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From all her time working as a mail mare, Derpy has acquired quite some expertise in cardboard boxes and uses her talents to create the most indomitable cardboard box fort right in Anon's garden. All is fun and games until Equestria's aristocracy gets wind of it and decide it poses a credible threat to their power and reputation.

Originally written for the Kinderquestria thread, where the cute, childlike innocence of ponies is taken to it's absolute comedic extent.

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Next time, pillows!

That was amazing.
Now for part two, the rest of the town gets in on the fun, making the cardboard kingdom, only to be attacked by a Princess bearing pool noodles and bubblewrap.

Link to said Kinderequestria thread?

The current active thread is here: https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/thread/39509219
The OP has all the current content linked in the Ponepaste, and I'm also gonna take this opportunity to shill my collection of shorts and prompts: https://ponepaste.org/5833

You are never too old to play with the box

Alright, this was the perfect mix of epic, hilarious and cute.

I was half expecting the royal guard to show up, led by Luna.
She'd probably enjoy a good play war.

Ah wonderful wonderful cute little pony chaos. Thanks for the read mate! We need a sequel with the princesses getting in on the fun, they’d enjoy that I’m sure!

Ponies certainly liked to form their angry mobs from time to time, but you usually stayed well clear of them since the matters that riled them up were usually trivial and didn't effect you, and you didn't like the shouting and the hassle. The longer you watched, however, the more it began to dawn on you that this mob in particular seemed to be headed straight towards your house.

Here it should be affect not effect.

I have finished reading this aloud for the audiobook version, coming soon!

war,war never changes.
...but this is the most adorable war !

Why did I take so long to get around to reading this?

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