• Published 28th Oct 2012
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Bathtime for Ponies - Derpsanddinks404

A second-person fic where you give fillies and colts a bath

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Rainbow Dash

"Rainbow Dash! You need a bath, NOW!" you yell ten feet in the air.

The cyan pegasus filly was playing outside until she noticed you coming towards her and talking about a bath. She panicked at the thought of bathing, and started flying away from you at great speeds. A wild chase had ensued for about five minutes before you managed to catch her, only to be dragged by the unnaturally strong foal, escaping command after command for her to stop from your mouth.

Just when you had given up all hope for cooperation, Rainbow Dash finally stopped, exhausted after pulling both of your weights (and you thought being a bit overweight was a bad thing). She looks to you with a look of defeat and apology on her face.

"It's alright," you assure her, even though it wasn't really. "Just don't drag me again. Now for your bath."

She sighs at the mentioning of bathing, and stands up to follow you, ready to cooperate. You nod your head to her, stand up, wipe the dirt from your pants, make a mental note to adress that scrape on your knee, and walk her inside. She looks around the house once over the threshold, obviously looking for a way out. "Nope, no way out now, Dashie!" you tell her confidently, ready to jump at any moment.

When you enter the bathroom, she goes over to the full tub, which was now close to losing it's warmth. She puts her hoof in to check the temperature, making sure it wasn't as bad as last time.

"Don't worry," you tell her, "it's twenty percent cooler this time. I promise."

She smiles at your honesty and jumps into the tub, satisfied with your deed. She starts to fool around, floating this way and that using her wings as propellers and turners. This makes you chuckle a bit, glad she's finally accompanying herself to the bath.

Rainbow looks to you, and then stops, a "let's-just-get-this-over-with" look now on her face. You take the hint and get out the shampoo, squirting a bit in your palm. You go over to the filly and start lathering her rainbow mane, getting each color individually. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet- all the colors of the rainbow, just like her name. This really makes you wonder how nature could do something so beautiful for something so small, thenceforth making that something even more beautiful, if possible.

Once her mane is fully lathered, you scoop up some of the water in your palms. You're about to pour it onto her head when she stops you with one hoof. You sit there, watching questioningly as she stands up and puts her head underwater, shaking it as fast as she can. The rapid shaking sends water flying everywhere: on the walls, on the shower curtain, on the floor, and, most importantly, on your new fifty dollar shirt (which you now realize you should've taken off beforehand).

"Rainbow!" you yell, stopping the pegasus, whose mane was now soap-free. She looks around, realizing her actions, and blushes, smiling embarrassingly. You shake your head and brush it off, telling yourself it's just another one of Dash's antics. Well, at least her hair is cleaned you think.

You take off your now soaked shirt and fill the tub with more water, seeing as how it was now at half capacity, making sure it wasn't too hot. When both of you are satisfied it's fine, you begin to work on her wings. You thank heavens Fluttershy was the first pony whose wings you'd clean and not Rainbow's (one mistake, and you were bucked). You grab the feather shampoo (again, good thing Fluttershy was your "lab rat", because regular shampoo makes their feathers very oily) which you had bought yesterday and pour some in your hand. You ask her to open her wings, to which she cooperates. You begin to lather her cyan feathers, enjoying the feel of them: their sleekness, their softness, their aerodynamic form. This takes about half a minute before you decide she's good, and after you cup water in your palms, only to be interrupted yet again. You give her a disapproving look before she lays down and gently (yes, somehow the famous Rainbow Dash managed to do something gently) flaps her wings in the water, barely splashing a few drops out of the tub and no more. You give her a sweet smile, telling her she did well.

With her wings and mane now clean, it was time to move onto Rainbow Dash's tail. You pour a palmful of shampoo in your hand and begin to stroke her tail. The task was not at all different, except, well, Rainbow doesn't like people touching her tail. She fussed and fought the entire time, almost kicking you in the face a couple times. You scold her each time, but to absolutely no avail; this pony really hated it when others touched her tail. The task took a VERY long half minute later the deed is done, and you leave her to rinse her own tail, which she does by softly shaking her flank in the bath water.

Now that the bath was finally over, you pull the plug and watch as the water drains at speeds that barely compare to the ones from the filly jumping out. You stop her before she leaves the room, pointing out the fact that she was still wet. She sighs again and walks over to you, ready for the drying cycle. You grab her favorite Wonderbolt towel (to which she smiles at) and wrap it around her, shaking it semi-violently to dry her off faster. You make sure to get her head, her body and her wings, and leave her tail and hooves to her. Once she's done, you start to put the towel in the hamper when you're stopped yet again. Rainbow Dash grabs the towel in her mouth and throws it on her body horizontally. You smile and tie the front for her, thus completing her cape. She grins brightly and rushes out of the room flying, pretending to be like one of her idols.

You smile to yourself, remembering this moment so that one day you could tell your friends you gave a Wonderbolt a bath as a filly.

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