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The UwU police


I need to tell you. You need to know, before it’s too late. They are coming for me. They will be here soon. Spread the word. Tell everypony. It’s too late for me, but the rest of you can survive.

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An interesting take on things.:rainbowderp:

Um, yeah. This is a thing. I can't like it though. The AU tag helps in some way, but then you make every alicorn but Twilight evil incarnate.

For no reason than "Fuck you. Because I can that's why." Is what I'm getting.

You get points for making it readable. A lot of first time writers don't.

Am I hearing general interest? If not enjoyment?

You know, I actually agree with you, and to say I’m not thinking about it until now would be a lie, because I kind of expected this. I know stories where the princesses are the bad guys just because fuck all don’t exactly get a whole lot of love. On a side note, thank you, because at least you read it through and wrote a comment. Enjoy your day.

What if a pony's talent was to prevent suicide? Would they be among those spared?

They would be spared from wanting to commit suicide, but they would still die in the end.

How would they die?

I suppose I didn’t word that as I should have. I apologize. Not everypony commited suidide. Sure, a lot of them did, but most of them died when Celestia “activated” the cutie marks, causing them to suck not only all the magical energy out of a pony, but all the life energy as well.

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