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Hi, it's nice to meet you all! Rainbow Dash and Vinyl Scratch are best ponies imo, FlutterDash and OctaScratch for life! <3


Author's note to clarify; This story takes place in a human version of Equestria, but not the EG versions of the characters exactly, for clarification.

Octavia Philharmonica grew up a single child in her family's country estate, and had discovered her natural gift with the cello at the young age of 7. What followed was a life of luxury and praise, all the endorsements and deals she could ever want. Now, at the age of 23, the savant lives a life that's slowly losing the spark it once had. The music she once lived for, has became dull and monotone. This void in her life has only highlighted her biggest issue of all; she's lonely... really lonely. As a girl who was thrust into a serious career at a young age, she never got to develop the bonds and friendships that other's seemed to find so easily.

Though, that at all changed one fateful day, when she meet a DJ who showed her a new purpose. A girl, named Vinyl Scratch.

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Author's note to clarify; This story takes place in a human version of Equestria, but not the EG versions of the characters exactly, for clarification.

Good to know because I was about to question.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of the EG’s take on the Human versions of the characters, so I like to do like a more “real” version of the human take. I know that’s confusing to some, so I always wanna clarify when I do it. XD

Tracking. Pretty good start with potential for more.
EDIT: is this story dead?

Nice start and interesting take on humanized Equestria, definitely tracking this one.

Ohhh, thanks and I’m glad to hear. :D

Thanks for the track! Is it really that unique of a take though? I imagine most people do this when writing human versions of the characters, since EG is sort of not the “human versions” we imagined.

I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Though I'd also like to give a little bit of advice; I'm noticing you're putting the dialogue of two different characters in one paragraph, even when separated by middle text it can get confusing so most authors tend to separate different characters dialogue with different paragraphs, even if it is just one sentence; on this site authors who prefer not to use it tend to use the color coding.

Noted, thanks for the advice! I thought that looked better, but some novels I have read choose to have two different characters speak in the same paragraph, so I kind of threw that in at times. If it’s not common practice, then I appreciate you pointing it out and correcting me. :heart:

Most people had some form of social paranoia, and it was something most people her age even joked and bonded over. However, for Octavia, it was cranked up to 11.

Bit of an understatement. Jokes aside, I'm loving this so far. Definitely tracking this one.

Oh my god yes a new octavia story!

I’m surprised Octavia and Vinyl don’t get more stories, I think they’re some of my favorite characters, if not THE favorites. Lol

I’m honored, and I see what you mean. Lol

I am very surprised as well

Loving the start, hope you continue this.

Hmm... decent start, even if having literally no idea what a vending machine or soft drinks are feels kind of excessive and I feel like Vinyl would have a few more questions, given the situation, before leaping straight to this. Still, I'll keep an eye on this one.

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