with his syringe. He took his clothes then dumped his body into the sea, leaving him to die. He emptied the suitcase from its contents, leaving the big white box there. He then rushed into the coal room and casually opened the door. Staring at the amount of coal, he judged that it was enough coal for an hour trip so he replenished the suitcase in coal and left about half of it, being sure that he wasn't being seen of course. He returned to the 'dumping' place, dumped the coal into the sea, put back the white box into the suitcase and regained his trendy suit. It was nearly 11 p.m as he went towards the steam boat and saw a guard there.
"Hello, sir. May I help you?" the latter asked.
"Yes, could you put this in Mr. Phillipo's room? When anyone asks, tell them that a friend of him named Miguel has given him this. It's a steam boat model that he expected to recieve by now and I wanted it to be a surprise for him." he handled the case to the guard who nodded in approval as he held the case and gave it to the waiter who was present nearby, ordering him to do the exact same thing 47 said. Now, with the steam boat fully charged and the suitcase delivered, 47 quit the premises, saluting any guard he encounters.
"I hope this is the last time I act so casually in front of people. Good luck, sister! May the Divine protection be with you!" he thought, climbing a hill and overseeing the boat sailing into the sea.

On the steam boat, 11:05 p.m.

The bellboy was in front of Phillipo's room. He knocked on the door but didn't recieve an answer so he entered the room after excusing and placed the rather heavy suitcase on the sofa then left the room hastly. Then something strange happened as the suitcase's zipper opened by itself as two purple eyes followed by a familiar orange pegasus pony popped out of it, breathing heavily.
"My plan had risks in it. I almost lost my breath! But good job, brother," she thought, looking around the room, she noticed a picture of the target. "This is his room alright! Better arrange the mess I caused." She took the messed-up white box and put it back into the suitcase then closed it. She noticed the convienently placed closet by the sofa where she hid and waited for her time to jump in the action.
By 11:30 p.m, the boat suddenly stopped moving. A good-looking man, who happened to be the target, was yelling at his crew.
"What's going on in here?"
"It seems that we're out of coal, sir. We cannot return to the port. One of the solutions is to call the authorities and ask them for a rescue boat or scrap whatever is combustible to get back safe and sound." the enginemaster answered.
"No! I can't let the police discover this! If they do they'll ask whatever I was doing here and become suspicious of my activities." he thought then in a smiley face, he said "I'll see what I can scrap from my room then I'll tell you to come and get it, ok? Just get in my room in five minutes." Then he rushed into his room.
Scootaloo was eyeing the door as the man came in: It was indeed her target. He was looking around and round for anything that could be scrapped. Of course he went to his closet first as he inspected the wood carefully, nodded and wrote 'To scrap' in Brazilian. Scootaloo sighed that he didn't open the closet as her target continued inspecting the room until he came across the suitcase.
"Hm! I don't recall this being here." he thought, unzipping the case. He saw the big white box of the model steam boat. He girlishly squealed at the gift, making Scootaloo cringe and put her hooves on her ears. As he opened the white box, he saw that it was empty.
"Is this some kind of sick jok-aauuugghh." as he was thinking of that, an orange blur was placed on his mouth and he felt all wobbly and dizzy. He tried to call for help but he couldn't as he fell onto the floor unconcious. The orange blur was Scootaloo, injecting the sedative to her target. The unconcious man was snoring loudly. Scootaloo hadn't had much time as she heard footsteps from afar so she took the surprisingly heavy body, put it on her back and made sure that all of his body was fit to be into the suitcase and then zipped it, complaining about how heavy the body was.
"Note to self: Ask brother for some muscle training." she thought as she pulled the note from the closet (47 taught her the word in order for the plan to work) and placed it on the suitcase. Finally, she jumped out of the window into the sea, putting a breathing device on her mouth and fluttering her wings to swim faster for shore.
The guards came in, eventually saw the big suitcase and logically the note, carried it not complaining it was heavy and placed it on the steam engine thus burning it whole and by whole I mean whatever contained in it which in this case was their poor boss being creamated.

On the hill

47 was waiting for his sister to come by as the signal on the suitcase went off, meaning that the plan went surprisingly well. Then he saw an orange blur with a purple wet-chicken-like mane, all wet from swimming.
"I told you... that my plan... is going to work..." she panted heavily. 47 smiled as he saw something on her flank: Some sparkles were taking motion as a mark appeared; it was the insignia he had on his stuff, except it was golden. He pointed at her flank, smiling. Scootaloo looked back and was nearly flying of happiness as her wings fluttered.
"I guess this is my destiny after all." she stated.
"How did you do it? Your plan I mean. It was beautifully executed without even being directly involved in the deed." he asked.
"I guess my plans for the Crusaders weren't just for sweet talk. I had that ability since I was a filly. Sure my wings weren't strong and my body too, which reminds me that you need to train me on that point, but I guess those genes of mine are the cause. I probably should thank my 'father' for that 'adequatly'."
47 smiled for the first time of his life probably as fireworks announcing the New Year were in motion and could be seen from afar.
"Happy New Year, sister!" he said, handling her another suitcase: It contained a trendy suit similar to his but a very small one that is.
"More like Deadly New Year, brother!" she smiled back as she closed the suit and went into the car nearby.
I cannot stop now! This is the destiny that was bestowed upon me. This is my new path into assassination. I couldn't wait for the next mission but I couldn't think of the evil that is going to come to Equestria. I wonder what happens there right now.