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I now aspire to write something fantastical. Or should I say... bizarre.


This story is a sequel to SuShi's Bizarre Adventure: Twilit Curtain Call

Quick note: This story takes place in an alternate reality where Sunset never left Equestria for power, instead, she left it because she felt everypony was turning against her. She also does this at a later point in time from the original Equestria Girls movie, and this now takes place sixty eight years after Sunset's adventure. In this universe, the girls never got their geodes, and so they don't have super powers. Other than Stands.
With this being the case, Twilight Sparkle had only been to the human world in the previous part, since Sunset never stole her crown.
It has been eleven years since TWI had turned against her friends on their adventure together, set on righting a world on the brink of destruction. It was there that TWI had taken Sunset Shimmer away in hopes of finding a way to heal this world. Shiho Sunfast has been searching for signs of her grandmother and TWI all this time, and she may finally have a lead among the Polynesian islands when a mysterious girl, Subterra Shiver, appears.
Having lost her memory, they will have to work together with new allies to find out where she came from and why TWI wants her so badly. Once again, Shiho would have to embark on another bizarre adventure, in hopes that she can still save her grandmother.

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What a great start! :pinkiesmile:

This, is gonna be so amazing to see how things will turn out. Man, Twi really has gone into the deep end

This Sushi, why am I getting Gappy vibes from her?

This is very intriguing, it seems that Subterra is some form of numbered prisoner/experiment and her stand is eldritch tentacles that speak to her.

This stand sounds very interesting and powerful.

Also, why does the black haired girl (I assume Subterra) in the cover art give me the same vibes as Hot Dog Water from Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated?

Google Images page for reference. (because it won't let me do a direct image thing on my phone)

Nice to see you’re back in action! Wish I could say the same for my stories, haha.

I’m very interested in Subterra’s stand the abilities so far have a great deal of potential

Man oh man! We already getting ourselves a stand battle with one of our protagonist!

More mysteries for Subterra is getting me quite interested

A somewhat short chapter for the second, but with some rather interesting information.

Subterra seems to have some form of amnesia or other memory loss, her stand (or whatever voice she is hearing) seems to be of more of an evil alignment, I'm thinking Neutral Evil.

And the world really is going to shit, as a single glass of water costs an entire $17 and the beach is practically made of rubbish at this point.

I really hope that some amount os shit happens to fix this world. Hell, give a small group of people access to the Heaven Plan to at least make it so everyone knows exactly how fate is going to go in this world and that might make it slightly better considering what's happening.

“Finally, for my parents, for my aunt, for her boyfriend, and her dog… Your family is going to pay, Shiho Sunfast.”

Well, I know who this is.

Didn’t think you’ll use a suggestion stand this soon or bring in this person soon

Amazing chapter! And seems like Crafteon has lots of potential to evolve more

Well, it looks like we'll be getting the thrilling Finale for the Spike&Sci-Twi revenge saga (unless Flurry has had the chance to get herself some family who will avenge her as well, at which point this revenge saga will last until the end of SuShi)

Nice chapter Jojo.

Sad that Flurry had to go out like that 😢

Maybe in another timeline she would’ve been happy and with her family still


Maybe in another timeline she would’ve been happy and with her family still

Perhaps... :trollestia:

Crafteons ability kinda reminds me of what happens when you summon the warden in minecraft

Super spooky and I love it~

Stand description has been added.

I've had a thought. Crafteon can induce a loss of sight in a person it touches, it has acts which means that it can get stronger (possibly more range?), TWI's Strange World requires line of sight to alter speeds/time (unless it has evolved since we last saw it used).

Crafteon is a near perfect counter to Strange World, as long as it can make a connection.

No wonder TWI was trying to keep Subterra locked away.

i half-way wonder if sunset killing that dog caused the sushi universe to get as bad as it did here somehow.

Such a interesting and powerful stand they’re facing indeed

I bet the yoga instructor is the stand master.

And that should be the last we hear of someone seeking revenge for killing Spike for a while…I mean unless twilights parents get involved but they have got to be like what eighty now? So highly unlikely

Great chapter still~

Now that’s a surprise, so Ocellus is from Equestria and not the human one. And the other young six and even Chryslias is here to?

You’re full of surprises, my friend. Can’t wait to see how things will unfold

Will the rest of the Young Six(or at least Smolder) show up too?

Interesting developments are coming into play.

And a light nodding to "Celli and Lulu's" pointing to the fact that they were here before, while not making too much work for each of us to add extra stuff in (a light easter egg which doesn't add too much stuff we'll need to consider during writing, just that Celestia will write some notes on the world after the whole situation)

Encounter with another enemy.

Though gotta admit the name is funny :rainbowlaugh:

honestly, Doo Doo Doot has a sort of rock animal name energy to it. You know cuz scat(man).

Ah, the Sharp Water Stand. We have seen that FR is well suited to this fight defensively, due to its vomposite nature, but I feel like Crafteon could potentially play a part in this fight, as you can't cut darkness.

Looks like I'll have to wait for the next chapter for Surfer Boold's stand image, so that I can do my Bio page for it.

As always, do find the Stat chart on the Sushi group thread!
Edit: I'm sorry, I don't know why I didn't notice this was a comment instead of the author notes... :facehoof:

“You can come back willingly, Subterra, or by force. One way or another, I will have you again. My followers will find you and they will not stop until you are back here once again.”

Man, I’m really am curious on what makes Subterra so special.

There is more to her and her stand that meets the eye

My assumption is that it is related to the whatever the later acts of Crafteon have in store.

And also I expect this arrow to be used with Crafteon to make it even more powerful in the final moments, and something ends up with actually fixing a bunch of the systemic problems of the human world which allows them to start fixing the physical problems.

Now this is interesting, and perhaps an potential new ally maybe?


Looks like we’re learning more about Subterra

We have a lead to go on, for a direction to find TWI, and some memories for Subterra.

I don't think I know the reference for Beach Fossil. Song or band?

Interesting, seems like Crafteon has evolved

What? 「Crafteon Act 1」 is Evolving?

Congratulations! Your 「Crafteon Act 1」 evolved into 「Crafteon Act 2」!

Something something Ripple and Hamon joke Something something.

Hope the heroes can stop Twilight and save the world

Oh man, talk about a stand evolution! Can’t wait to see what happens next

Ooh, Crafteon 2.

Now, it took me a hot second to remember where we were, but I was able to figure it out in time. Also, I was slightly wrong about Ripple's ability but that's been rectified in the relevent posting now.

Now time to write up on C2's changes.

Chrysalis waved a finger. “Not today, young one. Today, you’ll learn there’s a new power in town, and that’s Stando Powah.”

If you’re a fan of Devilartimas, I’m assuming this is a reference to that :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh, some Ocellus in human world backstory.

Oh man, getting close to TWI encounter

I took my time to read this one, but I'm looking forward to the future here.

Looks like either TWI's conscience is taking the form of Spike trying to convince her to reconsider, or Spike's ghost is haunting her for whatever purpose (we know ghosts exist within JoJo-like settings, thanks to JoJo's Part 4 (depending on how much is being ported from JoJo to SuShi, as SuShi does have new things as with the Nugget People))

My first thought about the stand (not finished reading the chapter yet):


(I'll make it better for the joke later, no one else has done this one yet, only the second half of the joke)

Finished the chapter, yeah I'll definitely be polishing my joke later.

Ok, final version of the joke I attempted in my first comment this chaper:

My first thought about this stand:

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