• Published 24th Sep 2012
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A Small Consolation - Cloudiee

2nd person story with you and Fluttershy. Fluttershy is sad. Could you help in some way?

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Chapter 1

You sit in your kitchen, eating some bread, and enjoying the beautiful sunset from your window. You decide to make some porridge, so you take a pot, fill it with water and place it on the stove.

After a couple of minutes, your porridge is ready, and you turn the stove off. You let it cool down and sit back on the chair.

You look out from the window. The sky is red. The sun is sliding towards the mountains far away.

But something caughts your attention. A yellow, pink haired pony runs across the street, passing your house. It was Fluttershy, of course. You had been neighbours with her for years now. But there was something wrong. Fluttershy seemed sorrowful. You could hear her crying, because your window was open.

You tilt your head. Had something bad happened? You stand up and walk outside. Fluttershy is nowhere to be seen, but she had probably gone to her house, where else? You walk there, startling a couple of birds by ringing the doorbell.

You wait a moment, receiving no answer. You press your ear on the door, hearing some quiet crying from inside.

''Fluttershy!'' you shout. ''Is there something wrong?''

You hear some small noises from inside. Then it's quiet again.

''Hey, you can tell me. I can cheer you up!''

Silence. Then the door slowly opens, revealing the pink mane, then Fluttershy's wet eyes. She recognizes you. ''Oh, it's you...''

You tilt your head again. ''Hey. What's wrong?''

''Well, uhm... I really shouldn't bother you...''

''It's okay. You can tell me''

She looks to the ground. ''...There was a flying speed test... and every pegasus had to go... and I *sniff* was the slowest... and then everypony laughed at me and stuff...''

You haven't ever heard of such a speed test, maybe because you're an earth pony and you're kind of... well, lonely.

But you know Fluttershy, and you know that she maybe overreacts a little in situations like this, but you promised to cheer her up, so that's what you have to do. ''Well, that's not very respectful. You're the kindest pony in all of Equestria, and you take care of all of the animals, and you always want everypony to be happy, even if it's away from you. It's not right to laugh at you if you aren't a good flyer''

She lifts her head a little. ''...Um, thanks...''

You wipe her tears off and smile to her. ''C'mon, smile a little bit. It's okay''

Her cheeks blush a little and she gives you an adorable little grin.

You keep your smile on. ''That's better''

Fluttershy opens the door a little more. ''Um, would you like to come in? I could make some tea''

You remember your porridge, but don't care. ''I would love to. But I'm okay with water, thanks''

She escorts you to the living room and you sit down on a couch. She walks to the kitchen. ''Are you sure? It wouldn't be a big deal. I have cookies too''

You can't help but smile at Fluttershy's kindness. ''No, I'm fine''

''Uhm, okay''

You watch around in the room. There are no animals anywhere, like you expected.

Fluttershy soon returns with a cup of tea and a glass of water. She gives the glass to you and sits down on another couch. ''Well, how's it going with animals?'' you open the conversation.

''Oh, great. I found a new bird specie yesterday''


''Yes. I was walking around, feeding the bunnies, when a big bird came from nowhere. I had never seen anything like it before''

The conversation continues gracefully, and you're having a good time.

Fluttershy finishes her tea. ''Would you like some more?''

You shake your head once. ''No, you don't have to bother.'' You stand up. ''Well, I'd better get going''

''Oh, you can stay. The night is still young'' Fluttershy replies and smiles.

You can't help of thinking about your porridge, still waiting on the kitchen's table. You try to ignore it. ''Well, maybe I could stay for a little while''

Fluttershy smiles. ''Great. But, uhm, sure you don't want any tea?''

''No, thanks'' you say and sit back on the couch.


''...and then Applejack accidentally kicked the apple bucket!'' Fluttershy says and you both laugh.

You watch out from the window. But you only see black. ''What's the time?''

Fluttershy quickly goes to the kitchen to look the clock. ''Um, about 11:30 p.m.''

''Oh, I'd better be leaving then'' you say and stand up once again.

