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“There was a point where we needed to stop and we have clearly passed it, but let’s keep going and see what happens.”


Against better judgment, King Cosmos decides to enroll his two daughters Celestia and Luna into a school that is just for royalty! Just one problem: The school is across a portal into a world where animals (unicorns, ponies, pegasi, "winged unicorns", etc.) don't talk, use magic, or attend a royal school!!!

How will Sofia and her friends handle the new students? How will Celestia and Luna feel when they are thrown so far outside their comfort zone (and home)? Sure, they look different and act different and they will likely run into several practical issues... but what could possibly go wrong? (Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather can think of several things, all of which Cosmos ignored.)

Not sure if this is the first "Sofia the First" crossover or not (or if this categorizes as a crossover if the fic is AU) but there's no tag for it, so I guess it may be. This is probably a very niche genre, but I hope y'all enjoy the story! The idea hit me randomly one night as I wondered what it would be like if Celestia and Luna attended Sofia's school. Stay tuned to find out how I think things would go down!

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"Oops, I must have given you the wrongs ones!" Amber said fake innocently.


When it was time to dance, Luna found her self clumsily fumbling around trying to figure out to get four legs to do what was only meant for two. Meanwhile, it seemed Sofia was having the same trouble, but not for the same reasons.


"Um, Celestia." Flora asked

A question mark after Celestia and a full stop after asked.

"Oh, yes... um, are you okay? Why is Amber being so mean to you? I thought you were supposed to be sisters! Sisters are supposed to be nice to each other and make each other feel better when they get scared and hug you at night and tell you bedtime stories even they could use some more action at times and and..." Luna said, still trying to prevent the weight of the day from producing waterworks in her eyes. "-whimpering- I miss my sister..." and now holding back that damn dam is getting harder...

whimpering ended up being inside the quotation marks.

"-tears falling- most of the time..." -reminiscing to that time Celestia tricked Luna into getting through the door by dragging her in while she was still inside Tia's tail, amongst other sisterly things that may prove annoying-

Same thing here.

"Wow, I've never seen her so excited to spend time with anypo-, anyone who wasn't Celestia..." Cosmos noted.

There shouldn't be a comma after the dash.

"It's okay Luna, don't cry! We're technically step-sisters, but you're right. Sisters should be sweet to each other and love each other. I don't know why Amber doesn't like me, but your sister sounds really nice." Sofia said.

Should be a comma instead of the full stop.

Apart from those, this story was great!

Thanks! I made all the fixes except the actions inside the quotation marks and replacing the full stop after Sofia speaks.

The reason the actions are inside the quotations is because I'm trying to imply that the action takes place while Luna is speaking. I did try putting it outside of the quotations, but somehow it didn't feel right.

As for the full stop, I don't understand how that's incorrect. Sofia has finished her thought completely and the speaker changes to Luna afterwards. Sofia doesn't talk again until after Luna remarks that Celestia is nice "most of the time" (reminiscing on the day before when Celestia "tricked" her into going to school).

I just remembered the rule now... you put a comma because it's not the end of the entire sentence, "Sofia said." is.... right. I'll fix that now 😂😅

I just came to the most stupid realization of my life… The chairs are not attached to the desks… I can see that clearly in my own cover image 🤦🏻‍♀️

Oh well, there could be other reasons like the desk behind her blocking the chair from moving or whatever dumb reason I come up with 😂 I still think the scene is funny, so it stays. In AU Royal prep, the seats/desks are bolted down (wouldn’t want any mishaps would we now involving chairs getting slewn all over the place 😏😉)

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