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I am a bad writer because English isn't my native language and this is my first MLP/TF2 Crossover.

A twist of fate has left Celestia no choice but to send the most unlikely ponies imaginable to a training camp led by the most unlikely creature known by ponies in order to protect themselves against the horrors of war!

Rated Teen to be safe! Maybe I'll switch to Mature if there are scenes of gore later on!

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I claim the almighty sword of FIRST!

I really wanted to do that on other fics but I'll do it on mine! Please comment if that's okay with you! :fluttercry:

dont cry fluttershy
heres a comment

i cant read now but will later

hey there, just read your story, it's looking pretty solid! looking forward to the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:


I thank you from all my heart!

good story.
needs some revision.
feels rushed.
can't blame you, though.
hoping for something new.
keep going.
i'm liking where this is headed.
hope something happens.
don't disappoint.
if you do...
look behind you.

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