A Drip of Blood for your Thoughts


Meet your Brother

Meet your Brother
An MLP/Hitman Crossover

Unknown Location

It was a fateful day for everyone who was present in this church. The FBI, the reporter, the priest and most importantly the wheelchair guy were circling around one altar: The altar of the late cloned famous assassin, Agent 47. He was a tough opponent for every single law enforcing and criminal organisation. He was so ruthless that he killed his own creator and father in cold blood. However this notorious silent killer, according to the wheelchair guy, has been found dead by breaking his spine on his own stairs or in other words he died of clumsiness. Wearing an unusual white suit with a red tie and his own guns placed on his chest by a female in black, these people were waiting for his cremation: He was going to be reduced to ashes due to his sins. But this was an ulterior motive because the main goal of the wheelchair guy was to steal his DNA in order to create obedient 'weapons of mass destruction' as he said to the journalist before.

*BADUMP* 47, wake up! *BADUMP* I know you're not dead so stop acting *BADUMP* I told you to trust me for now as this is only precaution in order to protect you from them *BADUMP*. That kiss! *BADUMP* it was the antidote of Diana's serum *BADUMP* She actually saved my life *BADUMP* BADUMP* Me who didn't trust anyone his entire life *BADUMP* *BADUMP* *BADUMP* Until now!

The thoughts of Agent 47 were jumbled into his mind as he woke up, holding his Silverballers and shooting the starteled crowd of FBI agents that were present in front of him. The priest, journalist, wheelchair guy and his escort of two ran away towards the entrance, still shocked from the angel of death reincarnated in front of them.

An orange figure was laying unconscious behind a statue. It woke up, groaning and holding her head. As she opened her eyes to see what was she holding, she saw all red: Blood, but it was long dry as the injury was stitched up by miracle.
"Now I remember" it said laughing at herself "I died trying to kill Applebloom due to an unexplained frenzy that enveloped my soul but Sweetie Belle was the one to kill me, so this must be Tartarus." Looking around, she noticed greenery, doves chirping and a big glass white building. Above her was a stature of a strange creature holding another one of their kind representing motherly care. She laughed at herself again "How ironic! The whole mess started because of this image and even in my own death you're still showing me this? The Lord or Tartarus must be an eccentric deity." Soon the laughter has transformed into sadness as she was spilling tears all over and over again "Oh Sweetie Belle and Applebloom, how much I miss you right now!" But she knew crying will never bring them to her or bring her back to them: She was dead.
She suddenly heard loud noises coming from inside the building and screams of whoever there are in the vicinity but the noises were the most noticeable. She hid behind the statue and assessed the situation with her eyes: There were creatures coming outside the building, furless creature with a mane that walked into their hind legs and one of them was riding a strange apparatus. They were running in panic as a white suited creature different to them came out: He was maneless, furless, had blood all over his overly expensive suit "Rarity would kill him" and had those weird L-shaped pieces of machinery she couldn't figure out. The creature held them upward and pressed on something that made this loud BANG noise she's been hearing over and over again only to see that one of the other set of creatures' blood jizzing (sounds dirty) from his body as he fell motionless. She gripped her ears and closed her eyes with fear "Who is that creature? The Emissary of Tartarus itself? Celestia please do not let him see me!" she thought but even with this way of thinking, her nosy nature piqued up as she decided to follow them discretely by trotting behind the statues.

Pleads of mercy; something that Agent 47 always hears and will hear in his line of work. Even the priest, a symbol of religion, wasn't spared from the brutality of the assassin. The bloody mess that tainted his suit didn't even bother him as he adjusted his gloves and tie and touched the back of his head. "Even if I kill thousands like you, I would never find peace because this is what I've been taught to do" he thought, walking to the cross grave, praying for atonement to his sins. Then suddenly...

"Who goes there?" he asked, menacingly pointing his guns at a general direction "Damn! I left a witness alive. That's not in my habits but no matter I'll end this quickly. He moved slowly towards his target, guns ready to fire when...
"Please! I'll come out so that you can swiftly end me. I won't put any resistance so..." the voice said in despair. The agent was perplexed; a target offering no resistance whatsoever? That sounded like Agent Smith but the voice sounded feminine so he still had his doubts and was she asking to die?

