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One night, Twilight discovers a book. Much later, Equestria is no more. A human explores a desolate land in search of answers.

No real schedule for the upcoming chapters. Chapter length will vary wildly. Cover art by Max Fieve, all credits to them.

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How long do you see the chapters getting?

I don't think I'll ever go above 7k-8k words per chapter, but it mostly depends on the chapter itself and my general motivation when writing

How peculiar? A world long forgotten and nothing to present as it were, a stallion searching what seems fated to loss and hollow. A journey bleak and unforgiving lies a horrible truth.

Time taken to wrought words and sentences of minds alike, to remove the impurities of function in describing events. However so, remained calm, a book is not written without faults. Do take time for it would bring peace of mind, not the expectations of duty.

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