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She was little more than a clone, and one that always failed.

It was no surprise, being made in the reflection of perfection, but why did everyone else care so much about her, especially Sunset, who went so far as to marry her?

She went with it back then, but only under the belief that she could be more than just a sub-par version of Twilight. She gave herself a new name to fit that—Eclipse—but that name should’ve been her first clue it was all futile.

Now, her entire existence and use to the world is dependent upon the answer to one question: What does she have that Twilight doesn’t?

Mean 6!Twilight x Sunset ship, done for the Sunset x Villain Marriage contest

Partially inspired by the MLP prompt here, in regards to the Mean 6 becoming real Ponies

*Featured on 11-12/02/24

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“What do I have that she doesn’t?”

And thats why the problem took so long to go away. You keep comparing yourself to Twilight Sparkle. You constantly try to become like her and do things how she does because you cloud yourself with expectations from everypony, instead of being yourself. Seeing her as someone who has everything she could want and perfect at everything while you are nothing but a failure copy of her. But that is far from the truth. Nopony is perfect and we all fail or make mistakes at times. Twilight herself isn't flawless, she makes a lot of mistakes in her life and doesn't succeed in everything even if it doesn't seem so. Everypony can be special in their own way. You want to know what makes her happy instead of figuring out what makes you truly happy.

Even if you are a clone, you are different and that doesn't stop you from choosing your own path and who you want to be. You can be you own pony. And like you asked, what do you have that Twilight doesn't? Well the answer is right infront of you, your wife. You found your own happiness despite of where you came from and who you look like.

And I remember a saying, "You may not have such a happy beginning, but it's the rest of your story who you choose to be."

And I think a certain Pinkie clone in Manehatten can give more advice.

Still... “Why do her friends trust her then? They even preferred her over Starlight back then...”

“Honestly?” Sunset blew out a terse breath, “It’s ‘cuz they’re stupid as Tartarus. And—” She scoffed, irritable and irate, “It’s not like they have any better planners in their group.”

It's because they trust her Sunset. Weren't you the basic leader and planner of the Rainbooms before you moved?

She barely talked, only sometimes to the occasional haranguing visitor that wanted to deal with her, and only them to make them go away.

Typo, should be ‘then’.

Damn, why do all the good mean 6 stories have to be so few in number?

“Honestly?” Sunset blew out a terse breath, “It’s ‘cuz they’re stupid as Tartarus. And—” She scoffed, irritable and irate, “It’s not like they have any better planners in their group.”

:twilightangry2: Oh like your group was any better Sunset.

It's true. The Mane 6 and the Rainbooms are as stupid as Tartarus. Twilight, Sci Twi, and Sunset were just that bit smarter than the rest though, hence why they always came out on top.

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