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After the battle for the liberation of Aiur, Zeratul saved his people from the corrupt Khala, but at the cost of his own life. His death, however, was unconfirmed by Artanis. Zeratul was supposed to be in the Void, sleeping like any noble Protoss warrior does, but fate demanded that he gets another adventure in a planet discovered by none, the planet Equus.

Crossover between MLP and Starcraft, owned by Hasbro and Blizzard respectively.

I do not know much about Starcraft lore so if you see anything suspicious, please comment on it.

Rated Teen to be safe. Human tag is for later.

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We all know about the hatred between Applebloom and Diamond Tiara. These two shall never be friends no matter the circumstances. This is a truth that most ponies in Ponyville at least knows about it.
But what about proving them wrong by sending the most unexpected lovers in their lives? I'm talking of course about their Canterlot High counterparts.
Rated Teen, rating suspected to change if Moderators ask me to do so!
I do not own and will never own MLP!
Thanks to Gutovi-kun for the idea and cover.

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All of you already know about Laa-Mohr and how he joined 'The Misfits'. But have you ever wondered about his story, his background, and especially... his curse?! Let's find out right now as I narrate you this Saddle Arabian tale of the Son of Nopony.

Side Story of The Misfits by Cyber System

Special thanks to Cyber System for this opportunity!

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Alone and brutally murdered against her will, a young filly faces an inevitable destiny when meeting a creature unknown by ponykind. She did think that her peaceful world is chaotic enough for her but how would she fare against the perils of this new world in order to return to hers and how would she be affected by this stranger? Would she cope with it or would it cope with her?

An MLP/Hitman crossover. Please if you have talent in drawing, please PM me and thanks!

Takes place after the last mission of Hitman: Blood Money.

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In times of despair, there must be a hero that saves the day. But what will happen if that hero is someone whom you last expect as a hero?

A MLP/Skyrim Crossover! I do not know much about Skyrim myself but I'll try to improvise.
I shall never own MLP or any of the Elder Scrolls series!

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I am a bad writer because English isn't my native language and this is my first MLP/TF2 Crossover.

A twist of fate has left Celestia no choice but to send the most unlikely ponies imaginable to a training camp led by the most unlikely creature known by ponies in order to protect themselves against the horrors of war!

Rated Teen to be safe! Maybe I'll switch to Mature if there are scenes of gore later on!

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