"Come out!" he ordered. The person complied by walking slowly from its hiding spot. Agent 47 was aiming to kill but what came out wasn't what he expected: In fact, what came out wasn't a person at all; it was an orange quadrupedal cartoonish-looking creature who had big purple eyes, hair and tail. Its haircut was mohawk-styled and it had orange wings on its back.
"Oh! It's just an animal!" he sighed, walking towards the creature and unfazed by the fact it had freaking wings, kneeled and petted its hair. "You know, you gave me quite the scare. I thought it was someone lurking around trying to kill me."
"Someone? I think you meant somepony probably and would you please stop ruffling my mane?" it talked. Agent 47, who dealt with Chinese mafia, CIA,Interpol,FBI and many other organizations, is being talked back by an animal that came out of nowhere. Of course even him would get a reaction and his was eyeing the creature then shooting a bullet at it which made it dodge from the noise.
"What the hay? Aren't you supposed to send me in the afterlife, Mister Emissary of Tartarus?" it yelled at him.
"What in the name of all that is unholy are you? And what do you mean by Emissary of Tartarus?" 47 replied still aiming his gun at her "Also stand still so that I kill you!" At that, the creature laughed loudly which made 47 flinch once again.
"Kill me? Are you nuts? I am dead already." it blurted, making 47 lose his patience little by little.
"I'll ask again, what in the devil are you? And how are you dead if I didn't kill you already?" asked 47 in a hint of annoyance.
"I am not dead? I am... not dead? I survived! I can see my friends again." she rushed into 47, ignoring all the stuff he had and shaking the equivalent of hooves in what sort of creature she was facing. "Thank you so much, Mister Emissary for these news! I can't wait to see my friends again." she squealed of joy. The agent couldn't make out anything of what she was saying but he sure noticed something: On the back of the creature was a barcode, similar... to his.
He grabbed it and this time in a tight grip, pinning it on a wall.
"I'LL ASK FOR THE LAST TIME!" he was clearly angry "What in the devil are you?"
"Relax, no need to be angry! My name is Scootaloo and I am a pony from Ponyville!" but that added water on mud as 47 lost all of his patience and rammed the pony against the wall again.
"WHAT IN THE DEVIL ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU HAVING A BARCODE?" he yelled again, dropping Scootaloo who was cowering in fear.
"I-I-I really don't know what you're talking about, Mister." he could bear a little with her since she was asking nicely so he broke a glass out of nowhere and gave it to her.
"Look at the back of your neck then answer me where did that came from." she held the piece of glass and did as he said. She saw something black behind her.

"01...05...09...04...01... and there is a 47 slash 2 written in red under a series of black stripes?" she uttered "I wonder what does that mean! Why do I have this, Mister? Why was it placed where it did hurt me back where I nearly killed my friend before I got killed and found by you here?"
"That wasn't my question! Why do you have it?" he asked again with the same impatient tone.
"I REALLY DON'T KNOW! What's wrong with you, Mister? Why the fuss over something so trivial? It could be some type of cutie mark."
"Cutie mark?" he asked, eyeing the creature.
"You know? Cutie mark? Appears when you find what is your purpose in life and what will be your purpose in life? But normally it would appear in my flank right here" she looked at her flank but it was, unfortunately, still blank "Awww, I really wished for it to appear in here." It was clear for him: She didn't know the barcode's purpose. But the pony, as she named herself, was no doubt one of 'his' creations.
He pulled out his cellphone and dialed a number. Scootaloo watched awkwardly the creature pushing buttons with what appeared to be extentions of his hooves then put it on his ear.

"Hello?" the device talked, startling Scootaloo.
"Hello, Diana?"
"Agent 47? What owes me the pleasure?"
"Look I know you were the one who saved my life but I really need an appointement with you in one of ICA's most secret labs."
"Why the secrecy, 47? I know this is like you to be secret in your contracts but why now?" she asked, worryingly.
"Because what I am going to say must not reach any of us three present here!" she said solemnly.
"Three? There was a witness at the church, 47?"
"And one of a kind that is."
"It's not like you to leave people alive, 47. You really must have a good reason. Care to share?"
"I do believe that I have irrefutable proof that Doctor Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer, my creator and father, is still alive... somewhere... somewhat. And this proof is my sister right here." He eyed Scootaloo whose eyes widened at what he said as she passed out from the revelation.