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A Drip of Blood for your Thoughts - LE_MALEM

If you think that the world around you is all rainbows and sunshine, then think again because 'they' shall make sure that 'they' are the last thing you see.

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Mission 1: A Deadly New Year

Mission 1: A Deadly New Year
An MLP/Hitman crossover

Flashback, Mission Briefing, ICA Lab, 31st December 2006

"Hello, 47 and Scootaloo," Diana started "I hope your associate has trained well because we cannot waste time anymore! I shall repeat the briefing for Scootaloo. Your target is a Brazilian CEO named Nicolas Phillipo Dos Santos," Scootaloo cringed at the name but still maintained her composure as Diana showed a picture of the target "Age 46 and single, he was a drug warlord of Brazil during the Cold War and has had his own fortune that way. Every new year, he goes to his private port in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the New Year which will be his last as for tomorrow. He has a knack for old steam boats where he spends the New Year Eve there. According to our client, he will make a deal with another drug warlord during the New Year so it's imperative that we stop him tonight. Good luck both of you! Stay alive, little one." she winked at Scootaloo before leaving the room. 47 was preparing all the stuff needed, his Silverballers, silenced of course, both of his syringes, his Fiber Wire..., while Scootaloo was observing him prepare his equipment, thinking about every detail of the mission.
"Wait," she blurted, getting 47's attention. "Why do you prepare all of that? We're not going on a war I remind you. I know you're the expert on that matter but I have a foalproof plan on how to assassinate the target," She approached 47 and picked up two sedative syringes. "We will only need these, one each." It was true that 47 trained her in weaponry during the week but he didn't train her in planning.
"I generally do not trust in planning because I'll do it on the way of my mission while observing the surroundings," 47 replied but recieved Scootaloo's glare. 47 stood still but sighed "Alright, explain your plan for me."
"You shall not be disappointed, brother. Not... one... bit." Scootaloo smirked as she explained the steps of her plan.

31st December 2006, 10 p.m, Phillipo's private port

Having scanned the perimeters of the port, 47 knew what he had to do so he went to the entrance where a guard was standing there, stopping him on his tracks.
"What business do you have in here, buddy?" he spoke in Brazilian.
"I am an old friend of Mr. Dos Santos. I came here to wish a Happy New Year for him." 47 replied monotonely.
"Ah! A friend of Mr. Dos Santos? I see," he eyed 47 carefully as one thing caught his attention. "What's in the big travelling suitcase then?" he eyed indeed a big black travelling suitcase in 47's left hand.
"Oh that! Just a present for Mr. Dos Santos! It's a wooden model of a steam boat. I bought it in a hurry while I was travelling." 47 replied, still unsure of his response.
"May I inspect that please?" the guard held an arm towards the suitcase. 47 couldn't help but nod since he doesn't have his guns right now so he handled it to him. He opened it and saw a big white box with the picture of a steam boat in it and the brand name of the modelling company inside it. Clarifying what 47 said, he closed the suitcase and handled it back to 47.
"It's cool! You can deliver it yourself if you want to. Here is an all access pass to the port but the coal room is strictly forbidden mind you. Also make it fast! Mr. Phillipo's boat is parting at 11 p.m sharp after being loaded with coal." he warned him.
"I'll keep that in mind." 47 replied just that and cursed his luck in his thoughts about not being allowed in the coal room: He needed a disguise.
Entering the port, he saw people, civilians and guards but mostly guards, partolling all around. He walked casually around the perimeters, detecting a man with dirty work clothes and soot all over his face. He knew that the man was the perfect target but he had to make it fast as it was 10:20 p.m. He kept following the man until he was going to take a dump in the sea, away from sight. He went behind him, held his mouth and sedated him with his syringe. He took his clothes then dumped his body into the sea, leaving him to die. He emptied the suitcase from its contents, leaving the big white box there. He then rushed into the coal room and casually opened the door. Staring at the amount of coal, he judged that it was enough coal for an hour trip so he replenished the suitcase in coal and left about half of it, being sure that he wasn't being seen of course. He returned to the 'dumping' place, dumped the coal into the sea, put back the white box into the suitcase and regained his trendy suit. It was nearly 11 p.m as he went towards the steam boat and saw a guard there.
"Hello, sir. May I help you?" the latter asked.
"Yes, could you put this in Mr. Phillipo's room? When anyone asks, tell them that a friend of him named Miguel has given him this. It's a steam boat model that he expected to recieve by now and I wanted it to be a surprise for him." he handled the case to the guard who nodded in approval as he held the case and gave it to the waiter who was present nearby, ordering him to do the exact same thing 47 said. Now, with the steam boat fully charged and the suitcase delivered, 47 quit the premises, saluting any guard he encounters.
"I hope this is the last time I act so casually in front of people. Good luck, sister! May the Divine protection be with you!" he thought, climbing a hill and overseeing the boat sailing into the sea.

On the steam boat, 11:05 p.m.

