• Published 28th Oct 2012
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Bathtime for Ponies - Derpsanddinks404

A second-person fic where you give fillies and colts a bath

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"Fluttershy!" you call for the yellow pegasus filly.

Two minutes go by before you realize you need to go get the shy pony yourself. You leave the bathroom to go search for her, thinking of where she could be. You search high and low, and find her a bit later hiding under your bed. You somehow manage to coax her out from under there, promising her everything was fine and she wasn't in trouble. When she finally calms down from her rapid shaking, you scoop her up gingerly and carry her to the tub.

You check the water temperature one last time to make sure it was warm enough (it was), and then softly place Fluttershy in. She looks shocked at the sudden warmth for a second, and then relieved at the soothing bath water. She's still a little shy towards you, so you try not to look too long at her, however cute she may be.

When she seems to be fully acquainted with you and what was going on, you give her a rubber duck to play with, which she happily accepts and starts caring for. She treats the toy like it were a living thing: she babbles to it, she hugs it, she guides it throughout the bathwater; all of which warm your heart and make you smile. She sees you smile while looking at her and hides behind her mane, embarrassed.

"No, it's fine, Fluttershy. You can play if you want, don't mind me," you try to convince her. The truth was, you really did want her to play with the duckie, for she was always cute when she played with toy animals.

She then turns back to the rubber duck, and pushes it to the side, the mood for playing dead. Oh well, you think, it was cute while it lasted.

Now you grab the bottle of shampoo next to you and squirt a palmful into your hand. You then begin to lather it gently into Fluttershy's soft, silky mane. She giggles at the tickling sensation when you move up to her scalp, fully comfortable with you cleaning her hair. You go to wash her bangs when you accidentally get some soap in her eye.

The shampoo stings Fluttershy's left eye, causing her to retreat from you, close her eyes and begin to cry softly. Your heart breaks at your stupid little mistake, while you try to apologize to the yellow filly. She eventually manages to rub it out of her eyes, which were now red from the mix of soap and tears. She looks up to you, a sorry look on your face, and forgives you and lets you continue washing her.

After half a minute more of mane washing, you cup your hands, scoop up some water and pour it over her head. She's yet again shocked by the sudden water, but doesn't move too much in order to let you continue. This process takes about twenty more rounds (you never really realized she had so much hair!), the whole time Fluttershy staying still and, oddly enough, trusting you.

When Fluttershy's pink mane has been fully cleansed, you then move onto her wings. You'd never washed a pegasus, so this was a whole new concept for you. You don't know whether to use body wash or shampoo, so you choose the first. You grab hold of Fluttershy's wings, extending them and asking her sweetly to hold them up. Then you take the strawberry body wash and squirt it on both wings, causing the pegasus to shiver at the cool contact. After you have an adequate amount on each, you begin to lather the soap into her feathers, noticing the weird feeling they seem to have when soapy. You don't know when to be done lathering them, so you stop after about a minute.

You repeat the process of cupping water in your hands and pouring it over the soapy areas. It's hard to tell when the wings are fully soap-free, but you guess they're done after about ten rounds. You rub your hands through them to be sure, and find you were right.

Now it was time for her tail. You pick up her hindquarters and nicely ask her to again hold it. You again grab the shampoo and pour some into your hands. Once you have a handful, you stroke her tail with it, feeling yet again her soft, silky hair. You make sure not to pull hard while doing this. One minute and soapy tail later, you admire the work you've done and again cup water into your hands.

Almost automatically you pour the water over her tail, now used to this very redundant job. Her tail takes about fifteen rounds of water before it returns to its normal form (well, minus the fact that it's now all wet). Once you're done with her tail, you go to unplug the tub when you see Fluttershy pull it herself for you. You smile warmly and thank her, managing to get a cute little smile on her lips.

After the bathtime is done, you lift Fluttershy out of the tub and place her on the towel on the ground. You grab the towel you had prepared beforehand and wrap it around her head. You gently shake the green towel, hearing Fluttershy's voice vibrate while doing so. Then you take the towel and dry off her abdomen, and then her tail, and then finally her legs. Once she's dry, Fluttershy looks up to you, waiting for dismissal. You nod your head, and the filly quietly walks out of the bathroom to play with your kitten.

You go to put the towel in the hamper, when a cute sight catches your eye. You can see through the crack in the door a baby yellow pegasus pony "talking" to a small, orange kitty cat who was amazed at the sight in front of him.

"Aww!" you say, unable to contain the cuteness overload anymore. "Oh, Fluttershy, I love you!"

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