''Um, you could stay... I mean... it's dangerous to go outside when it's dark and-''

''I live next to you'' you gently interrupt.

''Oh, right...'' she says and tries to cover her red cheeks behind her mane.

That damn porridge.

''Uh... well, I could stay for night, if you want...'' you say and feel your pulse increasing.

You decide to help the frozen Fluttershy and say something. ''Well, are we going to sleep now? I'll take this couch, I guess''

Fluttershy looks the ground. ''Well... uhm... there's always... um... room... next to me''

Oh. That's nice.

''Oh. That's nice.''

''So... um... do what you want'' she says and slowly walks upstairs.

You're left in a total silence. ...Why the heck am I even thinking?

You follow her quietly and enter the bedroom. Fluttershy is laying in the bed, facing towards you. She lifts the blanket.

You, staying quiet, slide under the blanket and turn away from Fluttershy. ''Good night''

''Um, good night...'' she replies quietly.

A few minutes pass. ''...Are you still awake?'' she tenderly asks.

''Yes'' you reply.

''...Um, could you turn around?''

You consider for a second. Why not?

You turn around, and just when you see her, her lips are already on your's. You try to not to get a heart attack and stay calm. You feel her tongue entering your mouth.

C'mon, do something!

You try to reply the same way, and Fluttershy lets out a little groan. You separate slowly for a little breath.

''...Um... did you like it?'' she asks quietly. You register this as the most stupid question you've ever heard and drag her for another kiss.

She gently rolls on you and you hug her tightly. But not too tightly, of course. You run your hooves all the way down from her shoulders to her hips. After a couple of minutes of this kissing session, Fluttershy flops next to you again.

''...Uh... was I good?'' she asks. You register this as the second most stupid question you've ever heard.

''You were amazing'' you reply.

She lets out an adorable grin. ''Thank you'' she says and hugs you.

Her warm body feels good. You could just stay like this forever.

She yawns and you laugh. ''Well, is it good night for real now?''

''...Yeah, it could be'' she says and yawns again.

Her head is laying on your chest. You cuddle her mane. ''Sleep well''

''Uh... yes... you too... and *yawn*''

Her eyes slowly close and she falls asleep. You feel her breathe gently tickling your chest.

Your vision starts to shade. Good night, Fluttershy.

You fell asleep, joyfully smiling, Fluttershy's warmness surrounding you.


Smells like flowers.

You yawn and open your eyes, just to see nothing but pink. You wonder the situation for a couple of seconds before you remember yesterday's. You ascend your head a little to see something, but you only see Fluttershy's bedroom's wall, what you expected to see.

You wake Fluttershy up with your moves. She turns to you. ''Good morning'' she says cheerfully.

That b*cking porridge is still on the table.

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Comments ( 14 )

Uhm... I kinda had this same exact idea, but in 1st person. I cancelled it though, so it's all good.

No you are new so I will expect Pen Stroke levels of writing.

Nah, just kidding. But seriously there's going to be some faggot who will say that an mean it so prepare your anus.

Boy, that escalated quickly.

nice touch.

hope to see more soon.

That Bu*king porridge

That was the cutest thing ever, and I mean really. Lemme help you with the typo's/grammer though.

I found a new bird specie yesterday''

That's surprisingly all I found. However, you need to remember to end your quotation-marked sentences with a period. Don't think I didn't find out about using these ' twice instead of using these " either.

I look forward to seeing what else you'll make. :twilightsmile:

That porridge....

SO... FUCKING... ADORABLE... :twilightangry2:

Her eyes slowly close and she falls asleep. You feel her breathe gently tickling your chest.
Should be breath not breathe

cute but again ur stories are to short

"That b*cking porridge is still on the table!" Oh, wait, I forgot. I don't even like porridge. {true story. In fact, I hate it} :rainbowlaugh:

Fluttershy was really forward with this guy who lives next door.

It was too quick... but still good.

The poridge is all alone... Waiting to be eaten.. :rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

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