The bellboy was in front of Phillipo's room. He knocked on the door but didn't recieve an answer so he entered the room after excusing and placed the rather heavy suitcase on the sofa then left the room hastly. Then something strange happened as the suitcase's zipper opened by itself as two purple eyes followed by a familiar orange pegasus pony popped out of it, breathing heavily.
"My plan had risks in it. I almost lost my breath! But good job, brother," she thought, looking around the room, she noticed a picture of the target. "This is his room alright! Better arrange the mess I caused." She took the messed-up white box and put it back into the suitcase then closed it. She noticed the convienently placed closet by the sofa where she hid and waited for her time to jump in the action.
By 11:30 p.m, the boat suddenly stopped moving. A good-looking man, who happened to be the target, was yelling at his crew.
"What's going on in here?"
"It seems that we're out of coal, sir. We cannot return to the port. One of the solutions is to call the authorities and ask them for a rescue boat or scrap whatever is combustible to get back safe and sound." the enginemaster answered.
"No! I can't let the police discover this! If they do they'll ask whatever I was doing here and become suspicious of my activities." he thought then in a smiley face, he said "I'll see what I can scrap from my room then I'll tell you to come and get it, ok? Just get in my room in five minutes." Then he rushed into his room.
Scootaloo was eyeing the door as the man came in: It was indeed her target. He was looking around and round for anything that could be scrapped. Of course he went to his closet first as he inspected the wood carefully, nodded and wrote 'To scrap' in Brazilian. Scootaloo sighed that he didn't open the closet as her target continued inspecting the room until he came across the suitcase.
"Hm! I don't recall this being here." he thought, unzipping the case. He saw the big white box of the model steam boat. He girlishly squealed at the gift, making Scootaloo cringe and put her hooves on her ears. As he opened the white box, he saw that it was empty.
"Is this some kind of sick jok-aauuugghh." as he was thinking of that, an orange blur was placed on his mouth and he felt all wobbly and dizzy. He tried to call for help but he couldn't as he fell onto the floor unconcious. The orange blur was Scootaloo, injecting the sedative to her target. The unconcious man was snoring loudly. Scootaloo hadn't had much time as she heard footsteps from afar so she took the surprisingly heavy body, put it on her back and made sure that all of his body was fit to be into the suitcase and then zipped it, complaining about how heavy the body was.
"Note to self: Ask brother for some muscle training." she thought as she pulled the note from the closet (47 taught her the word in order for the plan to work) and placed it on the suitcase. Finally, she jumped out of the window into the sea, putting a breathing device on her mouth and fluttering her wings to swim faster for shore.
The guards came in, eventually saw the big suitcase and logically the note, carried it not complaining it was heavy and placed it on the steam engine thus burning it whole and by whole I mean whatever contained in it which in this case was their poor boss being creamated.

On the hill

47 was waiting for his sister to come by as the signal on the suitcase went off, meaning that the plan went surprisingly well. Then he saw an orange blur with a purple wet-chicken-like mane, all wet from swimming.
"I told you... that my plan... is going to work..." she panted heavily. 47 smiled as he saw something on her flank: Some sparkles were taking motion as a mark appeared; it was the insignia he had on his stuff, except it was golden. He pointed at her flank, smiling. Scootaloo looked back and was nearly flying of happiness as her wings fluttered.
"I guess this is my destiny after all." she stated.
"How did you do it? Your plan I mean. It was beautifully executed without even being directly involved in the deed." he asked.
"I guess my plans for the Crusaders weren't just for sweet talk. I had that ability since I was a filly. Sure my wings weren't strong and my body too, which reminds me that you need to train me on that point, but I guess those genes of mine are the cause. I probably should thank my 'father' for that 'adequatly'."
47 smiled for the first time of his life probably as fireworks announcing the New Year were in motion and could be seen from afar.
"Happy New Year, sister!" he said, handling her another suitcase: It contained a trendy suit similar to his but a very small one that is.
"More like Deadly New Year, brother!" she smiled back as she closed the suit and went into the car nearby.
I cannot stop now! This is the destiny that was bestowed upon me. This is my new path into assassination. I couldn't wait for the next mission but I couldn't think of the evil that is going to come to Equestria. I wonder what happens there right now.

Author's Note:

AND CUT! How original this mission was! I can say this chapter was a success! Please comment with what you can and thanks for reading!

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Which game i sthe timeline in and are there going to be any missions in the Absolution time?


This is after the last mission of Hitman: Blood Money and no, all the missions will be original and written by me as I know nothing of Absolution events. Thanks for the comment!

Probably the most important Absolution event is that 47 cuts off his barcode with an old fashioned razor and goes on his own.

Then I've got to play with the timeline of Hitman since my mission happened after Blood Money! I would like when did the 1st mission of Absolution occur?

The aftermath of Blood Money

Exactly! Also I went to Hitman Wiki and in the Damnation book, Diana cut contact with 47 in 2011 so that's a long way to go. I didn't interfere with any of the events of Absolution so this happens between Blood Money and Absolution with a deviation from the book Damnation. Don't worry though I still have my plans for this fanfic quite set in mind and perfectly organised.

4 years of pony assassination to go!

That is for me to decide :trixieshiftleft:!

It was nice talking to you! I gotta think of my missions now!

when are you gonna continue working on this story? I am enjoying it quite a bit


I shall in due time my friend! I shall in due time!

2417423 you better or I'll find an axe and throw it at your skull

Update please? :D

Hitman blood money is the best game ever. Because there are absurd and unorthodox ways to kill your targets.

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