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A Drip of Blood for your Thoughts - LE_MALEM

If you think that the world around you is all rainbows and sunshine, then think again because 'they' shall make sure that 'they' are the last thing you see.

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Requiem for a Prologue

A/N: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my new idea of a fanfiction. I noticed the lack of commentary in my other fics which discouraged me to press onto them but do not worry I am not a quitter and I won't give up for that much. I've been playing Hitman: Blood Money lately when Hitman: Absolution came lurking nearby. I've had this glimpse of an idea in my dreams so I decided to put it into practice so without further adeu, I'll give you the Prologue.

Requiem for a Prologue
An MLP/Hitman crossover

Ponyville's School

It was a normal day in Ponyville. The sun was shimmering brilliantly in the sky. There was no sign of pegasi activities and not a single cloud was in sight. Cheerilee was teaching her class of little foals and filles about subjects that seemed boring to some and interesting for others. Three cutiemarkless fillies, an orange pegasus with a purple-mohawk-shaped mane, a yellow earth pony with a red mane and bowtie and a purpleish unicorn with a posh styled mane, were not following the lesson; they were planning to get their cutie marks instead. Noticing them, Cheerilee decided to change her plans as well.
"Okay class!" she blurted out of no where "We are going to have a lesson concering your cutie marks and how to earn them." That topic certainly perked the ears of our three ponies as they dropped everything they had in hand and followed her intensely. One pony was objecting this: It was a pinkish earth pony with a beautiful white, pink and purple mane, a tiara as a cutie mark and on her head.
"But Miss Cheerilee, didn't we discuss the matter for like a long time ago and dealt with it?" she whined.
"Diamond Tiara, you haven't seem to notice that there are certain of you who don't even have their cutie mark." she retorted, looking at the three. Diamond looked at the trio herself and was boiling with rage.
"But they tried to get it like a bizzilion times before and I'll say it one again, they'll stay-" she was interrupted by a glare from Cheerilee.
"I dare you to finish that sentence, little filly." she was holding her ruler ready to strike. Diamond Tiara pouted and sat down. The teacher then resumed her lesson.
"Now all of us know that a pony can earn his or her cutie mark when he or she stumbles upon his or her talent" there were whispers about how obvious and repetitive the teacher was "But could you tell me if there are other ways to obtain them?" Chatter was all over the class. A hoof suddenly jerked up.
"Yes? Sweetie Belle?"
"Encountering something or somepony that might change your life forever thus marking your destiny and the obtention of your cutiemark; a fine example is that of my sister Rarity and the rock she encountered." she answered.
"Exactly, Sweetie Belle! You could obtain your cutie mark by mere coincidence or destiny but there is another way of obtaining it." This time it was the yellow pony's hoof who jerked up.
"Heritage?" upon hearing that word, the orange pony's eyes widened and her head hunched down. "Because we all know how Diamond Tiara is related to her rich father so it's only natural she got her cutie mark from inheritance and without any effort." she eyed Diamond Tiara cockingly who was just boiling with anger.
"Don't forget you're an Apple yourself, Applebloom? Doesn't that also mean that you'll get your cutie mark like all your poor family who is bucking apple trees all day?"
"Ah maybe ah'm an Apple, but that doesn't mean that heritage is ah basis for getting mah cutie mark." Applebloom retorted, gritting her teeth.
"Now now, fillies, calm down! It's like what Applebloom said. We must not totally trust our heritage in order to get our cutie mark. It's just a basis for someponies that couldn't find their talents with the two previous methods."
A certain orange pegasus pony heard these words and couldn't believe her ears. For some reason, the pegasus couldn't whistand staying in class so she slowly raised her hand, enough to be seen by her teacher.
"Yes? Scootaloo! Is there something you want to add?"
"No, ma'am! If you'll excuse me, I don't feel so well. I need to go home with your permission." In fact, she didn't need her permission as she rose from her seat and trotted away as fast as she could. Her two friends looked at each other and then at Cheerilee who just nodded her head so that they go after her.

Heritage, family. Words that Scootaloo wasn't familiar with. Few ponies knew who Scootaloo is but did they really know who is she for real? What secrets could the five-years-old filly have hidden her entire little lifespan? Were they even secrets at all?

