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"Oh please, I knew what these were because I raised twilight and have been in daycares," Celestia said, rolling her eyes.

Unless Twilight had some nighttime issues while in Celestia's care, I don't think Celestia would have knowledge of diapers or pull-ups just from raising Twilight, at least from what we know of in canon.

Ah, Spyro. Wasn't expecting him to show up. :eeyup:

So, is the Chrysalis who showed up here just a protection from Luna and Celestia's memories, or is she the real Chrysalis (meaning Chrysalis can still dream while trapped in stone)? :applejackunsure:

Surprised it hasn't gotten to the point where the princesses are messing their diapers. I guess that requires even less concentration and even more of a loss of control.

Nice. I do feel like these stories get a little crowded when there's like 5+ victims in the school setting and such, but I am still always a sucker for your Nightwear stories.


It looks Amazing and Cool also Are there Going to be More Nightwear Stories like this

I honest get a bit bored. The loop of “poofy pamps,,now use it “ just meh?

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