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Well, we haven't written any more yet.

I'm very curious what Nightwear's end goal is. Do you think we'll see an epilogue if sorts at all?

This more or less is her end goal!
As per the end of Twilight's Dream Voyage, every night everyone in Equestria has this kind of dream. It's different every time, but the basics are the same... she's the one who rules the night now.

I see, do you think we'll see any more from this series or is this the last one?

We haven't written any more yet, but that doesn't mean there won't be any more.

This has been so great!!!!! Absence does make the heart grow fonder it seems, I have missed this series so much! so much fun seeing Big Mac get all fluffy and poofy, Sure enough No one makes better hypno fics better than you do. Honestly im hoping to read a Sunset Shimmer, or even a Lyra and Bon-Bon series in the future!

Oh Okay then and im Love all your Stories and they are Amazing and Cute as well too

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