Scootaloo was trotting away, crying torrents as she entered the infamous Everfree forest. Arriving at a dead end, which was a hill with a view to Ponyville, she kept weeping while looking at the city she was raised in.
"Who am I? What am I? Why did I react like this at the mention of 'Heritage' and 'Family'? Do I even have them? I don't know. I DON'T KNOW!" she held her head tilting it back and forth violently when she suddenly touched something in her body, around her neck to be exact. She could feel it. It hurted to touch it too but she couldn't see it at all.
"What is this pain I am feeling just now? It is something I've never felt before but I only feel that it existed" she thought, still touching her neck. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle came by, trotting and calling Scootaloo's name and hugging her.
"What happened to ya making us worry like that?" Applebloom asked
"C'mon! Just tell us all about it" comforted Sweetie Belle "If it's a secret, we won't tell anypony. We Pinkie Promise."
"Both of you won't understand a thing about it! All this talk about your families makes me sick!" barked Scootaloo, still not willing to talk. "Watching all you having families, all of you sharing your pains with each other just makes me feel alienated."
she kept crying over and over again.
"Just try us, Scootaloo" said Applebloom, holding her shoulders "What are friends for?"
Scootaloo thought about it thoroughly, sighed and said.
"I am... an-" she didn't finish her sentence as she felt something painful throbbing inside her. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" a loud shriek came from her whole body. She kneeled on her hooves, holding the back for her neck.
"Scootaloo? What's wrong? Is there something troubling you?" asked Applebloom, worried. Sweetie Belle used her magic on Scootaloo's hooves to see what was wrong. Even with Scootaloo's resistance, she could move them from her neck just a bit. They saw something: A series of black stripes, ones were larger than others. Under those stripes were numbers.
"010509-040147/2! Sweetie Belle? Do you know what this-" she was interrupted by a hoof coming to her neck, choking her tightly (don't ask me how ponies choke): It was Scootaloo, her eye veins becoming redder and redder from pain. Sweetie Belle's magic wasn't working well as the enraged filly kept choking the earth pony who was resisting the assault. A storm was coming onto the Everfree as thunder started to clap and rain started to fall.

"GET AWAY FROM ME... GET...GET...OFF...MY...HEAD...I AM AN- AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" her words were incomprehensible due to the claps of thunder as she yelled loudly once again. She pinned the yellow filly to the ground and kept smashing her head into the dirt.
"What am I doing? All I wanted to say is that I am an- Why can't I say it? What is this pain? Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, anypony, HELP ME!" but her conciousness was absent as in the outside there was only the shell of a pony called Scootaloo who was trying to what obviously looked like killing her best friend with her bare hooves while maniacly saying "DIE! DIE! DIIIIIIIIIIE!"
The poor Applebloom was defenseless at that point as the orange filly's onslaught was still ongoing. She was near unconcious when suddenly a rock as big as her head smashed Scootaloo's spine. The purple-maned filly's irises became little dots as she looked behind her to see blood going all over her back and then she saw Sweetie Belle, panting and still holding the murder weapon with her magic.
"I am sorry, Scootaloo but that was my only choice!" she said, crying.
Scootaloo saw what her friend did to her then she saw Applebloom getting away from her grip causing her to fall.
"T-t-t-thank yo-" she didn't finish her sentence as she lost conciousness. Applebloom approached Scootaloo's limp body and touched her neck: There was no pulse. Both of her friends were shocked witnessed and did something that has never been done or seen in Equestria: Murder. Applebloom was a witness, Scootaloo was killed and her unicorn friend, Sweetie Belle was a murderer. The rain stopped and the skies were clear once again.
"Sweetie Belle! What have you done?" Applebloom, with a bleeding face, asked, still not believing the facts.
"I am aware of what I've done" she answered, lifelessly, "But I did it in order to save you! Scootaloo was like possessed at that time! She could have killed you."
"Couldn't we do this differently, like in a peaceful manner? Ah knew ah was in danger but ah would have never done that. Now what we're going to do? Tell everypony that you killed somepony? Imagine what your sister would say!"
"I WILL face the consequences of that on my own. You shall keep this matter a secret no matter what, Applebloom. Nopony shall ever know of this... event between us. I know it is hard but we must do something to not be put into a jail or an asylum. Remember that YOU witnessed this too. You could be held as an accomplice. Think Sweetie Belle think!" she squeezed her head tightly. They had no choice in the matter: They picked up the lifeless body of the pegasus and threw it at the current but not before Applebloom noted the black mark on Scootaloo's back head in her memories, forever.

I am an orphan: These were the words that I wanted to say to them. My only friends who recognised me as I am: A pegasus filly who was alone and couldn't fly for some unknown reason. Why did it hurt to say these words? What even hurts about saying them? Who could have thought that a confession would hurt so much? That pain... It just disappeared when Sweetie Belle crushed me with that rock. I couldn't thank her enough for saving me from killing Applebloom. I died for my sins and I must pay the price. I just hope you two have a nice life and please do regret nothing from ending me. I am unknown after all.

Unknown Place

"So this experiment also was a failure, wasn't it?" A muffeled voice said "No matter! As long as these two do not figure who really my daughter is it doesn't cause me a problem. I won't even have to monitor her now she's dead. Rest in Peace, 47 Duo (Romanian of two).

A maniac's laugh echoed all over the dark place.

Author's Note:

A rushed start but it was a twisted one indeed. Only the future shall decide what would I do within my twisted mind of mine. Until then, COMMENT and please don't fave until you give me a good reason why. Thanks for understanding!